Flagged tents please

Make it so tents work the same way as picking someone up while flagged so if a purple flags and they want to bind themselves to a tent it has to be a tent that another flagged purple put down and on top of this is a flagged yellow or green comes along they can destroy the tent.


I dont understand why this is not a thing. The while camping mechanic has to change. Those craftable tools in a camp still exist from alpha staged. Let us destroy god damn camps


yes exactly it would make the open world zerg fights especially more rewarding as you would actually win the fight

Yup. Spam Reviving and throwing bodies at somebody until they die. It’s a stupid gameplay loop for PvP.

It wont solve the issue since you can tp back to one of shrines that are close by for 0-20 azoth.

This issue and other issues like faction that has bigger numbers farming what they want and many more have common issue: there is nothing preventing players to get back after they got killed and fight again.

I proposed in few places solution for this issues: for pvp on players each next death should increase reapair cost by 10-25%. Debuff stays for 30-60min and is renew each time player dies. So at some point ppl will run out of repair parts. Also all items like low GS would be very usuable.

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