[Focus Feedback & Bug Reporting] Fast Travel Costs

Greetings Adventurers,

With this PTR release, we adjusted azoth costs for Fast Travel.

We’ve heard your frustrations with the cost of Fast Travel, and this release includes an update that dramatically reduces the distance factor in the amount of azoth required for each trip. Accordingly, the Faction Control Point bonus associated with Fast Travel now reduces the distance factor to zero. We hope this also encourages players to purchase homes in more remote settlements.

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During your playtest of the Fast Travel Cost update, we’d like to emphasize feedback centered around the impact of the changes to the azoth cost.

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See you in Aeternum!

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I am not sure about this change. I will have to test it on the weekend.

The problem is you make us run from town to town OR spend Azoth transporting tousands of materials, just to be able to craft it in a town where we have enough storage and a high enough workstation. And to craft you will need Azoth aswell.

Azoth wouldnt even be a big issue if we would not have to play Delivery Boy Simulator all the time.

Also you keep introducing new items (another resource to farm with those shards). They all take up space in our storages at some point. Together with other stuff. Now with mutations we will need to have different types of gear aswell. But where should we store it? it will always be in a Storage we dont frequent because of crafting and then it will always be at the oposite side of the map where we actually will need it.

I rather spend my time gathering/fighting and exploring the areas than just walk half AFK from one town to another just to transport stuff. My inventory is basicly my storage as I can carry there more than in the storages.

I rather would like to have linked storages and the current azoth costs, than this duct tape solution with reduced azoth over distance.

Those spread out storages do not make us travel the world more, they just let us teleport more. If they would be linked (like the trading post), we could also bump the meaning of non HUB Areas as they might specialize in a specific craft and set taxes lower than the hub. This would further help develop those still underdeveloped regions.

Sometimes I just tend to sell stuff instead to craft because I would have to collect items from 3 towns to be able to just craft one batch. And when I realise that I sometimes just am so annoyed by the fact that I have to either walk for hours around for shifting stuff or go broke on azoth and then missing out on interesting stuff I rather would like to do.

Myrk run? Sorry I am stranded in First light and until I walked up there they probably have ended the run already.

Actually the Winter presents were a way better way to make us explore on the open world map than anything else that is restricting us (like small limited storages).

The whole storage stuff feels like if you would spread all your belongings in small backpackes all over the town. Want to brush theet? Well run to West of the town… Want to eat? Well run to Backpack no 2 in the East of the town… it just feels unnecessary exhausting.

People will still complain about “time spent transporting” even if you remove azoth completely.

With linked storages I would be able to manage azoth as it is right now easily, as I could travel with empty pockets and not loaded like a mule and I would be actually able to craft with it.


Well this game is just a running and farming simulator at this point… But yes while lowering cost of azooth for fast travel is a GOOD change, the even better one would be linking storage WITHOUT fee for moving stuff (the fee makes the moving of stuff not economically viable).


playtester azoth vials dont work

Not sure this will address the issue. To explain:

Pre-merger I was on a low pop server on which the faction I belonged to had taken over almost all the map. Travel was cheap enough - typically under 100 azoth - for faction member to jump around the map. Players in other factions were the ones complaining that travel costs were to high.

Post merger. My faction initially controlled only a single area. Azoth costs were very high. Even now when the faction now has over 1/3 of the territories costs are still high say over 300 (obviously weight is a factor). All factions are probably in the same situation now.

The suggested change will help - obviously - if your faction owns the control point. And I can understand how this is seen as adding an incentive to fight for faction control. However for anyone in a faction that becomes an “underdog” this change will be of no benefit to them. Indeed it will make it easier for stronger factions to become even stronger by making travel easier.

Which is why I am not sure that this change addresses the core problem. If the majority of people saying azoth costs were to high were in factions that did not dominate a map then they will continue to experience “high” azoth costs.

(I think) I understand the reason for restricting travel. (I (think) I understand the rationale for tying this change to faction control. I don’t see the reason for travel being as high as it.

I also wonder whether there should be an absolute cap on the cost of a journey given that there is a cap on the maximum amount of azoth that can be held.


What about the underdog factions?

I did not have travel issues when my faction was dominant. It is cheaper to travel to friendly towns and empty bags there and with empty bags it is even cheaper.
My issue always has been when we lost most territories and did not control any of the azoth travel cost reducing forts. I could not afford to travel as often to distant towns controlled by an enemy. And with station downgrades I could not process my materials so the town storage filled and then my bags and I can hardly get the bags empty now.
It is a vicious cycle with too many positive feedback loops that make life for a dominant faction a lot easier and consequently much harder for everyone else.

There is also another issue. With half to full bags the cost is quite expensive and if someone wants help with dungeon or elite area it is simply not economical for me to go help them.

Will need to test it on PTR, but it is a different server than I play on, so it is not so easy to test the scenario when I am deep into game and most storages are full with half-processed materials.

PS: With an azoth cap of 1000, I think the maximum travel cost (your faction does not control anything, you have drank encumbrance potion and have full GS 600 bags with extra pockets) should be maybe 250 azoth. Maybe 200. Anything higher and it is just nightmare to move stuff around as the stations get downgraded from wars and invasions.


I am fine with the way the fast travel works as is. A bit convenient but in essence makes sense and encourages user to make strategic move on where to buy their house in their effort to save travel cost and I really like this ‘inconvenience’, and I believe the whole set of challenges designed by dev team together boosts game experience overall as RPG game. I am quite sure there are quite a number people who prefer hard way to free way for the sake of game experience and I am one of them, who didn’t quite like the travel system WoW worked.

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Damn, the topic is in slow mode, need to wait an hour to add to my thoughts and cannot edit old post more than once…

PPS: it would be great to be able to fast travel from anywhere to a shrine (including those in towns). Fast travel between shrines should be significantly cheaper then.

I also think that the faction and fort bonuses should be lower, it really makes life hard if you are not in balanced server in minority.

Stop throttling down the fun your players get out of your game, when the amount of players leaving the game is this high!

Why won’t you understand that? Remove all kind of artificial chores and obstacles in the way of fun (travel azoth, expedition keys, etc), or players will find another game with fewer obstacles.


I believe that this change was not needed.
You just needed to provide more azoth for high levels.

If we can just get a more limit then we can “hoard” azoth and use it up more freely. The biggest issue is just a limit.

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a higher cap you mean? I would agree.


I don’t think I’ve heard anybody asking for the distance cost part of Azoth travel to be changed if I’m honest, though I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

For most people the distance cost only forms a small portion of the total Azoth cost. The bigger portion is from encumbrance, which just escalates upwards if you have “anything” in your bags. Once you obtain high level bags, the cost can be very high even if you have only a small percentage of your bags full (bearing in mind many of us find it necessary to carry more than one set of gear, potions, food and ammunition).

My suggestion would be to implement an encumbrance scale based on the percentage of your bags filled. < 10% has zero encumbrance cost (factors in all of items you really need to travel in Aeterunum). After then, it costs 2 Azoth per percent above 10 - so 20% full would be 20 Azoth, 50% full would be 80 Azoth and 100% full 180 Azoth. The fort discount could be a simple 20% reduction.


To expand this idea, how about;

You have all the storages linked on towns you have visited. So eg. when new character starts and enters their starter town first time, their storage is that 1000kg. Storage upgrades comes up from zone level ups as normal.

Now when the player goes to visit a new town nearby, that town’s storage of 1000kg will get linked to existing storage and now the storage space is 2000kg + whatever zone updates he has taken for the storage.

Storage management is massive time sink in this game and it is not fun part of the game.


Yeah most people have azoth problems because of:

  • encoumbrance (weight)
  • underdog of the faction
  • having to have multiple gear sets, consumables, weapons on you constantly because storing them and picking them up is taking also too much time.

So most issues with azoth are because of weight and item amount related not distance related.

Even if you are the underdog in your faction, but the storages are linked, the higher travel costs wouldnt be that bad because you could travel with an empty inventory.

I like the idea that you need to unlock the towns to get additional storage (at the beginning).

I dont even have yet the best bags so I can have at max something like 800 weight… that costs me over 400 azoth when I travel long distance with full bags to an area of not my faction. That is nearly half of my total Azoth cap. A higher Cap would help here too, if I could save up azoth and then blast it when I need it.

Also do not forget, we need azoth for crafting too. There wont be people excessively teleporting, as they will use the azoth more for crafting then.

Link the storages… it will not make everyone just teleport, people will actually start roaming the world again instead of spending hours just managing their storage.


azoth staff V = azoth cap at 5000.
thats simple.


Distance is rarely the issue, encumbrance is. At high level, it’s virtually impossible to have bags empty enough for cheap travel. Reduce the encumbrance factor (or reduce it to a lower percentage of bag space used, as someone else mentioned), and increase the Azoth cap (as EVERYONE keeps requesting)


This is literally all they had to do. The costs were fine. The cap is the limiting factor. Its easier now with the vials being so readily available but when it costs like 300-400 to travel one way with a cap of 1000 it is ridiculous. Raising the cap to even 2k would have been fine with me.

Earlier days I was either max azoth and had a bunch of azoth go into the void or I was below half and couldn’t really do what I wanted without running everywhere. There wasn’t any in between.

The Azoth vials in PTR that come in the crates do not give azoth.

it’s still not enough. reduce the cost of azoth by at least 50%. In addition, it will be more beautiful if the decommissioning is also via azoth. And the amount of azoth cap should be at least 2000. Then I don’t think anyone will bother me anymore

In an attempt to address the idea you guys made and not assert a bunch of stuff, @Kay

While these changes are great, the player experience that is rough is more related to weight.

For instance, I carry at least 3 sets on me at any time, luck, pvp, mining gear, plus the light weight craft stuff, unless I control every fort, I cant move in my own territories owned by faction for less than 90ish.

We already pay for the consequence of having gear sets in our bags with gold if we die, but the bonus to bags that reduce the weight of gear is separated by weapons and armor, so they dont even give enough benefit to use for 10% reduction in weight of 92 weight in armor and 57 weight in weapon’s.

On average, you can look up all my fast travels to see what I mean, I dont think I’ve ever had less than 140 pounds on me, and when we dont have FL and CK fort, that means we pay often 180 to goto a check point in the same territory that we own.

I think reducing the weight factor of fast travel for territories you own (and perhaps to reduce the fear of faction imbalance give all factions that arent majority a reduction in fast travel weight cost for territories they don’t control)

Generally speaking, I’m always using my houses to teleport, and it’s nice in that respect but I’d be willing to move my homes if I could fast travel to my territories for cheaper.

I think the vials of azoth have relieved a lot of this pressure too btw, but I think for new players or lower levels even, fast travel acts as a deterrent for them to do more things.

When you have to run to a city with full bags, you don’t engage with anything, you get annoyed that yiure having to run, that you cant pick anything up, even really good materials, you have to then play sofia’a choice with your materials. I feel like I’m never annoyed at not having the MB buff. But I’m always annoyed that I don’t have the FL buff. That’s the experience I get with fast travel atm.

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