Fix your game and everyone is happy

  • Solve the connection issue after long queues. ( If people can’t then accept queue their problem )
    Leaving the pc on being sure to not get the damn disconnection after a 2 hours queue, is quite ok.
  • Unlock char creation in full server ( having queue is better than not being able to play with friends)
  • Allow server transfer.

Do it.

Wow, they did it. Thanks, you did it.

According to the infinite world theory, every possible version of reality simultaneously exists.

And yet in none of them is everyone happy. There will always be someone unhappy about something, and they will likely come to the forum and tell us about it.


So people that are already on a server sinch launchday and leveled up… people that already need to wait 3 hours a day to play, now need to go wait 6 hours a day to play? Because other people want to join that server a week later and not a server without queue? It’s already almost unplayable. This game has over a million players… we need to make an exception for friends of players?
Just ask for a server transfer then you can play with your friends.

They are working on it and testing it… I hope / think they make it avalaible in the next couple of days…
It’s not like waving with a magic stick or press the ‘allow’ button… and there it is…
They need to make it, test it…

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