Fix your trading post finally - can't buy anything

You can leave that for 20 minutes and still be stuck in this window.

10 minutes later, still items I bought are not in my inventory, it’s another week with huge delays on trading post, especially during weekend - server is not even full


Ran into the same thing last night (10/16). Logging out and back in still did not allow me to buy anything. I was using the Windsward TP.

Update: For me this happened on El Dorado on NA West.


It’s second time in a row where trading post is lagged as hell and you can’t buy anything. The same happened week ago… and we were reporting it, I am tired of this unfinished game…


Happening for me as well since yesterday. I cannot buy anything from trading post & even cancelling current sell orders takes forever (currently have 7 items total for sale).
Character: C305
Server: Eden

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Weird, neve had this happen on trade posts but the freaking supply carts in towns do this to me everyday. Have to keep logging in and out just to be able to get the stuff.

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this is hepened to me on 21/10/21 …arghh ful of stress … Server Lagado Ap Southern

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Happened to me 21/10/21 until today as of posting. restarted the game and PC nothing works cannot buy anything… and i lost all the gold trying to purchase the item which i didnt receive… RIP

Server: Lagado Ap Southern
Windsward TP


Same thing on Utopia during peak time AEST. Windsward trade post is useless


got this bug on hades eu, spent 400 gold, the post took my gold but never received the item

This happened to me when transfer first became available.
It was only happening in Windsward (the most populated town by far in my server), so I’m assuming it was from too many people being in/near the town.
The lag went away after a couple days, maybe people have moved on to other towns now.

Happened again, but slightly different. Says something like: “item is available in another stall”. Even though I am buying from EverFall and I am in Everfall.

Auction house has been disabled.

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