Fix OPR and Umbral Shard system in one simple move

Create 2 tiers of umbral shards, Tier 1 and Tier 2 (credit ShieldBeard’s post). Tier 1 umbral shards upgrade gear from 590-600, and Tier 2 umbral shards upgrade from 600-625.

OPR provides Tier 1 Shards and Mutator Dungeons provide Tier 2 shards.

This will incentivize people to play OPR to upgrade lower gear scores on gear that they like the perks on, and won’t kill the motivation to participate in mutated dungeons either.


do you have any idea the time and effort it will take to develop a separate tier of umbral shards? If the devs are spending all of their time and resources on this, who is going to create the winter wonderland camps for next season? it’s going to be spring and if i don’t see a big sunflower or a tree filled with chirping birds in every major city im going to sht my pants.

its a good idea but if the only way to level your gear to 625 is through pve im not going to play. beta was so heavily focused on wars and pvp. now the game comes out and the devs do a complete 180? really sad to see. the combat system is so dynamic and cool. shame its wasted on mindlessly farming dungeons filled with ai.

I don’t disagree with you - I prefer the PvP content as well. However, the fact is that there’s a cost associated with entering dungeons which has to be rewarded. Perhaps when they release the PvP arenas, they can require an entry key and it will also provide Tier 2 Umbral shards to the victors.

Gotta give it to Amazon, when people start talking trash on the game through the forums they’re usually pretty quick to respond with an update. /clap

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