Fix to your Garbage Crafting nerf

I got over 600hr of play time weeks ago before I stopped playing, and have been watching the patches to decide whether I should come back or not.

Though with all the dumpster fire, now I am leaning towards only to return if you guys started a brand new server after you have fixed everything.

The recent patch note contains a laughable excerpt of your crafting exp nerf introduced with 1.1, but looking at that paragraph, it showed that you have no idea what went wrong with your crafting system.

The only reason people chose to craft low tier items is due to refining process being too cumbersome for high tier refining material. Making high tier material useless. Which is evident from how Iron Hide and the like were so cheap.

the best way is not to tier out the crafting experience, instead you should incentivize player into using high tier mat.

To this I proposed:
Revert crafting tier changes, BUT allow people to use high tier mat as materials for lower tiered refining material AND increase experience gain and quantity output based on material tier used

People will always go for easiest and cheapest way to level up crafting, no one is going to adhere to your vision of crafting. This change will allow high tier mat to actually be useful, and reduce the dependence on low tier materials, which is how it should be. Otherwise in low pop servers, your crafting economy will not be sustainable.

With the frequency of Invasion and deteriorating state of territories, high tier material will still be useless with your latest changes.

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the point is that people stop buying boted iron or wood and start playing the F*cking game themself and chop some red trees or orichalcum and so on.

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