Fix your storage

Seriously? You don’t think the weight limit is bad enough? I’m also limited by the different item TYPES in my inventory?

I can’t sell items on the AH because ‘settlement storage full’ despite being at 1073.1/1700kg

The reason for this is because there is a different number of item types/unique item limit imposed arbitrarily on the storage. I swear to Christ it’s like these devs don’t even play games. If there was no weight limit I’d understand. But having both a pathetically tiny weight limit AS WELL AS a pathetically small number of unique items permitted per stash is utterly pathetic and is so OBVIOUSLY there just to create problems so AGS can sell the solution later via in-game store.



Lol you can censor out the word ‘shit’ but you can’t even acknowledge this issue?

Bumping Thread

Just another arbitrary variable that was randomly chosen and set at 500 to create future annoyance to the players.

Inventory needs:

Multiple salvage
One-level undo
Search/filter by attributes
Indicative market value wrt trading post

So much more should be done. It’s just a dataset with lots of restrictions and not much functions right now.

Otherwise it’s pretty good. I like the artwork.


Pretty much this. This entire game is a mile wide and an inch deep. I can’t think of one single aspect or area/mechanic of the game that is actually fully fleshed out.

Bumping thread.

And do tell what will happen when they keep adding new items ?

You’re asking me or AGS?

Heh AGS. The secondary limit of number of types of items will get more and more annoying as new things are added to the game.

Yeah 100%. Like the other user said it’s just another arbitrary gate/limit to convenience that they’ll surely charge for in future.

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