Flamethrower cooldown

I’m all for Firestaff being reworked and buffed but please I think it’s only fair if Flamethrower finally gets a cooldown. I know the last upgrade Pyro Dancer gets rid of the cd but maybe rework it to 20% cd reduction after a full cast or whichever. It’s not much of a problem on live but with the next patch, a lot of the skills are losing stagger capabilities. Would love to hear some other opinions.


I am against a cooldown for PVE.

For PVP, I think there could be a cooldown if it is deemed “too strong”.

Fire Mages are giving up an ability perk to get rid of the cooldown; that should mean something.

In PVE, too many mobs can interrupt the stream to merit having a cooldown mechanism; PVE mages are constantly having to restart the stream over and over when doing content.

The only fair way to change it is by increasing the mana usage in PVP to say 5 percent mana per tick or something against other players. But even then, I am against adding a cooldown if the player chose to give up another ability perk to remove the cooldown in the mage tree.


No one cares about PvE. PvE is the most brain dead thing on this game. INSANELY easy regardless.

Balance needs to be based around PvP, then PvE balanced around the balancing of PvP.


Fair point, however, the argument can be made that PvP needs PvE and PvE needs PvP in order to be a complete game. I understand the current state of the game is not where the PvP community wanted it to be based on the information that was shared about NewWorld at Alpha/Beta/Launch. That PvP only Meta ship has sailed at this point.

When I look at the roadmap for the next 6-12 months, I see a concerted effort to add PvE elements (new expeditions, raids, etc). Although there are some PvP elements being added during the same timeframe, the long term future of NewWorld has been communicated that it will continue to have both PvE and PvP elements.

Whether or not AGS wants to seperate PvP and PvE game modes for balancing purposes is yet to be seen.

No one can not dismiss the fact that NewWorld is both a PvP and PvE game and will continue to be so in the near future. Weapon Balance needs to reflect this fact as well.

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flamethrower would be useless with a cooldown, and it already cools down when mana is below cast cost.

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Have to agree. Flamethrower is already a problem as it is in arena ESPECIALLY


haha with the new update rapier will have zero abilities to deal with a flamethrower since flourish and finish stagger was removed and riposte doesn’t activate from flamethrower damage


Waiting on a FS user to pop in and say “FT is bad, just run away from it.”

Basically means don’t get close, screw melee users :rofl:

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When does this EVER happen lol


The best part of flamethrower is watching the mage compulsively use it while you’re nowhere near them. It’s like such a blatant waste of mana except it’s not because mana management is a joke for FS/whatever’s, but it’s funny to see that and just think “wow, gonna cook me from 20m away?” :joy:


While I do agree that it’s uptime is possibly too high, making a cooldown would be the same as deleting the ability from the game. There are so many things that will cancel your flamethrower. Just walking over a small bump or up stairs will often cancel it. Obviously any stagger/stun/knockdown cancels it as well. It also makes it so you cannot use the ability with any sort of skill and actually dodge attacks. There are ways to nerf it if it is too strong, but making it have a cooldown would be terrible. The best solution I’ve seen is making it has a MASSIVE mana cost. Something so you go OOM if you continue to channel it for several seconds. That makes it have somewhat of a “cooldown” but not in the literal sense.


Either a cooldown or decrease it’s range and width. Has way too big of a damage area.

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Yes, a cool-down is needed. I literally love flamethrower when I play Mage, but hate it when I play melee.

99.99% of the time I’ve never come close to running out of mana while using Flamethrower, not sure how someone can use that as an excuse not to give FT a CD!

My only concern would be how many players would pick Flamethrower as one of their two skills. Burnout will be taken by everyone, so, that only leaves two picks out of rest, and pillar of fire I would say is also a must in 9/10 FM builds.

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Flamethrower fix is simple. It doesn’t need a cooldown. Just make eat it more mana to the point where you have to use it effectively.


I agree with this. It should use more mana than it does currently.

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This thread is a great read

I feel am the only one who prefer PIllar of fire over flamethrower ( even before fs changes )

I kinda feel it a meme skill more than op skill

It’s annoying but way too easy to counter

I wish of they did some rework for it and give cd to make it interesting. Maybe make it a single burst skill with decent dmg that has cd . Similar to fire ball but as a single target skill

Or anything else i don’t mind just make it interesting skill lol

I think flamethrower is ok but they have to get rid of the haste. That alone I think makes it very oppressive being able to keep up with players dodging away or stam out players cant out run it.

To me the counter play would be not giving it haste.


Imo it should be fine if you have a 3sec cooldown after dodging out of it, so you can’t just perma cast it and need to use your brain a little bit

Ok, heres my take

For pve, leave it like it is

For pvp, last perk make it last 5 seconds, having a CD, but it weakens all enemies hit by 5% each tick, Max 30%

There you go, some utility

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