Fix the Musket Blank Bug Day 5

Went to shoot a follow up roll shot into a wolf today in OPR and fired a blank. Why make the wolf suffer? Fix the musket blank bug.


Didnt you know?

It took them a month to patch the sticky bomb bug. Doing a day count down is rather silly.

@X123123 We are saddened to hear about your experience with the Musket. Does this happen in specific areas? Has it only occurred once? Or does it occur every time?

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Sticky bomb still does 1/2 damage if you have an elemental gem in your musket. Instead of doing 4000 damage it does 2000. It seems like an easy bug to fix, so I don’t know why it’s taking so long. Maybe they don’t know about it…

Not that one. In Jan they added a ,30 delay after casting stickybomb. Which in turned caused you to go into a 5 second lock before you could ready your weapon.

I’m noticing the blank firing issue mostly after the first shot of shooters stance, after using an ability or potion/food, or after rolling. It happens probably every 2 minutes in OPR. I haven’t used musket much in open world lately so I can’t say how often it happens there. Swapping weapons seems to be the only fix. Also if I have the bug it makes all of my shots shoot blanks including power shots or powder burns until I switch weapons. There is also no bullet trail but the gun appears to fire when this bug happens


me and my friends also got this problem. firing animation is there but it’s not hitting anything

Weapon swapping will fix it. The tell tell sign that your gun is bugged is when your shot has no smoke trail.

This also happens with flame thrower.

You’re using the flame thrower animation (holding staff like chaingun) but no flames are coming out

encountered this problem once… no idea what is triggering this bug.

This happens in shooter’s stance frequently and when roll reloading. This will not occur with an ability loaded shot, it is only regular attacks with the musket. As per Troggddorr’s experience, it also is only fixed by weapon swapping, and you can tell because there is no tracer after firing the round.

As far as replication goes, I cannot say specifically how to make it happen, just that it happens, and it happens fairly frequently at times. This last OPR I don’t think it happened once, but I’ve had it happen back to back in OPR after fixing it, well within 10 seconds of one another, and it has reached the point where I just weapon swap if I can’t tell if I missed or the round didn’t just fire. It’s happened 10+ times in a single OPR.

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