Fix Wight Class Bias with average PvP data

I have had an unfortunate history in the game of playing as the heavy and for months, as you know, you have enabled the light glass to have everything. Making it a very Low Skill and High Reward versus other classes which is consistently fun for a few classes and mostly ruined for any other class, as you have the stats you’re aware of the effect on players and numbers to end game PvP.

I’m under understanding or believe you have delayed the balance in order to bring this content into future roll-outs as of course you have a campaign and narrative to your seasons model. Please stick to it but this was your one-off scenario, in my opinion, this is your last chance to make that mistake and delay that much again.

I recommend the Devs should be aiming to maintain a class balance of one-third each or 33% Heavy, medium & lights if you are not currently, in the interest of maximum participation from the widest possible player base, equal distribution is a key factor. One weight class should need the other two to be strong. Teamwork inspires dedication, dedication inspires loyalty and loyalty inspires teamwork.

With this in mind from now on please be prompt with your balances and pay considerable attention to the effects it will cause on class distribution across players. I would regularly check this PvP data available to you (PVP Class Types) and work to that goal with the averages being the focus not wishes and dreams of a particular class type.

An example: DPS moaning on forums about Heavy healers followed by Devs Nurfing heavy healers, for staying alive as a dedicated, unselfish team-oriented front-line support player. (Not having the ability able to kill anyone) Then bias balancing lights as having everything followed 6 or more months later you’re only trying to balance with a season roll-out.

Balancing and paying particular attention to PvP class distribution will benefit us all by further encouraging the concept of teamwork-based PvP, more importantly, allowing all META to be useful to a wider player base and give value to current and future styles of play allowing for your open class type system to flourish and give better choice for all. This will have the end result of better integration followed by retention of players.

Remember players will adapt to your rules, you make it so it will happen and we do the best we can with the challenge ahead.

I have high hopes for this patch (Season 1) so don’t delay your reaction time again because when it is obvious to everyone (PLAYERS & DEVS) that your not doing anything to fix it inevitably the Development Team just looks bad.

I hope this message has been constructive to you and received with open minds so we can all work towards a balanced and inviting end-game environment.


Good Post.

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Appreciate this feedback @PeekzZ