Fixing the market prices of legendery stuff

hello guys im proposing to change the drops we get from the caches after 200 in gathering skills
as for the 1/3 and 2/3 give us 250 starmetal ore and 3/3 give us 250 orichalcum ore
because its impossible in any mmo game the raw items to be more expansive than the legendery one as such cinnbar/tolvum and orichalcum ingots
same thing for logging and harvesting i think in this change it would balance the market a little bit :smiley:

Hey @ReVoLuT10N how’s it going?

I do understand your concern, so let me proceed to help you.

I’ll reach you via PM shortly to request some information!

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Whats wrong with the market prices?

The thing is as example in my server the cinnbar/tolvum (legendary materials)
Are more expansive than the orichalcum ingot
Or the infused leather …
Its just more expansive because once you hit 200 in gathering its too easy to get legendary materials
The orichalcum nodes location are always contested during the day and night by people or bots cause they are not a lot in the map same for iron wood or wirefiber which higher up the market by a lot
Like 1 cinnibar = 14gold
And 1 orichalcum ingot = 35 ~ 45 gold
Which’s not normal at all because in any game or mmo i’ve played (even in new world i have now 1400h) the legendary materials are always more expansive than the raw materials by alot and i mean it
So i hope they fix the caches and stop giving a lot of legendary stuff and instead just give raw materials like silkrods or wyrdwood or starmetal
At least like that it will balance the market again because i already saw it in many servers (i think all of them :slightly_smiling_face:)