Flag/PVP suggestion

How about if everybody was perma flagged up.

The incentive would be: Anyone that dies would loose a % of the resources in their bag while the attacker would be marked up, and if the attacker dies, he would lose everything in their bag and/or equipment.

Attacking someone would leave the person locked to enter in sanctuaries as it would prevent some play like trying to kill someone and then run to a safe zone etc.

I’ll take things that will never happen for $500 Alex



  1. I think PvP sucks. I refuse to be forced into it.

  2. The alpha had perma-PvP and trolls were camping the newby areas and ganking people 30 levels lower than them.

So hell damn no. PvP players need to stop thinking that the best way to PvP is to make everyone do it.


They really really butchered this system.

Ironically all the reviews, lean on that the PvE gets old really fast, but the PvP is good.

But Amazon, in it’s infinite wisdom, has tried to push copious amounts of PvE onto the player.

It makes no sense.

Maybe they have a plan to release the desert zone however, that is toggled always on, and are trying to hook the PvE players before they hit them with the real PvP.



In the original version of the game this was the case.

They’ve moved away from it now, and as much as I would enjoy this, it won’t happen.
I would also prefer if items broke permanently after so many repairs.

The game is what is now, when it comes to gear and gathering.

As much as I want more PvP flagging, I don’t think making it more frustrating is the way to do it.

It’s an absolute shame that there’s no real incentive to be flagged right now.

I do think PvP flagging should continue to be a choice. But I think we should increase incentives to flag.

Also, not a single person knows how the rewards for kills are calculated which is the most frustrating thing when you are PvPing… One kill gives you 1000 mastery, another gives nothing. No indication as to why…

They should of made it once you join a faction you are perma flagged, not incorporate into a weird story that is so boring and weak sauce that nobody can even recite it.

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No. This is not a perma-pvp game. Forcing people to flag solves nothing except giving PKers more puppies to kick. (IE: Lower level players to gank because they can’t fight back)

What is with PvPers demanding everyone play PvP? It’s like they can’t understand that some people gasp Don’t like PvP!

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Well if my suggestion was fully realized, you wouldn’t because if you didn’t want to PvP, you just wouldn’t join a faction.

And no, PvPers in general don’t try to find low lvls to PK. That’s not really fun for most people.

And then I don’t get faction gear, or the EXP, or the money from factions, all because I don’t want to PvP?
I would not get the repeatable faction quests, either. So after I run out of character-given quests, I’d have literally no quests for PvE.
All because you want factions to be perma-flagged.

Well the faction gear should be designed for PvP and then you should have dungeon PvE gear.

And yes, I don’t think you should be able to join a PvP faction if you are only going to PvE. It doesn’t make any sense.

The factions are more than PvP. They are also a way to group up for dungeons.
Where did you get the idea the factions were PvP only? Sure, they’re a story device to explain WHY people are killing each other, but they’re not PvP only, and nothing has said they are.

Why should I have to PvP just because I join a faction? Because PvPers want more PvPers? Pick ones who want to PvP, but don’t punish or limit PvE’ers just because they won’t.

They are also a good way to group up for dungeons?

Whaaat? lol

Did I say something funny? You can use your faction channel to find people to dungeon run.

If you don’t, that’s on you. It does not mean no one else does. And it certainly does not mean factions are PvP only.

Find PvP rewards, but don’t remove content from PvE players just because they’re not playing your way.

lmao, that is the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard.

There is a recruitment channel and global channel, why would posting it in a faction channel make it easier for form groups. The only difference is you are advertising to 1/3 of the people lol.

So yes you did say something funny.

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how about no, but im fine with perm flag

No. Look at every other thread demanding perma-flag PvP; absolutely no one but a handful of people want, or would enjoy, being forced to flag for PvP or miss out on large swaths of content.

PvP only gear? Fine.
PvP only quests? Sure.

But removing the only source of repeatable quests (the faction vendors) by making picking a faction perma PvP?
Why should PvE players LOSE content, and the ONLY repeatable content at that, to make PvP players happy?
Stop asking for perma-flag forced PvP bullshit.

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no i will not stop asking for perma pvp stop being so scared to vs ppl . wow , swtor and bdo used to have perma flags and it was fine . pvp gives u way more xp anyway stop being a big baby and just play so what if u die nothing happens .

Why you even would want to do those quests is beyond me, they are dull AF.