Floating present spawns

  • What is your character name in New World: Ragrok

  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: colgonor

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Had a spawn of the “lost presents” floating and blocking local lodestone spawns in cutlass

  • Is this a bug or an exploit: bug

  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: unable to get lodestone and the presents

  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: appeared to despawn

  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:

  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: wait around for the spawn to occur again? didn’t see that specific spawn again.

you shoot those to get them. offers ~25 rep and presents


Yes I can confirm this is the case, you shoot them with a ranged or magic weapong and get bonus rep. It isn’t a bug just an undocumented part of the event (at least undocumented as far as I remember lol).

yep not a bug but a just a duck hunt with a +25rep and bonus gifts

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