[Focus Feedback & Bug Reporting] Combat Updates

Greetings Adventurers,

With this PTR release, we adjusted combat with the bow, void gauntlet, and adjusted ammo refund.

Combat Updates

  • Bow: Fixed issue that allowed players to instantly jump cancel the bow shot recovery.
  • Void Gauntlet: The Blessed item perk is now available on the Void Gauntlet.
  • Ammo Refund: Effects from abilities, perks, or the attribute bonus that refund ammo now have a 2 second cooldown.

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During your playtest of the combat update, we’d like to emphasize feedback centered around the impact of the changes to the Bow, Void Gauntlet, and Ammo refund.

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RE: PvP damage formula update
We adjusted the way armor mitigation is calculated to use enemies gear score value instead of your average gear score.
To adjust for the difference in armor mitigation, we increased the damage low level players do to higher level players and reduced the damage the higher level players due to lower level players.

PvPers get to sentences that are copy/pasted from the previous update and we still don’t really understand what you mean. Clear, concise and informative information is needed on what you’re trying to do here.

Also, why is this in certain patch notes but not others?


RE: Void Gauntlet: The Blessed item perk is now available on the Void Gauntlet.

Earth to AGS, the VG is an absolute meme right now, this will only exacurbate things. The self-leech on VG/Void Blade spec needs to be addressed here before Blessed gets put on a VG.


removing the “animation cancel” of the bow will kill off a high-risk high-reward skill-based playstyle. without the movement the cancel grants, u are essentially a walking liability to any pvp setting. the bow is too clunky of a weapon to effectively use in pvp without the cancel. in tune of a true squishy build, light armor bow mains have a very high dps output but will die if touched once, especially against someone with a cc chain build (s&s/spear, ig/vg, wh to a certain degree). the cancel in itself does not change the rate of fire; u will still b able to shoot the same amt of arrows as u would without jumping. the movement is what sets it apart and gives bows an edge on ranged fights.

the jumping, however, can be easily countered which adds another layer of play. in a ranged setting, if someone is jumping u can easily predict the distance that player is going to move because they are locked in to the jump animation and pre-fire and land the shot. this adds a layer of mind-games as to having to predict whether ur opponent will strafe side to side, strafe far to one side, or jump. add in dodges and the fight becomes that much more in depth. bow has one of the highest skill ceilings and removing this movement will lower the cap and make light builds unviable unless sitting on top a hill raining arrows on ppl 100meters away.

in a true 1v1, without the movement the cancel grants, bow isnt as viable. in a broken meta of ig/vg and seeing how clunky/unfluid pvp in general feels, this shouldn’t even be a thing to consider.


and where are the promised changes in FS/IG?


A main change that should be made in combat was to prioritize nerfing in VG. This weapon is completely broken, half the players in the outpost are playing VG.
In war, whoever has more Void wins.
But I get an update from PTR, with blessed in VG, + 15% void damage. What’s happening? Some dev could play like 10 outposts before releasing this update!


You guys should really play some PvP. If you think that’s totally ok for every second player to wear a VG, then your decisions are even more questionable.

Wars are a shitshow because of this as well


There are four primary issues with the combat of this game, and from the patch notes so far not a single one of them has been addressed…

  • Weapon swap not working properly

  • Speed/slow movement bug experienced in wars and outpost rush

  • Desync making it virtually impossible to stay on targets as melee

  • Ice/Void gauntlet combo one-shotting people due to Ice Shard shotgunning bug


I had placed a lot of hope in this update and I feel disappointed in all respects.
As a pvp player, what touches me most is certainly this part.

Ok for the Jumpshot fix, it was an unwanted bug and I think it’s ok to fix it.
But what about the Void Gauntlet? That perk will skew the game even more in favor of VG.

While once again the SnS problems have been completely ignored (especially the attribute one and the equipment optimization if not playing heavy armor + Tower Shield).
The Hatchet Throwing Branch is still left to fend for itself, while Defy Death from the Berserk Branch is constantly abused.
And in my opinion, skills like evade shot and leaping strike (mobility skills with jumps) require iFrame given how frequently they glitch during any aoe CC spam.

Then nothing in regards to the desync, the weapon swap bug and the movement bug…

These are just the first things that came to my mind.


Idk what this new armor thing they did, but melee is trash now. Mages literally 2 shot me before I get near them lol. With 200 con and heavy


Totally agree, the only thing making bow viable is the jump animation cancel. Without it you are just a squishy turret without making enogh dmg to kill someone before they get to you


RE: Bow changes
I believe removing this animation cancel this will cause a balance issue with the bow. So far this has been used to gain mobility, which I understand may not be wanted. However, removing this makes bow players very vulnerable as the animation for a single bow shot is quite long while the character is almost not moving at all. Being stuck in animations such as this hurts the overall fluidity of bow gameplay.
Right now this makes the bow feel like a slow clunky weapon and feels less like a skirmishing weapon. My feeling is many players will stop using it, especially light armor users that are losing a significant amount of mobility.


Great work making the bow (only fun aspect of the game) completely useless… The jump playstyle made bow unique and fun, without being too overpowered. surely you could have tuned bow in a different way without destroying the only fun part about the weapon. Who comes up with these ideas? You were gifted a fun aspect in your game with the bow “bug” - by happenstance it ended up being one of the most unique and enjoying ways of playing the game. But, like you’ve done time and time before, you squandered the blessing in disguise. A good game is a UNIQUE game. I can’t believe this game continues to get worse and worse with each update. The developers are truly out of touch with what makes a game unique and worth playing and are clearly opting for cookie-cutter formulaic strategies to improve the game; proving their detachment from the essence of creative expression that so many gamers are desperately seeking in their games. Two thumbs down on this one


The fix to animation cancel on bow jump shot is a welcome change.

Void Gauntlet is too powerful right now as an “all in one” weapon. Even those who don’t want to use it are practically forced to in wars. In my opinion it’s damage output should be toned down so focus remains on anti-heal, debuffing etc

Please address the weapon swap issue.

Please show Sword & Shield some love by increasing base damage on all standard attacks and abilities as well as fixing the “missing” attribute issue when shield and sword are both equipped.


Allow us to ADS (right click) on bow and musket when the weapon is sheathed.

Feels so weird having to first unsheathe the weapon before being able to ADS, especially since we constantly have to sheathe or weapon swap in order to animation cancel dodges. Every other weapon allows us to perform an attack when the weapon is sheathed, and bow requires us to first ADS before attacking, so let us ADS, ty.


Removing the cancel animation on the bow is one of the worst ideas, this will make the weapon completly useless and way lesss skilled based. If the cancel animation is removed im sure the 90% of the bow players will stop using the bow becasue the canel animation was the only thing that made the class fun and viable.


You practically buffed the vg while half the people in wars and outpost are running this op weapon. The healers are killing melee ffs , the ig and vg combo is so insanely overpowered that no class can kill them. Do the devs even pvp, open your eyes for 2 seconds in any pvp setting and you see the over abundance of vg. Do you think 50% or more of the pvp population using the same weapon is balanced?

When you see every other post asking for a nerf to vg and decide to do absolutely nothing and do the opposite by buffing it then you are asking for all the non vg users to go abuse the vg as well. Soon we will have full 50v50 vg wars if you don’t nerf this weapon.

The nerfs are simple , just increase the animation on vg scream along with reducing the duration of scream and reducing the damage and life stealing of void blade. There is no reason a single weapon should be able to provide this much utility and damage at same time.


I predict that it will take 3-4 months to nerf VG. By that time a new unbalanced weapon is released. I got PTSD from WoW here.


Just curious, if I shoot an orichalcum arrow or cartridge and trigger the perk to get ammo back, why do I get iron arrow or cartridge back?


Where are small team pvp arenas - the only place where many players can truly realize the fruits of their build and playstyle creativity?