Flame Thrower/totem with healer or 2 Flame throwers in arena

anyone else noticing the up tics since the buff for flame thrower? in arenas we have been consistently losing matches to a flame thrower/totem with healer/totem or 2 flame throwers and they are alwas top damage. thrower on its own is whatever but when the fire starts stacking on you since you are either attacking the healer as a group and if you vs 2 and you attack one while the other flames you its GG.

my buddy and I were finnally able to win by me focussing and CCing the flame thrower every single match while my dps ignored him and stayed away form him while they focused ice totems and the healer and other dps.

for 2 flame throwers you need 2 melees on your team, each has to dedicate to one, if you have 2 range theres no staggers to keep them off and chassing either one range together or one melee together. if you have a range they gotta take out the totems because for some reason they slap hard.

thoughts? just seems odd to me to always see flame throwers and ice totems in arena together. like playing tower defense with turrents lol i have 30% magic resist but 20% is aversion, im assuming totem and flame thrower count for aversion

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Pen shot.
But tbh just swap to spear then and stagger them

I can convince my guy to help but convincing a random range player to go melee range will prob look at me cross eyed lol

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I think 2 of anything on you tends to feel awful. Pylon is a trash skill though. Free AI damage that procs attunement, jagged, etc is so dumb.

I find it hilarious when I watch mages and they complain or belittle “left clickers” while they’re out here using the lowest skill ability in the game that is strait up AI damage.

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AGS is continually making the game easier for low skill players. And good players are obviously going to play what’s meta so it just makes for a bad time.

Instead of buffing and reworking mechanics of firestaff and ice gauntlet, they just continue to reinforce the ez mode abilities in hopes it’ll stop the complaints. The road they’re going down for PvP isn’t a good sign imo. It’s getting less skill based each patch and each weapon that’s released.

Flamethrower should have a CD and pylon should be reworked idk. I’ve been getting a flamethrower and healer even in just pugs.

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Yeah against 2 flamethrower/healer comp you need people with CC. When I see a bow user using grace rapier as an escape on my team against this I know its insta-lose.

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Pen shot doesn’t stagger anymore. You have rapid shot but it’s not a reliable form of cc. Best bet is to chunk them with bow then go in with spear for the kill but any mage can shutdown a spear if they have their IG cds up.

I’m not sure if I agree on Flamethrower CD. FT is very easily punished by melee, in order to use it well you kind of need to be able to dodge then reactive it. I think it could become borderline useless if it had to have a CD in its current state. I think it should maybe do more damage but have much higher mana cost so you can’t spam it for like a whole minute strait though.

Pylon should 100% be reworked into an ability that is high skill high reward like Spike is.

Pylon should be a 3-4m aoe burst every couple seconds. Not just pumping aimbot damage from 30-40m on someone lol. I disagree about flamethrower though, the punishment isn’t really there since it pumps more damage even between light attacks than a melee can do lol. It needs a CD but make it even stronger than it is now and make it drain mana. It should be a finisher/high damage ability that you have to commit to. The way it is now, there’s no thinking involved. You can spam it whenever you want for however long you want lol. It’s more mindless than a greatsword just spamming heavies.

The lead balance dev likes flame thrower so we are boned. Honestly as a mage FT and pylon are something I avoided for a while. I now play with FT cause it’s so good but feel cringy when I play it.

But if you look at heartrunes, the stun lock one hit combos you can see they care very little about skill based combat.

They are looking for TikTok moments I believe.


The amount of pressure a mage can put out just from flamethrower and pylon alone is just stupid lol

I agree here, I think Heartrunes like the stoneform CC break or Bile bomb are great additions but the cheesy stuff that comes with Detonate definitely lowered the unique skill based feeling of PVP in the game.

It really does not do as much damage as any melee left click. It’s most likely the combo of the pylon hitting you + FT ticking away. Or perhaps something like flamethrower, roll into a fireball then back to flamethrower.

I may be biased though bc I kinda like flamethrower lol.

Pylon is the one I feel way too cringe about using.

What did you said?
2 flamethrowers???



1 hability out of a rotation of 6 doesnt define a Gameplay, play left clicking and being successfull by doing It yes.

I mean I wouldn’t mind like what some people said where it should do more damage, take more mana and go on a cd when let go or staggered/stun. Would make it a aoe close range burst skill but you can’t spam it. Like I said it’s not a issue on its own but when you are forced to focus a healer or another thrower it melts you faster than if you had a hatchet on your tail. I’ve faced some good comps with healers, delta and vjeddy come to mind, jeddy is hatchet spear and can keep on me with backs stabs when I go after the healer but a flame thrower on me stays closer with haste and does more dps on me than hatchet spear

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