Fix your communication AGS

Please for anything that’s holy to you.

  • Write clear, very clear statements.
  • Give reason and outlook to anything that’s not going to create a positive outcome.
  • Have some advisors from the player base that can ask you questions give you the biggest concerns before you post announcements on the forums.

Just to name a example,

Server Merges:

You’ve listed a bunch of server for merges, everyone who is solely left out in a worldset is 100% depressed, angry, dissapointed. And this maybe is for no reason since the post with the server merge isn’t stating anything about those left out servers.

It’s logical that a server with 300 people, won’t survive for long. And that is even more true when the other server in the set is at 1900 people. I also will transfer if my server isn’t merged. Reducing the 300 to 200 and then nothing ever is going to pop on the server.


When this was the hot topic, you didn’t managed to provide a proper yes/no answer, instead you created a big if/else/then/when that wasn’t even appliable to the real world, and now player made solutions undetectable to you which circumvent all your if/else while still being 100% legit by your rules.

Bans and Appeals

Not telling someone what they did wrong is a Absolut no-go, the forum is toxic as it is because there is only a black and white awnser. Eg. “be as toxic/aggressive as you like unless you’re banned.”

Same goes with bans in game, many people got banned and assume it’s for X/Y/Z, but they simply don’t know, then their entire company complains they get unbanned and suprise they actually did something really shady.

Let’s also not forget the “Family Share” jail-free card you pulled on all the abusers/exploiters that got the free copies, rendering any ban nearly inefficent.

There are even more things, but i leave it at that.

:warning: And since it’s urgent, address the merge questions ASAP.

Write out in clean words

  • “Server 1,2,3,4 and 5 are merged into 6”
  • “Server 1,2,3,4 and 5 are merged into a new one”
  • “Server 6 is healty enough and does not need a merge right now”

Out of the ~40 merges happening only 7 have the merged into part

It’s not about justifying your decisions, it’s just about beeing clear!


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