Fix t5 leggo skinning drop rates please

In the patch notes it said that the leggo refining mats would be more plentiful from nodes and less from the aptitude crates, which I’ve seen is the case for everything but skinning? I’m only getting 2-5 smolder/scarhide when I do get them, which seems to be a bit rarer than pre-patch (this is with full skinning gear, pvp luck, trophies, food, the whole nine yards).

Am I the only one who’s noticed this in skinning? I think the crate nerf might’ve been copy pasta’d into the actual skinning loot x_x

I tried this and got a fair amount with a tier4 trophy and PvP flagged.

As soon as I removed the PvP flag I got less than half.

No idea if it’s a consistent number, just a quick test I was doing.

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