Flagging is about giving up some rights

There are a number of posts that express frustration or concern about PvP. Just about every one of them is not a PvP’r. So while it may seem obvious to others how PvP works it is not always as clear as it could.

If you go on to a football field and tell them not to tackle you it won’t work. By putting on the uniform and getting on the field you have given up the option to not be tackled.

Almost all games and sports work this way. You cannot play Counterstrike and not expect to get shot – repeatedly. You can’t sit down to a chess game and tell the person across from you that you are going to use the rules for checkers. You cannot show up to a soccer match with a baseball bat and expect to be allowed to use it.

Games, like languages, have boundaries. Without those boundaries they simply don’t work.

But it’s the game that has the boundaries and by agreeing to play the game you are agreeing to the game’s boundaries not your own.

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well with the changes and your reasoning its like you started playing soccer, but then they allowed one team to use baseball bats on the other team after a few patches ( the pvpers ). The rules changed mid season.


This is a good critique.

Having brought this up I think we can apply this to the designers, developers, and management. As you said they are changing the rules mid season. This shows that they too are not allowing boundaries to exist.

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You forgot a key point,

Sports are actually fun.

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Blah you.


Let me defeat this “logic”.

New World never had a competitive base to begin with,

So the correction to your analogy is

NW is like soccer but its soccer stars can just decide if they want to show up or not for games and still get payed the same wage.
(Post Patches) Players still don’t have to show up for games but now they get a tiny bump in salary depending on how many crickets they can find on the pitch (rare materials).

This is the least sense making comparison I have seen in a while.

Maybe I can help. Or simply confuse you more. But perhaps you can share with me which parts you don’t understand.

And please don’t say all of it. :sweat:

Only wars and possibly OR are like CS or football.
Open world PvP is nothing like a fair competition. It is heavily biased risks and heavily biased rewards. It is like a “fair” street fight of a whole gang against a random dude they do not like to see on their street. And without any police in the neighbourhood. Of course you do not expect fair fights in bad districts, but that is why people do not go there and telling them they will get fair fight is a lie.

pvp is more fun tho

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Almost. However I would point out that the rules governing player contracts are not the rules for soccer. They have their own boundaries. Or perhaps they don’t have any. I don’t know contract law.

So while both ‘games’ are related they still have their own ruleset.

The examples I gave were specifically games. This is because while some researchers would like their to be a set of absolute rules in social relations their simply isn’t one.

Yeah and open world PvP is not like other games and does not have a set of rules. Bad examples;)

Think about the things that can and cannot happen in PvP, both OWPvP and instanced PvP.

For one example consider what things people do in PvP that could get them banned.

who cares about fair fights. its the fights that arent fair, where you are at a big disadvantage, like 1v2, 1v3, 1v10,1vWhatever, that make it so much fun.

the fact that its not a controlled environment where the game holds your hand every step of the way that makes it great.
the fact that in some spots you cant finish 2 pulls in a mob camp without some1 trying to kill you so you have to be on your toes at all times and pay attention to your surroundings.

that and many other factors are what makes open world pvp so insanely superior to any form of instanced pvp content.

now if we had full loot it would be even better cos then there is actually something on the line and you gotta decide wether you wanna take the risk and stay at a spot or rather go back and bank what you´ve already got and lose some time running to bank and back.

No one with a sound mind is disputing that PvP isn’t fun, Sports are PvP.

NW abstaining itself from traditional open world mechanics and PvP sent itself to the toilet and pulled the flush.

I like this part because there are certain mechanics that work or don’t work. Some can be new, some can be old, but they are still present. And the devs should make sure that they keep those mechanics in mind while designing or tweaking.

The first part I think should be given some more consideration. People get to like things. When I did a bit of PvP I became almost addicted to the adrenalin rush and tactical decisions while on the move.

At the time I cared nothing for sports.

I just think that while your statement should be considered it’s important to remember that people are a hodge podge of various elements that don’t seem to belong together.


We’re at the “dregs” “bottom of the barrel” of NW’s community hype anyway, all that’s left are the unique personality types.

Myself, Forum Warrior with my sword “Death by Logic” plus my trusty shield “Full of Myself”.

and then there’s obv the people who “like NW” but don’t say anything else, calling them an npc is incredibly harsh, zombie is cooler right?

There’s a lot of young people here and this will be one of their first major online experiences, a lot of them have a lot of life lessons to learn.

People are entitled to like things but they shouldn’t remain ignorant at a balanced approach which brings together multiple people, not once have I forced preached a system or said this is the only right way, I will never accept an MMO that isn’t appreciated by all demographics.

Opt in and Opt out systems though…I’m sorry but you have to be dense to support this.

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