Fix musket reload!

Fix musket reload, Make it that i least i could walk while reloading… or at least that i can CANCEL THE DAMN ANIMATION and not get stuck while i get destroyed by a bow user free casting and jumping with no issues , FIX THIS WEAPON… its trash.

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Musket is definitely in a weird/tough spot. I tried it and just did not like the clunkiness of the weapon

Agreed. Musket desperately needs a buff. Increase reload speed or allow walk and reload at least.

Just remove it from the game. It serves zero purpose to the game other then catering to the failed Career FPS campers. If people played with it without camping then we can talk buffs. The way it’s being abused with camping, I’d say nothing but nerfs or removal

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The most abused thing right now is void gauntlet, but it will be fixed soon

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