Flower for the Dead Quest not working

Character name - Qwr

Issue that occurred - Quest “Flower for the Departed” asks to put a flower near altar, I put the flower there and quest doesn’t progress. It spawns elite mob, but the quest tab is the same - put flower. P.S. Nothing changes after I kill the elite.

Time and Date 2021-10-06 20:30

World/Server - Ishtakar , EU

Location where issue occurred - Ebonscale, Skysong Crypt

Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue - try to do the quest again.

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im having the same issue, if you sneak place another flower (with help or cheese) another Farley will spawn, so you can potentially get a mass of them.

Having the same issue on Muspelheim, everytime you place the flower,elite spawns but altar just refreshes itself with no completion of the quest

same issue

The Farley altar is actually not the Altar of the Departed, the correct altar is southwest in the area, inside a crypt. Quest is working fine, the quest indicator is just showing wrong place in the map


Quest is working fine. There is a crypt and inside it there is the Altar of the Departed. It spawn an elite mob.


My issue is when i placed the flower the mob killed me and used up my flower now i cant do anything but wait on a player to show up to do the quest and being the content is apparently dead ive been here for over an hour waiting for someone and no one has showed up

have you tried abandoning the quest and picking it up again?

I also thought Farley altar was the correct one, but the Southwest area did have a crypt to go down inside where the Altar of the Departed was located.

This is the solution. It’s in a crypt where @GenuineSquirrel says, SW corner.

In AGS’s defense the Farley alter does just say “Alter” whereas the correct one is the same as the quest “Alter of the Departed”.

It should be made clearer though. I don’t think people will catch this.

Having the same issue. Looks like someone placed the flower and was unable to kill the elite. Now the elite just keeps respawning and does not let me place the flower. Definitely a bug.

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