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Healers are the issue, consumables are fine. Healers are several orders of magnitude more impactful than potions. In your example of arena, the healing dampening makes potions almost useless while LS still pumps out heals.

Also nerfing consumables would just make the life staff even more overpowered and healer imbalances even more of a steamroll.

Also, potions are also accessible to all players.

Skill burst damage is the primary killer in NW and with animations, cooldowns, and relatively low healing amounts, potions are easily beaten.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I got cheated out of a win in PvP by potions. Worst case scenario, a tanky bruisers or hatchet uses them to delay the inevitable.

Late arena or even open world, clutching out against 3 bad players is very possible. Consumables are a non factor.

Give one of those bad players a life staff and a rapier? Good luck.


I have to say I disagree with OP. Consumables are there to be utilized, and careful consumption is actually a skill imho.


Healers are strong and hard to take down for some builds, i do not think they are overpowered anymore, at least not in the way they where. But for sure there should be a limit on how many consumables you should be able to use during a match of 3’s. That way you got to plan your usage and also keeping count of enemies usages will be an added skillcap.

Healers are most deffinitely the problem. Sacred ground + beacon and they stand there being completely immortal agaianst any kind of dmg burst. You need multiple people with chain CC and disease perks to take down a healer.


Def not potions causing all the problems, that said I wouldn’t mind getting rid of em and healers. But that’s the game I want, not the game we’re playing.

If you nerfed consumables, a healer would become essentially mandatory to do anything.


Man sometimes I wish we didn’t have forums because of stuff like this. That literally makes ZERO sense. If consumables are OP then what does that make a healer of consumables…


Healers have always been massively overtuned and there is honestly just no way around it. The healing output, especially the passive healing output through ground AoEs, completely outweighs any offensive pressure by tenfold and it has hurt the entire PvP experience since they reworked the lifestaff in the Alpha.

Anybody that seriously thinks the lifestaff is balanced is either delusional or a healer himself.


How did you even get to this conclusion? Honestly mind boggling the mental gymnastics people will do…

are you really complaining that you can’t 1v3 vs people when they have sustainability in the form of a healer?

Healers are the issue, consumables are fine. Healers are several orders of magnitude more impactful than potions. In your example of arena, the healing dampening makes potions almost useless while LS still pumps out heals.

Dampening also applies to healers what you mean?

In this screenshot you can see that out of all the damage the enemy team dealt 962.707+93.770+326.427 = 1.382.904 damage, he healed out 525.360 of that so 37,98%, meaning consumables healed 62,02% of total damage, a whopping 63,29% more than the healer did.


Consumables have a long cooldown and a long animation. If casting heals had as long animation as drinking a potion i would be fine with it.

Sacred ground and beacon are instant cast. Uninterruptible. It’s insane.

Big green aoe circle for the immortal no skill healers to stand and drool in while 3 DPS blast them with bis gear and still not dealing anywhere near enough dmg to get through their 7000 healing pr second and fortify cap.

Get rid of green circles on the ground. Make healers have to cast heals which can be interrupted.

And boom. Balanced healers.

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You do realize the numbers say otherwise though right? Besides if everyone stands in the “big green aoe circles” in a war or OPR that’s a sure fire way to wipe 10+ persons inside of it.

Also, 7000 healing per second, excuse me. Sacred is anywhere from 900 to 1200 depending how much focus/con you’re running (shouldn’t be running less than 150 con either way), and beacon 700/800. We don’t fortify cap either, sacred is 10% and orb another 10% so 20% out of 50% cap, stuff like shirking fortification is much more potent for fortification.

Also most healers in general run at least one single target heal which is a 1 second cast and can definitely be interrupted, putting beacon/orb/sacred with cast times too would be a huge nerf there are so many situations where we just can’t cast due to assassins pressure.


Yeah I’m sure healers are nice and balanced in war.

But in opr they’re are an unbalanced mess. The issue is you need specific carefully designed builds meant for killing healers. a normal dps can’t do it. That should be changed.

More casted heals is needed. Healer is the most no skill thing to play right now. Just plop down some green circles. Dodge around inside of it for a while. Do the big heal which is a ONE SECOND cast. Holy crap.

Drooler class.

I wish they made healers require some skill to play. Because killing a healer requires an insane amount of skill AND bis gear

Many classes can kill healers, just not one on one unless they are an assassin, and I think that’s fine. Not everyone should be strong against everything, there are strengths and weaknesses for each class vs another that’s how MMO’s work. Assassins have a kit that’s most efficient at killing light healers, now if every medium/heavy bruiser could do so one on one we would have a problem because healers would be so weak nobody would play them.


If I die in OPR as a healer it is entirely my fault. You should rarely die in OPR as a healer.

Then you haven’t met competent assassins.


If you die it’s 100% a positioning error or lack of awareness. If you see someone coming they should never be able to kill you in OPR.

What server are you on?

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