Fix your auto-ban system, it's being HUGELY abused

Guild leaders are getting banned minutes and hours before wars takes place.
Main players in wars are getting banned so they can’t partake in the war while support sorts out the ban and apologizes for getting false-banned.

How can you implement a system where any player can ask 20 friends to report same guy and then that guy gets auto-banned without question ROFL … what the actual fk … how would u not realize this would get super abused by competitive guilds to destroy their opposing guilds days and hours before a war???

“oh we lost our caller, he was mass reported, gotta wait 24-48h for AGS to sort him out”.


Bro I was randomly banned last week twice and now today out of nowhere everytime for abusive chat or behaviour when i didnt do shit actually lol, haters always mass reporting and their trash system auto bans you, this game shall soon die because of that and a lot of players got perma banned or quitting


Having had this happen to me during Closed Beta & having my false ban for it overturned, I can state with absolute certainty that the recommended process for dealing with Customer Support to get the ban appealed is either non-functional or a flat lie.

None of the web tickets I submitted to the recommended appeal link during that ordeal were ever answered, it wasn’t until I got someone from Amazon (not Games) Customer Support on the phone & provided my Amazon Prime account credentials then thoroughly explained what happened that any progress was made with the issue.

Also, it seems that even though this false ban was overturned - the strike it generated on my account was not removed; Leaving me with a permanent strike against my account in Release for being abused & targeted by someone else during the Closed Beta.

This ease with which abusers can maliciously manipulate this system & the lying from Customer Support claiming that every ticket is reviewed manually before action is taken (Something that has been adequately disproven by multiple user experiments on reddit) is honestly disheartening after 250 hours of play over 23 days total in beta and release.

Regardless of how enjoyable I find the game I refuse to invest any more time, effort or money supporting a product where that time, effort & money can be snatched away from me with the click of some sociopathic abusers multiple accounts report button.

@Luxendra @Weather_Report if you are trying to build a community of sociopathic gaslighting abusers who only play the “meta-game” of subversive bullying & trying to get others banned, you are on the correct path to do so with the systems & policies you have in place.


I would sincerely hope this is getting sorted… this would deffo be a disaster.

Unfortunately the official stance seems to be “deny there is an auto-ban system” according to the Customer Service interactions I have had; Rather than them acknowledging the issue & implementing alternative solutions they seem content with banning their user base, apparently somehow (wrongly) convinced that users who were targeted & abused would be willing to repurchase the game just to suffer the same exact treatment down the line!

There were many reports and tests of this in closed beta. And nothing was done.

Same amazon bot still spam posts “we have no auto-ban system its all done by humans” and another bot sends out emails that your ban appeal is denied and you are now ignored.

Not sure what theya re trying to do here… if anything.

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Both of those have been blatantly censored to cover up the facts as proven by multiple users.

Yeah, well they realise how much of an fuck up this is and lie.

The ban system is 100% automatic or the reports are being reviewed so extremely bad its unbelievable.

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Nope, I think toxic people don’t like to admit they were toxic. End of story.

Imagine shilling this hard :laughing:

Look at this thread and the accompanying screens:

This is for sure happening and while I am generally for a good bit of moderation, this is complete non-sense.

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