FIX Void Blade tracking

How long it will takes you to fix void blade hit tracking ? Fighting with bee around my oponent is not fun. Or at least add 10/15% haste durning Void Blade stance … it will make easier to follow running foes… Ice Storm is broken for 4-5 months I still sometimes cast it under my feet…

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Can confirm, Void Blade tracking needs some serious fixing. It got near unusable after the musket hotfix. Pretty much need CC on someone to hit them.

Reviving this thread as I was just about to post my own. Void Blade in PVP is pretty gimped right now because of the tracking issues. I can be literally right next to / inside of someone, and sometimes 2 out of 3 of my light attack swings will miss. Heavy attack doesn’t seem to have this tracking problem, though… why is that? Can’t this be addressed?

been broken since tempest patch. Void blade was skipped over on the melee homing patch in late spring/summer because they had issues. Haven’t heard much about it ever sense.

I can bet because of 2 stances if u fix VB tracking, VG range attacks will also have „auto aiming” xd broken game xd

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