Fix ptr asap asap pls

Yoooo wtf is this shit PTR ??? 90% of the players want to try out new stuffs, not the new leveling lol. Make this optional to start at lvl1 for those who want to try out the new leveling stuff, and a lvl60 with all chest and evrything…like usually. FIX IT ASAP, cause noone is going to test this new patch.

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This is a rolling PTR and we will be releasing new content and features later. All of that information and more was posted here: PTR: Welcome and Thank you - Revamped Starting Experience and Greatsword


All wat we need to test properly ptr is copy characters :slight_smile:


:clown_face::clown_face::clown_face: bro the point of this ptr is to test the 1-25 experience :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:


Oh my goodness. I keep seeing complaints like these. Did you guys even read the PTR notes? They are rolling changes incrementally with the “Starting Experience” as the first focal point. We will eventually get to the Brimstone Sands and other additions; we just start with this one. If you don’t want to test this part, wait a few weeks.

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What is this entitled complaint even about? You don’t need to test the new player experience in the PTR. The point is to give feedback on the game and report bugs. Most people want to see this game succeed and it’s important to bring new players and old players into the game. Perhaps you only care about certain aspects of the update then wait until that’s in the PTR.

It specifically said in the PTR notes characters on the PTR were wiped so the new player experience can be tested. They will later be bringing back the level 60 with the crates later on….


Judging by how they construct whatever they tried to write. I doubt they can read. Maybe we need an alternate patch note written in :crayon: .

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