Fix war/territory ownership

I dont care who is owning what. But i do care if i cant get opr/arena games.
So yea its not irrelevant. I kinda do undestand this weaker companies. True that map is to small for every1 to have province. But its big enought that many companies can have 1. But they cant. Couse on each server there is 1 up to 3 big companies taking whole map by using proxies. Do they need whole map? Hell no. They take bc they can.

And some of this companies are so toxic that moment they have whole map and no competiotion, they set all taxes to max lvl. After they get gold they just transfer to next server leaving old server burning due to taxes and town downgrades due to invasions.

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Dude start looking for a new game to play. Since ppl like u help devs kill this one.


1-its nit inaf teritorys for conpanys.
2-pvp supose to be pvp it end game content
3-teritory control = rmt? And yes and no.
If best company whu have 100 ppm and all have best gear holding best citys and 3 low sitys in total like exsample 6 teritorys and if thei generate about 6 mil a week, were going money?
Oweral teritory control system is bugest mistake in game is not competitive, its just about whu have more bis shit.


Yes, there will always be top companies. That is the point of this post. I’m all for the competition and risk/reward that comes with territory ownership. The problems arise (very similar to problems in modern day American politics… It’s strangely similar I might add) when a small minority of people are allowed to abuse systems within the game to create an unfair advantage over the entire population.

The psychology of this is very well known and documented. People (and animals alike, there is a very interesting study done on rats that show if a bigger more aggressive rat doesn’t allow a smaller more timid rat to win in games they play the smaller rat will stop playing those games. Even rats know that a rigged system is bad…) won’t participate in a system that is rigged against them especially one that is meant to be enjoyable like this video game. You can keep arguing against changes that’s fine we all are entitled to an opinion I just hope you understand that opinions are kinda like aholes. We all have them and most stink like shit.


The best fix is to delete all player ownership over settlements.
This instantly solves a lot of issues and closes a lot of exploits.
Literally all the problems you list would be non-existent.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

And maybe this is why AGS didn’t have server transfers initially. Because you’re not supposed to ever be able to do this.
Except people also created a skid row in their server and made it a place no one wanted to play in.

There is actually nothing wrong with a server where one company has conquered everything. What’s wrong is the toxicity that those companies bring to basically grief the entire server. When that happens, people quit the server, the server starts to empty out, then everyone remaining starts to quit.
Except quitting means restarting all over again on another server… unless you cry loudly enough to the devs to give you a server transfer.

If no one could transfer, then these toxic companies would have to start from zero every time they wanted to ruin another server or build up their RMT to sell because they can’t just take their gold with them to a new server market.
But also players fleeing toxic servers would also have to start all over again.

Instead of dealing with the toxicity and the underlying systems that allow it, AGS just let people play musical chairs. And now they can charge you for it.
And it really is like musical chairs because the number of servers keeps dwindling.

Toxic PvPers ruined the game. Period.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums


So you say make 6 mil in 1 week for 1 company is good game design ? I think teazon for wars is not supose to be money

You are absolutely wrong.

“there’s no problem with a server where one company conquers everything”

The endless threads of people complaining about that exact problem says different.

There are toxic people in literally every game that’s every been made. The difference between most other games and this one is that for some unknown reason the developer here has decided to allow the toxicity to go unchecked. And to allow that toxic group of children to control and oppress an entire server population with no checks or balance. All the while they are virtue signaling about pronouns and inclusiveness… It is mind blowing.

The “toxic pvpers” didn’t ruin anything. They did what toxic people do all the time. What ruined the game is ags allowing them to treat 2k other people as their own personal slave labor force with no way other than leaving the server or quitting the game entirely to opt out.


At most in 3v3 Arenas or Duels but not even, given how imbalanced Healing is.

Rlly? You asked what is wrong with player stop playing the game? Dunno. Maybe ask devs if they like to game players playing their game and keep the jobs they have or not so much?

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Look dude I understand it’s hard to admit that the reason you keep losing is you just aren’t as good but you can’t honestly believe that. You can have all the gear you want if you’re bad you’re going to lose to a more skilled player period. War opr arena it doesn’t matter.

This is the last time I’m responding to a post like this. The amount of copium some of you are on is staggering.

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You prescribe me copium yet you can’t cope with not being able to compete in skill-based PVP. Ironic.

How did you come to that conclusion? Because nowhere in any of my posts suggests that I want the skill floor lower.

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The easiest system I can think of is just to add a debuff for 24 hours after a war to a player…they could still participate if absolutely needed but their output would be signficantly reduced. A company could slot a few…but a majority would lose handily. This would definitely make wars and rosters much more strategic…another possibility would be to charge companies BIG TIME for using cross-faction players.

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Say that again when there are no more servers to transfer to and no more gold to bleed from players because the servers are all dead. You are running out of servers to destroy. There is a reason the game has mechanics in place to not allow one supreme guild to take every territory so you find loop hole to still make it happen then claim its fine. Lol. Take a look at the servers. Its not fine.


If you learned to read, this is what I said.

And yet you said toxicity went unchecked and ruined things.
Maybe if you played the game you would know that settlement control is primarily a PvP activity. Therefore Toxic PvPers ruined everything.

Try reading what you wrote yourself.

So it’s AGS’s fault that people are toxic?
That’s like a criminal doing something criminal, then blaming his pre-existing criminal mindset on people for not catching them AFTER the act.
Maybe notice that those people were criminals BEFORE there was need for a someone to stop them from doing more crime?

You’re just another apologist for toxic PvP trying to shift the blame on someone else.
Maybe toxic PvP should take grow up and responsibility for what they are doing.
Your rubbish justifications are just like how cheaters and exploiters always blame everyone else for their wanting to cheat and exploit in the first place. Not surprising since cheating and exploiting is basically guranteed in PvP demographics in every game.

Here’s an example of a one-colour map that was legitimately taken.
We own whole server, what is stopping us to destroy it? - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

They (claimed) they didn’t cheat or exploit, and yet decided not to be toxic and grief the server.
No one is really hurt by this. You can still play the game – even do owpvp questing, and instanced PvP. There’s no reason to depopulate the server.
If people are bored or other factions don’t dare to be the underdogs, that’s a separate issue. AGS even tries to help underdogs by giving them more ability to push influence as the underdog faction.
And maybe people simply did NOT want to PvP anymore because they were enjoying the server stability from not having settlements flip back and forth. Just like the real world – people DON’T want war to continually mess up their lives. Just ask the Ukraine or any other wartorn country where common people are just trying to go about living.

The only way faction dominance can damage a server is toxic pvpers wanting to grief the server.

Straw man.

I disagree. Toxic people are going to be toxic people. Its bound to happen. It happens in every PVP game. AGS should have acted on this stuff back in November. Its now way too late. They were warned about this in beta.

I also disagree with your example. My example would be… criminals are going to be criminals. If my government didnt have a justice system and police in place (that would be AGS here) then I would blame my government for not curbing the issues and just letting pure anarchy happen.

Yes it is the player that is toxic but it also should be “policed” so that it doesnt happen to begin with. This is just how people are. There will always be bad people. Letting them run free is the fault of AGS.


Absolutely AGS should have done more to handle it.
But you cannot blame an initial crime on what happens afterwards.
That’s like a rapist saying he blames his crime of rape on July-4 on the police not catching him on July-5.

Definitely AGS should have made an example of toxic actors with actual action and bans. Then others might be deterred from trying. But criminals don’t get a free pass for their criminal actions just because there’s inadequate enforcement. There wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t commit the crime in the first place.

Maybe people misunderstand and think I’m letting AGS off the hook by putting the blame primarily on the toxic actors. I’m not and never have.
Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

But you also have to realize that AGS can only REACT in such cases. They cannot pre-emptively issue bans until the toxic actors have acted. Just like you can’t arrest someone for rape before they actually even try to rape someone.
That said, AGS can take other actions to prevent toxic actors from getting the chance to act in certain ways. Bans for inappropriate names, toxic chat, hate speech in chat, etcetera… all these things can help to remove the toxic demographic before they can perform more damaging actions to a server.
This can be likened to the police taking appropriate action against other types of criminal action before the criminal actor can perpetrate something even worse. Like if someone is being stalked, the police can take action on the stalker (for stalking) instead of ignoring it and letting that stalker have a chance to rape the victim.

Yeah ok. I get you better now. Fair enough. Im just saying that AGS would have more people playing right now if they acted in November or even December and halted the possibility of shell companies. Instead they let it go and even made it easier for them because now they can transfer anywhere.

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