Flaw or intentional?

OPR the whole point of the game is to capture objectives and to build and defend your points. Cool, but really stupid for some guy with a bow or musket to run up behind luna or astra and smack down the outpost and command post without having to break into the fort and not a lot can be done about it, unless you have the supplies needed to make repairs to it. Go to attack the guy? Yeah thats a no, dudes running light armor and has a bow. Good luck with that. We need a new OPR map, one that cant be easily cheesed by “back cappers”.

Back capping is fine.

The problem is that the scoring rewards kills and damage more than the actual objectives of the game mode. Doing things like destroying enemy structures, capturing points, etc should give more points than kills and damage imo. Also maybe killing the Baron could provide some kind of point multiplier

Back capping is 100% fine but shouldnt easily be cheesed as one man on a rock with a bow… Little to no effort put into it. t3 doors up and there’s that guy shooting outside the fort knocking down everything built. All without even having to hit the door once. Petty sure guy was aimbotting too, smacked me the second I came around the corner but thats a differnt issue and it aint the first time theyve been reported for it.

i agree that its insanely dumb that there are vantage points for muskets and bows to climb up to and can shoot down into the forts while people are fighting or like you are saying the respawn.

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