[Focus Feedback & Bug Reporting] General Combat & Balance Changes

Greetings Adventurers,

Every large content update for New World presents us with an opportunity to introduce new combat changes. With this PTR release, we’re rolling out a series of new balance and quality-of-life improvements that should make your time in Aeternum a little more exciting and worthwhile.

Combat Tuning

Due to the scope of changes across the board for weapons and their associated perks, it is advised to read all of the Combat changes listed in full within our release notes.

Please let us know how you enjoyed these changes on the PTR! In particular, due to the complex nature of these adjustments and new systems, we’re especially keen on feedback relating to overall sense of balance and fairness, level of work/reward, and any potential technical issues such as gameplay bugs, exploits, or client stability/performance problems.

Thank you for your insight and valuable input during our early build preview phase!

If you are experiencing a bug, please utilize the following template:

  • What is your character name in the PTR:
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on:
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing:
  • Is this a bug or an exploit:
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:
  • What was your RTT / Input Latency?

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the issue above regarding the Player vs Player Reward Track out of this focus thread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!


Seems like monsters lost their resistances (they still have weaknesses) on PTR. Can’t tell if it’s intended or not, haven’t seen any mention of it in the patch notes.

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Added an Equip Load driven delay before a target can start running after being hit with a melee attack:
Light equip load - 1.5s delay (Reduced from 1.75s)
Medium equip load - 1.0s delay (Reduced from 1.75s)
Heavy equip load - 0.5s delay (Reduced from 1.75s)

So the strongest skill ingame ‘‘w-key’’ gets buffed.

Rapier nerfs sound good but riposte still unchanged. Ice gauntlet surviveability also untouched.
Blunderbuss also no balance changes.

Runeglass Gems seem to be completly overtuned.

Underwhelming balances changes in my opinion.

Greatsword feels good and is fun but light attacks lock in place way too long, which feels clunky even warhammer light attacks are more fluid. Also the light attacks feel a bit slow and the time till especially first and second hit connect takes too long. Other than that I think the way the sword is held in default stance should be changed, it looks 2 dimensional also clips into the shield while on your back.

  • What is your character name in the PTR: Shyshykrillia
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: EU PTR
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Fortifying Shield Rush Grit is ending before the active frames finish.
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: The animation sometimes does not complete and become staggered half way through
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Sometimes happens alot when there 2+ mob

Thanks for calling this out. I’ve updated the patch notes to reflect that:

  • Removed innate creature resistances. Creatures will now only have damage type resistances if they have an Affix or they are in a Mutated dungeon.

There’s a bunch of weapons that had different stats last patch that seemed to be a bunch of restatting on poorly statted legendaries.

Minor request, can VG’s with blessed on them that are named have their stats be inverted, 20 focus 10 int, instead of 20 int 10 focus?

here’s an example.

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Also, I think it would be really amazing/interesting/ open up a huge diversity in builds if you guys made all the weapons scale the same way the great sword does as 1:1 on both stats. Maybe you guys would have to raise fortify cap to compensate for the over all increase in damages that we can take but it would be really interesting and allow really unique builds.


I made a seperate post on this in game feedback but figured I would post here also.

At present we have a messy affair where to put can swap gems on some jewelry (old amulets, rings, earrings etc), but not on others (crafted, champions etc)

With new Runeglass gems coming in brimstone stands please can we address this beforehand by making it so that gems can be changed on all jewelry.


Runeglass can only go on Armor/Weapon, not Jewelry anyways

Not seeing any nerfs to muskets, bows and most importantly the life staff for PvP is pretty concerning imo. The current meta is very extreme regarding ranged play and healing is still super overtuned after an entire year and desperately needs to be looked at.

The PvP community would love to see some big changes here so that OPR finally becomes an enjoyable experience again in the future where healers are not only killable by 10+ people and you don’t get constantly pinged by 50% of the enemy team playing Bow and Musket. I really hope those things are being worked on and are introduced during the longer PTR cycle.

Besides that, I like that rapier being abused as a defensive powerhouse is getting adressed, but I’m not sure if nerfing evade in this way is the right move as it also massively hurts the offensive kit that the rapier offers. Considering that the blood tree still needs a lot of love to be actually viable, I’m afraid that these changes will leave the rapier not being very good at defense AND offense.


IMO there should be nerfs to the survivability of the rapier and bow.
Ice gauntlet ice shower should also be looked at.

While I can’t speak for other PvP modes, bows are VERY oppressive in OPR, especially when accompanied by a rapier. This can be seen as almost everyone in OPR is using this combo.


I want to confirm that the intended change is to remove the strength against damage being dealt to them but keep their weaknesses so that if I slot to their weakness I will still do more damage to them.

New big patch is coming out but some stuff are still left behind

  1. the matchmaking in OPR need to be address way to much bow in the same team + it doesn’t privilege team balance at all. Put the same group finder system for expedition where player can make party/lobby and ask what they wish to play with for example if you are healer you can say you looking for 3 frontliner/ 1 mage and no bow.

  2. The nerf on rapier is great start but not enought like;
    -Riposte stun should only stun 1 person otherwise make it that it have a animation such as burn out so it can be interrupted
    -Fleche as not touch as well and it should be because of is insta cast , please add animation into it so it can be interrupted
    I use burn out as exemple because it have cast animation before dasing forward

  3. Please change ice shower by making it trigger once so if you have like 2-3 on you for example the effect of the skill only apply once on player

4)Ice tomb as not be address too at this current state you can exit it and immediately spam your dodge its doesn’t have any delay + its regen player stamina + you can’t take damage. Honestly removed the fact it can regen stamina so the skill became a survability tool otherwise make it cost mana or can be destroy in 1-2 hit by any weapon or even the player can still be CC/root even inside of it

  1. Blunderbuss ridiculous damage as not be address as well. The weapon apply may to much of elemental damage compare to other weap + is unbelievable high damage output
    -Azoth shrapnel blast should have a max of 6 pallets , 9 pallets is way to much.The solution can be to reword the skill description by saying " Fire 3 shots" insteand of 5 and make " discord" perks apply additional of 3 pallets for total of 6 pallets -right now it hit way to hard

I’m pretty sure many other people will have other ideas as well.


You changed tooltip of resilient and crit. retribution to PvP only (finally, thx).

Please change the tooltip all ward to PvE only.

Please consider putting ward and resilient/crit. ret. in the same bucket


Either adjust the chance to roll ward to the same as resilient.


Change replica crafting so it has the limited perkpool from before summerpatch. Also let us change its attributes.

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Good to know. Thx.

So, this just happened:


Now the match is over and we got stuck LOL

This is correct. Ancients are no longer 15% resistant to slash and 40% resistant to fire, but still take extra void/strike/lightning damage.


The Absolute Terror Void Gauntlet stats got changed for pure INT to INT and FOC. Undocumented changes like these should always be in the patch notes. Or just revert the stats

Hello my concert is about the nerf that will come to Spear . Coup the grace

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Spear’s Defensive Stance passive to trigger off of damage from time ticks when using the Bleeding Sweep perk.

That defensive stance give only 2 secs reduced damage… for a heavy atack, No one use heavy atacks with spear because are shit… only with coup the grace… if u count your enemy is knocked back… and only 2 secs reduced damage… is not enought for nothing in special in PvP… Coup of graceis enought “bad” for himself to be picked and to have full benefits u need to spend lot of perks to improve all your heavy atack that u will only use for that skill… The only think make coup of grace “decent” is that reduced damage buff… + Spear have not enought defense like rapier to make some sustain… if u nerf this

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Spear’s Defensive Stance passive to trigger off of damage from time ticks when using the Bleeding Sweep perk.

U must up at least to 4 seconds the buff that perk provide because if not is a seriusly bullshit… and will make also coup of grace dont be picked . The fact is lot of people not pick it because is better do sweep + perforate in the floor. Or sweep + jabelin in the floor or two basic atacks and u didnt need to spend lot of perks in to coup of grace + improvements… is a bad move if u dont buff the reduce damage perk

I must add that u spend a perk to have Grit and coup of grace didnt have grit… and the animation is slow as fuck…