Fix the musket blanks bug day 1


Thank you.

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Been raising this up but no one seems to care.

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Can you elaborate?

It is a part of a bigger problem which is desync. Desync is usually seen in melee combat where you visually connect your hits but you actually don’t hit anyone.

Sometimes it affects ranged weapons too which is, as OP said, a blank shot.

They need to fix desync, its not musket specific.


Bow suffers from that too.
Just harder to notice, because missing is normal :smiley:

The bullet is not being produced when the shot is fired so not the same. But yes there is still desync and bad lag. To fix it I have to swap out a weapon attack then swap back annoying as hell. But not worse than the stickybomb bug so there is that.

I think its easier to tell with bow haha. Sometimes with melee weapon I’ll be like I think that was a hit but hell maybe I missed while right on top of him. With bow there is no doubt. You can literally see the arrow go right through the chest.

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I feel like the following would at least help eliminate some of the false perceptions of a connected hit that should have dealt damage where as in fact the “target” was immune.

Absolutely. I’ve been 10 feet away from a wolf, shot an arrow right through its head…nothing. Might as well have spat on it for all the damage my ability caused.

Desync is a big problem across the board. I think head hit boxes could use some love too. If I have to aim for mid-shoulder in order to register a “head shot” then something is wrong.

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It has nothing to do with desync the rounds sinply don’t fire and will not create an actual round unless you weapon swap. Its not a desync issue.

Colision has been a problem since release. I can shoot into a meat ball with 3 zerkers swinging. shooting center mass on a not moving target that’s just auto attacking and about 20% or more of the shots will not hit.

I’m not defending or denying the existence of such problems, more just saying the fact we don’t get any visual feedback on blocked/dodged hits and that just exacerbates the perception of how wide spread it is. It’s also useful to know as a player that your enemy is actively evading your hits.

well you can see dodge/blocks. But yes it would be nice to see a floating message. Also being able to set up a chat window that lists all combat effects like damage done and received is pretty much needed.

You might, if you’re standing 2 meters away from your target… as a longer-range player you don’t necessarily see all of the skills/actions your target does.

This is probably more of a desync issue than the one but well. You can clearly see the shots going off and the obvious it should hit scenario but doesnt. xD

Not desync your not firing bullets. You will note that there is no bullet trail with your shots. Your bullets are not even being formed.

One thing you learn as a sniper is that every action your enemy does causes movement That you have to adjust your aim for. Even the simple action of a healer auto attacking will cause their head and chest to move every second. So yes a sniper at 200 m away has to be aware of everything their target is doing unless they are bot aiming.

I can see a player putting up a shield to block and I can see the action when I shoot them with it up. You can track a players dodge ability’s based on their stam bar. I tend to wait till a player is low stam or exiting a dodge roll before I fire on them. Because yes good players can dodge bullets when they know the fire rate and time it with a muskets reload speed.

Despite that I 100% agree that we should have the tools to track and log combat better.

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ur actually right didnt even realize it as I got a topaz it should leave a trail. Guess ill learn every day something new.

I play bow so everything you’ve described is even worse for us… ultimately I think we both agree this information should be conveyed back to the player.

I am encountering the issue of bullets not actually firing from my gun every 3-5 minutes in OPR matches currently. No bullet trail but the gun appears to fire. Even shooting at the wolves standing still wont do damage. Only fix is to swap weapons so far. Also musket abilities are causing a lot of desync after almost every use. I stutter when standing up from shooters stance or after loading a powder burn nearly every time.

Yeah exactly what my screen looks like too. No bullets leaving the gun. Won’t even do damage on a wolf standing still when this happens so I dont think its a simple desync/lag issue. Only really seems to happen in OPR ever