FIX PVP, Ruberbanding, Desync!

Dear Amazon.

Fix your Rubberbanding and Deysncs ingame !!!
It Breaks the PVP Content !


They should just get rid of Root in Grav Well and Ice Shower; replace it with longer Slows.

It’s the easier way to fix the problem, since it seems they were unsuccessful the last time.


Amen! They keep saying they fixed it all but nope. Weapon Swapping still bugs out, lag and skipping around and then this new thing I get is lagging after using a skill. It is like my own skill CC me…

Maybe they should also bump the slow percentage to 99% for those skills so that it mimics the roots.

I feel like the game prioritises certain cc’s over everything else. Also, ice gauntlets, gravs and void gauntlets somehow lag the game: for some reason, those 3 things take up a huge amount of bandwidth and it just happens that those 3 things are extremely common in large quantities during OPR and wars. The combination of those things means that CC is extremely hard to dodge and react to. I’ve had so many instances where I see someone start the ice shower cast animation and then dodge before the shower has time to form on my screen but by then it’s too late and I’m rubberbanded back to being trapped in the ice shower. In my opinion, that takes away my agency and lowers the amount of opportunities for skilled play. If, by the time I can see the cc on my screen, I am already hit by the cc then that scenario is very similar to what turn based combat would offer (it might be even worse in some cases since new world makes you believe for a second that you actually did avoid the cc and, with the new ability queuing system, cause you to perform actions that make your predicament even worse e.g. if I don’t think I’m rooted, I might try to fleche or burnout away and waste my ability).

This is, for me at least, my main frustration with the current state of pvp combat (though sometimes, I stutter and lag from jumping down some stairs so I guess it affects my pve experience as well). I think understanding it can help people cope, but my hope is that AGS will dedicate some resources to fix this as a matter of some urgency. It’s a difficult problem to solve, and I wonder if other MMO’s like guild wars/lost ark have the same problem and how they’ve solved it? Why is rubberbanding not a thing in Overwatch? Is it because the number of players are much less? What about games with large battlefields like Apex and PubG? I haven’t played those games so I’m just wondering if other similar games have the same problems or if it’s been solved already.


Still waiting for the fix to come back

This isn’t just in pvp; I’ve been feeling it all morning while just running quests.

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