Fix the broken healing when AGS?

fix the broken healing when AGS?

remove the tab targeting, auto targeting, healing ignore iframe when?

remove passive healing like SG and orb, make healing active when?

without fixing the biggest broek shet in the game, nothing will ever be balance.

in my 4k hours of game and 3-4k rounds of OPR, nothing makes me want to uninstall the game not even the oneshot combo/bowpr/musket stacks/GShatchet/any wep exploit.

Only the broken lifestaff, which brings so many unbalance issue everywhere, and is the root of all pvp probelm, that makes me want to uninstall the game many many times.

it amplfies the prestack vs solo problem and made the experince 10x worse.
it turns trash player good, and turns good player godly.
it single handed determines the outcome in any game mode, whther 1v1, 3v3 arena, 20vs20 outpost or 40v40 war.
no weapon should impact the game outcome so much.

games dies not becuase of exploit, or Bow/musket, or oneshot , its just becuase of broken healing.

mark my word.


Some healer are really invincible

Line ten people up and the all will have a different answer for what weapons are broken.


most people have a hate on the weapons killing them, but if you have some active braincells you’d know and all together would agree on that lifestaff is insane.

especially sacred ground

ur just not hating it, as it influences your gameplay on indrect and so most people don’t really care about it.

Healers got a massive nerf from fortify changes.

They used to get so much fortify, a healer with shirking fort gear would be at fortify cap for a significant duration of combat.

This isn’t a problem anymore. As fortify is negligible for light armour builds and invig punishment pretty much nullifies it.

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Lol ok chief, there is nothing wrong with healers in OPR or war (3s they need tuned down). Now if you’re saying that in OPR an imbalance of healers per team is more an issue.

If you don’t have healers you will lose every clump fight. When healers are evenly split between the teams OPR feels great. You can kill through heals, you can kill healers.

We can debate if SG should have a longer CD or less uptime, but that’s really the only skill I’d even look at for being OP. Everything else is the healers kit is perfectly fine. You have to stand in place with your arm over your head for targeted heals, opening you up to damage.

All it takes is assassins to focus the healers and it opens up opportunities to kill the Zerg. This is a team games based around team combat. Healers are not the problem


Maybe just uninstall if it makes you so upset?


And this makes everything else null.

We’ve marked many words. And like 2012 rolling in, STILL HERE!

You also have HOW you express yourself that make your point null.

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It’s dying cause it’s a mix of everything. But healing is gettin ridiculous. Everyone plays premades with healers or there’s just healers everywhere in opr and nobody dies… healing has very short cooldowns and a busted healing circle that’s always up and you can pair ls with stall weapons like rapier and ig just Cause. You also have healers healing healers, it’s just too much. I wish they removed self heals and made healers rely on just potions like every other class… I know healers say you try being a healer it’s the hardest class. Which there’s more to it, and if your teammates are dying your the first to get blamed. I think if you picked up a ls and practice it’s not that hard especially for how simplistic this game is… and avg healers is just annoying to deal with especially in a team where you touch the healer you have 3 guys lmbing you… it’s to much

Proof is in the forums


Sure increase health pool so u wont die in 2 sec also if healing is being reduced then healer can always be killed which would be unfair? So give some potential for healers to kill dps too

Yes I’m a healer who is playing 5 con

Hi @kevinwu57 ,

I’m a healer main here, touching base with a fellow adventurer :ok_hand: it’s nice to meet you. It is clear from your original post that there r some strong emotions brewing, and believe me, I know how that feels! Chain cc into burst :ok_hand: am I right ! But, I’m hopeful that we can get all the frustration off our chest and have a good, sensible conversation about the state of healing in this game :blush: statements like:

Are rather dishonest and unhelpful to the conversation. I promise you that an army of 20 healers can’t win a war! And an arena team of 3 healers brings no kill pressure either. Healers don’t “single handedly” determine an outcome, the team composition (spear, hammer etc) plays a role, the players skills play a role, and the builds/gear plays a role. If we r going to have a conversation about the state of healing, we need to both try to be honest in articulating our views. Feel free to rephrase in a response if you like, I’m sure your view isn’t as simple as that.

I understand that you r frustrated when you face a healer, but statements like the above quote r just silly and will make your reader switch off. Having said that, I haven’t switched off and I’m interested, if you like, I’m having a civilised and sensible conversation about healers. As a healer main I have a unique perspective that you might be blind to, and similarly, you may have a perspective that I am blind to.

If you’d like to articulate the following, I’d love to hear your thoughts:

  1. What r some of the problems with healers in this game e.g. you already said tab targeting is a problem
  2. Why r they problems exactly ? E.g. tab targeting has the following negative effect on the game…. ( Whatever they are here)
  3. What would be your alternative solution solution, and how would this solve the issue?e.g. maybe instead of tab targeting, make heals a projectile.

Looking forward to the chat Mate :ok_hand:

There is a “thought fallacy” known as an “ad hominem attack” where, instead of presenting persuasive data /evidence and making a reasoned argument for a view, you just insult everyone who thinks differently to you :ok_hand:

A thought fallacy is a faulty argument that sounds like a valid response at the surface, but is actually invalid logically. Here is another example of an ad homenin attack

person 1 “the air we breath is mostly nitrogen gas”
Person 2: “no it’s not, only idiots think that and look, you r wearing glasses, you loser”

As you can see, calling a person an idiot and pointing to their glasses doesn’t logically prove that the claim made by person 1 is false. To be taken seriously, person 2 would have to address the details of the claim , but has instead just attacked the claim-maker.

This kind of attack is usually , but not always, an indicator that the attacker has not got a valid criticism of the claim, otherwise, a valid argument could have been presented instead :ok_hand:

Hope you remember this post in future when you feel like dismissing the views of everyone who doesn’t think exactly the same as you :blush: have a nice day adventurer.

I did an arenas last night with 4 healers in it. It was annoying but also kinda of refreshing is made for something new. Each team had two healers but each round a team won before the ring of fire. So it can’t be that bad.

How ever I was dueling yesterday and we were both sns. I put on a tower shield for this duel and are we never able to finish the fight no one was coming close to dying.

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the fact that in a 30 minute war, there can be as few as 20 kills indicates healing is overtuned… It wouldn’t hurt to lower the healing while raising the ttk a bit.

and thats the problem.
no other wep needs to be evenly split to make the pvp game balanced.
15 all other wep +5lifestaff vs 19 all other wep +1 lifestaff is a 99% win OPR game.

the fact that each team needs to have even amount of lifestasff in order to make the game balance is a direcft proof of healing been broken.

have you ever heard of each OPR or war team needs to have same # of FS or bleeding rapier or spear or throwing hatcet to make game balanced?

now lets imagine a super broken expolit of musket that can oneshot any1 from 100 m away.
if the musket is evenly split between the teams, will the game be balanced?
yes, it is balanced, as both team have same # of broken shet.

now imagine 15 all other wep +5 oneshot musekt vs 19 all other wep +1 oneshot musekt
guess which team gona steam roll the others?
just same as 15 all other wep +5lifestaff would do to the 19 all other wep +1 lifestaff team

Lol no, if you have an unbalanced number of bruisers/point players then you win.

It’s not one class, there are plenty of to much of once class and you lose, so don’t think it’s just healers my guy. You’re just not understanding that it’s a team game mode and so much comes down to team comp and ability to win fights together.

if the healing not been so broken, brusier or point player wont be so dominated on points.
guess what?
they die without the broken healing.

bro, it is you dont understand the game.
brusier or point player are just builds that can ultilize the broken healing the best.

the root of the probelm is the broken healing.

So what I’m hearing is you just don’t like healers. What would you do to make healing not “broken”

try a OPR or war without any healer, and see how good your bruiser and point player are.