Fixing gear loadouts

Very easy fix allow pvp currency for PvPing and allow players to buy legendary armor and weapons at 600 with resilience, freedom, and cooldown reduction. And weapons with crit viscious and enchanted.

Switch skill perks to armor gems that you socket in and let players repeatedly respec attributes on armor through items.

Switch weapon gems to grant a 4th perk that you can slot in whatever you want.

None of these items are lost on resocketing but cost azoth to do.

This would allow pvpers to play pvp solely to get the best pvp gear normalize loadouts and allow people to be creative.

For PVE prismatic ward (ward vs all) would replace resilience on standard currency gear then cooldown reduction and freedom. allow skill perk gems like in pvp armor and attribute switching. Pve weapons would have crit (bane all) and viscious with a gem slot for a 4th weapon perk.

The tokens for this can be extreme but when working towards a fixed goal players are happier.

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