Fix the damn bow!


So you guys decided that the best way to “fix” the “jump exploit” was to hold the player on the ground for almost half a second after every shot!!? First of all, have you ver thought why players were using the jumping shot at the first place? Because the ADS recovery of the Bow is pretty, pretty bad. It’s the weapon with the lowest fire rate in the game. And using this “exploit” was the way it could feel normal, fluid and fast to play. But okay, You could’ve nerfed it, no problem. The problem is the WAY you nerfed. Reducing bow players mobilty was the dumbest ideas ever. With the jump shot you could shot 54 arrows per minute instead of 46. That’s a boost of 17% of damage per minute.
Why you guys didn’t reduced the base damage of the bow instead of making the weapon so clunky and slow? There’s literally no fun on playing it anymore. It’s a short/mid ranged weapon where you’re stuck to the ground 80% of the time, unable to shot or dodge again while trying to hit a medium/heavy set player that can 3 hit you down if he catches you.

On top of that there’s also a 20% damage reduction coming in the next patch fixing a bug that nobody even knew that existed (so yeah, fuck the players who thought that was the right damage of the weapon, fuck their time grinding for itens and fuck their builds).

You guys should’ve just deleted the weapon of the game because most bow users already switched to Musket or to VG/IG, after the next 20% nerf nobody is even keepin their old bows on their lockers anymore lol

Don’t make combat less mobile and fast, people don’t want that. Give the 20% damage nerf BUT buff the fire rate and ADS recovery of the weapon or remove the stupid attached to the ground thing after every shot.

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We knew for sure since Patch 1.1, whether you noticed or not doesn’t matter. A bug is a bug, crying over it a bug fix is sad as hell.

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You knew that the concussion skill was bugged? Because if you knew, it wasn’t a known issue for most players. But yeah, I’m not crying about the fix. The problem is that they destroyed the weapon and now they’re fixing a bug that most people didn’t even knew existed. It’s a combo of nerfs for a weapon that was almost perfectly balanced.
They want all people to use VG/IG and GA/WH because that’s what have left.

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Bump so any moderator can see this thread and give us feedback on if they’re planning to make to bow less clunky.

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