Fixing the Storage Issue

Allow players to turn on storage access per territory for a weekly fee.

  • Sheds with this enabled will be available at all other territories
  • Each shed the players wants available this way will need to be enabled individually
  • Players would pay weekly for this feature like housing
  • An auto pay option should be available or it would get annoying to re-activate over and over for each territory each week.
  • The coin would add to the tax collected by the company that owns the territory
  • Cost of access reduced in territories owned by the players faction
  • If a player owns a house in a territory this feature should be enabled automatically

This still reduces the need for players to go to less popular territories but it still generates coin for those territories and makes it easier to craft in those territories when players are there. This alone could increase the tax that can be collected as players may have access to materials that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to craft with while there.

Here are a few other reasons I think this would be good for the game:

  • Storage is more easily managed
  • Storage feels less cumbersome
  • Crafting feels less cumbersome
  • Players can spend more time experiencing content rather than mule-ing
  • Players feel less penalized for gathering on their way between two points
  • Players that like the planning needed and doing the mule-ing still can and save coin
  • Houses have increased utility and value

If you think this or a system like this would improve your experience in new world please give this a like / <3

Thanks for reading.


I would like to see the storages linked without any additional cost. There are already too many taxes and fees.

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There are a lot of taxes and fees… I think the balance is just a little off. I don’t think property taxes need to be as high as they are and quests at higher levels should give more gold. Especially at 60 when you don’t get the experience / faction rep anymore.

But if they just link all the storage it removes any reason for players to go to less populated territories. Everyone would just stay in EF/WW to do all their crafting. The other territories wouldn’t make enough to keep stations upgraded and the territories wouldn’t have any value.

By putting a fee on it, it still generates income for the territory ideally avoiding those issues. I know there are also players that like the separation of the storage between territories …as odd as that sounds to us!

There’s also something to be said about players having access to 11k lbs of storage by default. The additional storage territory perk would feel pretty meaningless. This would also reduce the value in houses and the storage chests from furnishing. There would a LOT of rebalancing to do if they just linked everything together.

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