Fix the report system

Despite repeated assurances that Amazon’s report system is “not automated”, the player report system is repeatedly abused. If it’s not automated, your staff is incompetent or at the very least does not have access to any of the in-game information related to reports. On my server, the governor of a company called “Queers” has been repeatedly banned for “Offensive Company Name”. This company is full of queer streamers and allies from Twitch communities. The governor of this company has been repeatedly assured by Amazon support that he is being banned by mistake, and his account was allegedly flagged to prevent him from being banned for this. Yet (unsurprisingly), his account was banned again last night for the same reason.

I would like to reiterate that Amazon has stated over and over again that their player report system is not automated. To test this, my friend asked to have everyone on the server report his name (which was thematic and had no discriminatory meaning to it whatsoever) so he could get a free name change. My friend was successfully able to get a 24 hour ban and change his in-game name. I will not disclose his in-game name for obvious reasons.

This is unacceptable. If you’re not going to fix your broken report system, at least be more transparent with players rather than gaslight everyone into thinking that you are consciously reviewing these reports.

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