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the bug I’m listing is that constructive feedback is being way layed by hot topic terms like exploits and discussions that skirt the important topics that is what is AGS going to do to bring back players to the game and push sales so it can succeed.
to facilitate the questions required to make this a legitimate post
when? all the time.
how has this issue been generated? since the very beginning.
how can we fix this issue? read the post and see if you agree or not.
is anyone else complained about this issue? no one has quite reported this issue in quite this way, however many have quit the game and maybe its time to listen to the raving lunatics.

I propose a few faction pvp missions which would pair well with the game and offer very entertaining functions to the game.

To set the parameters. the forts and tents are the primary focus of this discussion which would solve much of the current fort swapping/win trading/capture trading whatever you want to call it. the forts and tents should be populated with npc’s respective to the territories level. the fort’s npc’s will ally with the faction that currently control the fort and the tent will have npc’s that will ally with the faction that has the most control over the territory in the progression bar for that territory. there should be 2 captains and 1 elite commander and some others to liven up the place in each fort and tent for future pvp mission types like steal from the vip and assassination missions.
faction reps should be spawned at the forts and tents as well in congruence to the faction that currently controls the fort or tents. this would also push players to capture the fort as soon as possible and do what they can to hold that control to solidify control over the tent, this would consequently spread out the forces and thus create a weakness for the controlling faction. players can now compete for the fort and try to gain traction for the tent and the two factions enter a faction mission war that doesn’t feel unlike regular multiplayer matches.
multiplayer matches like capture the flag, death match, kick the can (sabotage); would be played in the general world where any amount of players can join and have fun or work on another territory and spread things out. the important thing is to not make the missions feel like a chore. bring fun to the game.
capturing the fort- stopping progression of capturing the fort because an enemy is also in the circle is counter productive, instead having a constant progression represented by the ratio of players on the circle at least keeps things moving in a direction.

as for the missions now I’ve separated them in two classes. some missions should be groupers (missions that rally players together, they dont pay much but can be done in rapid succession) and pullers (missions that pull players away from the forts and tents to stimulate a struggle, and they should pay more to discourage players form ignoring them)

THE CONVOY puller- team fortress two had an escort multiplayer mission where teams had to defend a cart and deliver it to its destination while the other team has to destroy it. I propose a multi caravan convoy that has to travel from the town to the fort or tent which would pull players away from the fort or tents for a certain amount of time. however the enemy faction has to destroy all 3 caravans to prevent a victory. one caravan should have a war horn, one should have a turret and one should have a cannon completely usable.

SABOTAGE grouper- in 3 minutes, teams have to defend the fort while the others have to attempt to tamper with the forts defenses. with visual smoking effects for the already affected equipment. total sabotage of all the equipment is required for victory while defending teams have to repair the equipment.

DEMORALIZE THE ENEMYgrouper- capture the flag between the fort and tent its been tried tested and has held its own for decades as a standard multiplayer pvp game type. and is still more fun than holding position over a spot for 1.5 mins.

DOUBLE AGENTpuller - intercept the defector, track and capture or eliminate the defector who is currently trying to flee the territory. take the intel carried by the defector and bring it back to your faction rep or take it to the enemy’s faction rep for no faction points but an increased monetary gain.

SPECIAL DELIVERYgrouper - deliver a caravan loaded with explosives to the enemy’s fort or tent players must physically push the caravan and defend it to succeed.

ASSASSINATE THE COMMANDERgrouper - kill the commander

SUBTERFUGEgrouper - deliver the fake orders to the corrupt faction rep without being detected by the guards.

FOOT PADpuller - circuit race, run and deliver a note to 4 destinations within the timer to receive a reward.

I’m sorry for the reverse red herring. but it seems as though the only posts that devs will read are the outrageously negative or the back patters.

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