Fix war/territory ownership

The easiest system I can think of is just to add a debuff for 24 hours after a war to a player…they could still participate if absolutely needed but their output would be signficantly reduced. A company could slot a few…but a majority would lose handily. This would definitely make wars and rosters much more strategic…another possibility would be to charge companies BIG TIME for using cross-faction players.

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Say that again when there are no more servers to transfer to and no more gold to bleed from players because the servers are all dead. You are running out of servers to destroy. There is a reason the game has mechanics in place to not allow one supreme guild to take every territory so you find loop hole to still make it happen then claim its fine. Lol. Take a look at the servers. Its not fine.


If you learned to read, this is what I said.

And yet you said toxicity went unchecked and ruined things.
Maybe if you played the game you would know that settlement control is primarily a PvP activity. Therefore Toxic PvPers ruined everything.

Try reading what you wrote yourself.

So it’s AGS’s fault that people are toxic?
That’s like a criminal doing something criminal, then blaming his pre-existing criminal mindset on people for not catching them AFTER the act.
Maybe notice that those people were criminals BEFORE there was need for a someone to stop them from doing more crime?

You’re just another apologist for toxic PvP trying to shift the blame on someone else.
Maybe toxic PvP should take grow up and responsibility for what they are doing.
Your rubbish justifications are just like how cheaters and exploiters always blame everyone else for their wanting to cheat and exploit in the first place. Not surprising since cheating and exploiting is basically guranteed in PvP demographics in every game.

Here’s an example of a one-colour map that was legitimately taken.
We own whole server, what is stopping us to destroy it? - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

They (claimed) they didn’t cheat or exploit, and yet decided not to be toxic and grief the server.
No one is really hurt by this. You can still play the game – even do owpvp questing, and instanced PvP. There’s no reason to depopulate the server.
If people are bored or other factions don’t dare to be the underdogs, that’s a separate issue. AGS even tries to help underdogs by giving them more ability to push influence as the underdog faction.
And maybe people simply did NOT want to PvP anymore because they were enjoying the server stability from not having settlements flip back and forth. Just like the real world – people DON’T want war to continually mess up their lives. Just ask the Ukraine or any other wartorn country where common people are just trying to go about living.

The only way faction dominance can damage a server is toxic pvpers wanting to grief the server.

Straw man.

I disagree. Toxic people are going to be toxic people. Its bound to happen. It happens in every PVP game. AGS should have acted on this stuff back in November. Its now way too late. They were warned about this in beta.

I also disagree with your example. My example would be… criminals are going to be criminals. If my government didnt have a justice system and police in place (that would be AGS here) then I would blame my government for not curbing the issues and just letting pure anarchy happen.

Yes it is the player that is toxic but it also should be “policed” so that it doesnt happen to begin with. This is just how people are. There will always be bad people. Letting them run free is the fault of AGS.


Absolutely AGS should have done more to handle it.
But you cannot blame an initial crime on what happens afterwards.
That’s like a rapist saying he blames his crime of rape on July-4 on the police not catching him on July-5.

Definitely AGS should have made an example of toxic actors with actual action and bans. Then others might be deterred from trying. But criminals don’t get a free pass for their criminal actions just because there’s inadequate enforcement. There wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t commit the crime in the first place.

Maybe people misunderstand and think I’m letting AGS off the hook by putting the blame primarily on the toxic actors. I’m not and never have.
Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

But you also have to realize that AGS can only REACT in such cases. They cannot pre-emptively issue bans until the toxic actors have acted. Just like you can’t arrest someone for rape before they actually even try to rape someone.
That said, AGS can take other actions to prevent toxic actors from getting the chance to act in certain ways. Bans for inappropriate names, toxic chat, hate speech in chat, etcetera… all these things can help to remove the toxic demographic before they can perform more damaging actions to a server.
This can be likened to the police taking appropriate action against other types of criminal action before the criminal actor can perpetrate something even worse. Like if someone is being stalked, the police can take action on the stalker (for stalking) instead of ignoring it and letting that stalker have a chance to rape the victim.

Yeah ok. I get you better now. Fair enough. Im just saying that AGS would have more people playing right now if they acted in November or even December and halted the possibility of shell companies. Instead they let it go and even made it easier for them because now they can transfer anywhere.

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Couldn’t have said it better.

This is perhaps the dumbest thing I’ve read in a couple months… You really just compared war in a fictional video game that is centered around that very thing to people being slaughtered by a dictator…

You have to stop with this real life crap dude. This is a video game. Unlike in real life the only things that happen in this fictional world is what the developers allow. So no it’s not their fault that people are toxic but they create the systems that allow the problematic behavior.

I think this one is my favorite lol. I’m an apologist now?? You need help bruh.


So you claim that people act completely contrary to how they are in real life? That their behaviors and motivations are somehow different?
Wanting a reward for effort put in, for example, is a real life attitude. But no, of course in a video game people don’t want something like that?

So the recent weekly shooting in the US – that is not the fault of the shooters? It’s because the government allows people to buy guns?
Your position is basically that there is no concept of personal responsibility. It is always the fault of someone or something else whenever you choose to willfully act in ways harmful to others.

You keep making up the most nonsensical arguments.
Arguments with logic so faulty you are basically a danger to sane and civilized people.


It’s a mask for greed.

The competitive scene would’ve stayed on Maramma getting stomped by supple if it was about competition.

They got tired of losing and stroked their ego on other servers.

It’s not about competitiveness for anyone.

Watching the wars IS competitive. Being in the wars IS competitive.

Server transferring to another server where there is no competition to take all the big named territories? That’s not competitive.

That’s Alpha New World 2.0


Greed is wanting gold taken away from people who are good enough to earn it. NA clowns being clowns shouldn’t fuck up the game for eu

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Nice example is that when toxic companies leave server some of them set taxes to max to make sure server will burn afteter they are gone.


I’m sorry but you didn’t “earn” any of my gold. You do absolutely nothing that effects my gameplay to say you “earned” my gold. The only clown around here is the one that thinks they “earned” peoples gold, some of which dont give two shits about pvp at all. Explain exactly how you “earn” a PVE players gold. Explain how you are “earning” peoples money that had nothing to do with the battle.

It’s generally not the company that owns the territory running all the town boards for the buffs and station upgrades. Its always the town owners begging people to sign up for invasions because they are too busy trying to play in 50 wars a day to be bothered with defending the town. Other times they dont even bother with the invasion at all because its peanuts to upgrade the craft station and that is just paid for by everyone else anyways.

Half the towns are left to rot on some servers just so people like you can funnel everything through one territory with max taxes. This shit is toxic af. Those are the clowns.

So explain it clown… how did you “earn” everyone else’s gold that didn’t even have anything to do with PVP? You didn’t earn shit. All you did was play 30 minutes worth of content so you can take 1000’s of hours of people gold. lol and you call other people clowns. This is why the game is dying clown.


See. Its in your nature. Being toxic. Even here on forum. And lot of pvp players are like you. Thats why other players dont waya play server you play. We should have “prison” server where devs would transfer ppl like you with out option to buy token to transfer out. So you stay with other “pvp” “competitive” players :slight_smile:


even with low taxes people stay ww and ef
we earned it when we took the zones, just like anyone else can. A pve player loses pocket change, its normal for games to have a fee on things its just in this game the fee goes to zone owners

you’re the one attacking pvp companies in the first place and making a shit thread to get their gold lmao. How about we both deal with the system and leave each other alone then? cool.

Thats not earning anything. The entire game design is built for toxicity. Again, you played 30 minutes worth of content and get in return 1000’s of hours of peoples work. Maybe you and your company are not toxic as hell like the server killers that been going on but you turn a complete blind eye to it and defend it because you want your free gold.

People like you do not see how this is killing the game because you don’t want to. Open your eyeballs. Read peoples stories. Look at how the stories match the server populations. Instead of being open minded and willing to believe it you instead come in here calling people clowns and the sole reason for that is because you are afraid of losing the gold if AGS listens. Go back and look at your post man. Its clear as day. You would rather have the gold and the game die than to see changes happen that could fix this.

You call it competition. If it was competition then it wouldnt be about the gold. Gold isnt what makes competition. Good fights are what make competition. Then you have the balls to call it greedy to want changes when it is you that is struck with greed.

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you think owning ww/ef on a high pop server takes 30 minutes of playtime? you have so little knowledge about what you’re talking about. I doubt you’ve ever played a pvp game in your life cause you see wars as some sort of PVE grind activity.
“peoples stories” are just people whining about the system because they cant win, then they make up statistics about people leaving to fit their narrative, among other lies like RMT. “Everyone is leaving because of this thing that I personaly hate” is not a story worth listening to

Dude i dont want any gold. For me best would be just remove this gold income from game or restrict it spending - only for town buffs/buildings and so on.

I get my gold same way other players do - playing the game pve/pvp content. And pvp companies are 8/10 toxic as f… Not all their members, but in general. There is reason i never joined any of this companies. I play for fun not to have day ruined by toxicity of ppl that didnt achive anyting in their lives so they focus on being d…s in game.

the toxicity you talk about would be the same without gold