Fix this shiet queue

WHAT THE HELL. LOging and queue 600 and error, loging again 1100 in queue, and what ? Error. Ok trying again 1400 and error, and again amd error. WHAT THE **** ?! Are you gong to fix this ?


When kicked and getting “TooManyRequestExeption”. just klick the OK and wait, don’t press “Play” again.

It should automatically put you in queue again after pressing OK.

Pressing Play puts you in as a new join request.

well not worked for me wass 400 this morniing in start got the crash waited nothing cliciked iok down to 700 back to 100 crash waiting did nothing had to click and queuue was 1200 then later 1700 then again later 1900 and now i am 3990 and tried not to click play nothing was happening for like 10 mins …

Ok its work for me but still its fucking annoing. Have 2-3 hours per day to play but cant becouse i need wait ine queue…

Yeah, worked for my friend 2/3 times. For me everytime so far but it doesn’t seem to work everytime constantly . But worth trying everytime it happens.

I just have a way of connecting from work to set myself in queue a while before I get home as my temporary fix.

I tried both days to just play for a littlebit after a hard fucking day of work. Yesterday i started 16oclock and finaly came in at 22 after 3 times dcs in the queue. Today i was feeling lucky queue wasnt that big first try starting point 1000 at pos 50 DC! ok no problem get something to eat and make dinner and queue up again starting point position 2500 ok finaly i think i can play atleast 1 hour befor going to bed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND DC at fucking pos 10 !!! Fuck that shit !

worked 2 times and 3 time another error popped up with unable to connect to login server try again later … there wasnt a reconnect anymore

Cant they not fix the queue system as WoW… if you get dc you have ten minutes time to reconnect and staying at old queue instead waiting after clicking ‘ok’ that is poor system

Yea, It only seems to work sometimes unfortunatly.


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