Fix the drops so I can farm the Legendary items I want

I enjoy farming for the named items in new world. Like the Chardis boss set, or the Blighted growth set. I have wanted a completed GS 600 Harbinger set for a while. The bad news is that at the moment, that’s impossible. All three pieces of the chest and gloves drop from scorch vein supply guards in ambusti inferior. The problem is that their level is too low for you to get a drop at 590 or higher, as is the case for an unsettling amount of the named legendary items in the game. Please make all the named legendary drops available to drop at 590 or higher or make all the enemies in the game with named drops level 66. Either way I’d be happy.

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whats up? lol

or even better yet, just make it so that we can upgrade items less than 590

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