Fix your game please

No one enjoys this current slide show of a game, my character randomly will self CC and studder step just from using an ability. I’ll use an ability and it animates, but doesn’t actually go out and I die for free. Please fix your game or at least revert the patch. These bugs are still on PTR so I don’t know how this has been up for 3 weeks.

can we get a dev response maybe too? no one cares that the information is “forwarded”

community managers don’t really have any idea how bad this is since they don’t play the game in the fist place. Need some hands on experience to explain how terrible this game is to play.

The real reason we all use VG/IG/GA/Hammer is to deal with how shitty this games combat went for pvp. Can’t get any confirm kills from laggy desync players without rooting them first

GG no RE

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