[Focus Feedback & Bug Reporting] New Mechanics: Heartgem Abilities

Greetings Adventurers,

Have you ever wanted to take your combat prowess to the next level? Think you’re above prestige of using ordinary weapons? The sands of brimstone have unhid new secrets of build customization!

Heartgem Abilities
Adventurers can now further customize their playstyle through Heartrune Abilities:

  • Detonate: Overload yourself with Arcane energy to detonate and deal significant damage. Players can move and attack while the ability is active.
  • Grasping Vines: Punch your hand into the ground to unleash vines around you and root all nearby enemies.
  • Stoneform: Turn yourself to stone and become immune to staggers, knockdowns, stuns, roots and slows. Players can move and attack while this ability is active.
  • Cannon Blast: Whip out a large, handheld cannon and fire a cannonball that explodes on impact for high damage.
  • *Dark Ascent: *Sprout Corrupted wings and fly up into the air, hover briefly, and then slam back down into the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

Players must fully charge their Heartgem to activate an ability. Various combat actions like dealing and taking damage, blocking hits, and healing allies will charge your Heartgem. The charge resets upon use. Experiment with and upgrade each Heartgem to find a favorite.

Please let us know how you enjoyed this piece of content on the PTR! In particular, we’re especially keen on feedback relating to its overall sense of fun and engagement, combat balance in both Player vs Player and Player vs Environment scenarios, potential for customization and interesting builds, and any related technical issues or gameplay bugs.

Thank you for your insight and valuable input during our early build preview phase!

If you are experiencing a bug, please utilize the following template:

  • What is your character name in the PTR:
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on:
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing:
  • Is this a bug or an exploit:
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:
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You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the issue above regarding the Player vs Player Reward Track out of this focus thread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

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i tested all the base heartgems. here’s what i can say for now:

  • audio and visual effects are very underwhelming, doesn’t feel impactful
  • the effectiveness of the different heartgems is lacking
    • detonate hits hard enough, but audio/visually underwhelming
    • stoneform pretty ok for now
    • vines ok for now
    • ascent seems rather pointless. why am i hovering? why only so short? why can’t i move or target an enemy for the plummit attack?
    • cannonblast leaves enemies pretty unimpressed for being hit by a cannon ball. needs more visual impact and knock enemies down

i would also like to know more about how charging exactly works. attacks charge it up, blocks charge too, but there seems to be a small cooldown on it, just taking damage can charge it up, but it seems kinda random. kills don’t seem to have any impact on the amount of charge generated. what else is charging it? do different actions charge it up for a different amount?


I plan to touch Heartrunes in a separate mega-post but I would like to agree with this post and add a few points.

Like MAD said, Detonate, Stoneform and Grasping Vines are in a solid position gameplay wise and just lack the audio/visual “oomph”.

Dark Ascent is the ability I was most looking forward to and the ability I am most disappointed in. The audio is solid and visuals are decent but the damage feels severely unrewarding. For refence, my first use was against a level 47 wolf and it applied 1485 damage. The first swing of my great sword light attack applied 1578 damage. I understand it staggers and later on it can slow, but it needs some love.

Cannon Blast I want to love dearly but like MAD said, it is also quite unimpressive. Both the damage and the cannonball hitting effect both feel unrewarding. Maybe not a knockback since that’s a perk later on, but a quick stagger. For reference, Cannon Blast applied 2803 damage to the second boss encounter in The Ennead. My life staff light attacks were applying 1450-1750 damage.

Granted all experiences has been with the base Heartrunes, unless the damage increases significantly with later tiers, I believe this will remain an issue.

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Heartgems seem extremely underwhelming for the ammount it takes to fill up the bar to use them. They don’t seem very impactfull at all and don’t feel particularily special to activate either.


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I only used minor gems – I wasn’t feeling up to farming portals. But I am in 100% agreement with the above comments. It feels like it takes forever to charge up and then the abilities are kind of a wet noodle.

My suggestion is to reduce the charge time for lower level heartrunes so those abilities are more spammable in combat as flavor and power fantasy.

As the heartrune levels increase and they get more powerful, so should the charge time.

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I think your expectations regarding damage are off because you are expecting an ultimate, but the devs said these are not supposed to be ultimates but like a 7th ability with a higher cooldown.

I agree Dark Ascent needs a rework as it doesnt really do anything special that the other runes dont already do. Maybe pump more ultility into it, or make more a mobility skill. My issue is that each rune needs a clear identity and role, because if there is overlap the better one will always win.

I agree with the visual commentary, some need more work tbh.

I also think the activation times/delays need to be looked at. Example the vines is 3 second CC, but with a quick activation. Thats very powerful.

Right now everyone is looking at these 3 runes as they best fill the roles. The other 2 lack identity.

Vines - CC/Debuff
Detonato - DPS
Stoneform - Defense Buffs

My suggestion is to make Ascent focus on Mobility and Offense buffs. Like make it a lateral move, not just up and down, and have the perks leave you with strong buffs thar cannot be removed by Oblivion. Eg. 30% Empower.

Cannot blast is harder cause its ideally ranged DPS, and fights with Detonate for the slot. Maybe put more love into the DoT aspecs and give it a Stagger, so its hybrid. Weaker DPS, weaker CC.

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I wasn’t trying to imply they should damage like traditional ultimates, simply that the abilities should feel rewarding for using them. For example, Grasping Vines doesn’t do much damage (i.e life staff light attacks applied 866 damage while Grasping Vines applied 1092 damage to the same creature) but it feels rewarding because of the CC and later on debuff potential. Although one might argue that they should increase the cast time and the CC duration, but I don’t mind either way.

I showed damage numbers for both Dark Ascent and Cannon Blast because both of those abilities feel like they should deal decent damage, especially Cannon Blast.

Should the developers decide to take your and MAD’s advice about reworking Dark Ascent for mobility and perhaps even giving offensive buffs, my stance would change because that ability would feel rewarding and would probably become my favorite honestly.

Cannon Blast gets a DoT later on, but it would still lack that “oomph” without a damage increase, a CC like stagger or both.

yo how about that: what if cannon blast left a burn aoe on the ground that puts a 5-10 second burn dot on everyone walking through it, cause then you could use that for stationary dps in pve and to prep a doorway or a chokepoint in pvp.


I think the problem with adding damage to Cannon Blast is then it will infringe on Detonate which is the High Damage one. And they can’t push Denotate even higher, cause it is already probably the strongest rune. They need to add more utility to Cannon Blast or make the DoT more impactful and possibly uncleansable.

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so far they have all been very underwhelming

i see the point of the cc and utility runes but the damage gems seem so pointless currently

all their damage sucks and i see no reason so use a skill that has to charge up which can take a while depending on what you do, just to do a attack that does so low damage that a a heavy attack from my GS or even rapier does more damage than even the strongest rune

I get that you wanna balance it for PVP even tho i think currently they are too weak for even that

In PVE these things just feel so useless i don’t even bother using them

It’s time ags to start doing some seperate balance for PVE and PVP atleast when it comes to the damage runes and hell maybe the cc ones

Since the PVP only perks proves you can make the game tell a difference of when you are damaging another player vs when you attacking a MOB

my suggestion here is make the damage and even the cc rune duration different for pve and pvp so that they can be balanced for both without hurting the other.

For how long they take to charge up, runes like detonate or cannon etc. should deal atleast 8-10k damage against PVE

For PVE that ofc has to be lower than that

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For starters, I believe Detonate can be given more damage without it being overtuned. If I remember correctly it does roughly 3800 damage to normal BS creatures. That would be decent for PVP and PVE but not great.

That being said, I don’t believe Detonate needs to be exclusively the only high damage dealing rune. I agree Detonate should stand at the top for damage, but as Cannon Blast stands now it feels more like a heavy attack then a powerful charge up ability. Slightly increasing damage while adding a short stagger to the base form would likely place it more in line with player expectations.

Again all observations has been with base Heartrunes, so opinions may change when we get access to the final versions.

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Too many of the Heartgems have a Fortify version, it is extremely unorginal and makes them seem much less unique. In my option only Stoneform should have Fortify abilities.


  • Change Fortifying Ascent to Empowering Ascent
  • Change Resilient Vines to Poison Vines (and swap it with Leeching Vines on the Cunning Heartgem instead)

This is OP and needs to be changed.

You can active Grasping Vines and Detonate while you are inside Entomb from IG.

This is completely overpowered and will warp PvP.

@Aenwyn @Luxendra @Kay

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The HG feels like the way NW should go. It will be cool to see more gems and gem slots like majors - kinda ultimate and minor with lower cooldown and more utility focused. The direction you choose allow us to build more unique characters. Hope you’ll do more stuff like this, to make gameplay more interesting and skill based. Thanks team =)

@Aenwyn @Luxendra @Kay


As I understand it, its one Heart Gem per end-game Dungeon. So whenever we get a new dungeon we will get a new Heart Gem.

My sincere hope is that they also add Heart Gems for mutated low level dungeons, like Depths and Dynasty.

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They are not impactful enough considering they take so long to charge up.

Also, when entering a duel everyone involved should have their heartgems fully charged. Right now when you enter a duel the charge resets and you’re at 0. I think they could be a really nice thing for duels but because of how the charge resets you dont even get to use them


For me personally they are an awesome idea but like mentioned above they need more umph. They dont really feel weighty enough to be worth the massive build up like the wings from dark ascent feel kinda weak and the impact feels soft? Like it needs to feel more like you just became demonic. Massive wings that actually flap, have you ascend to the air for like 3 seconds and pick where you want to land then crash into the ground with particle effects flying all around and then have them get sucked back into you once its over to heal you, also allow us to aim cannon blast and maybe add a dot to the hit along with elemental effects if we choose specific upgrades for it.

Asides from the visuals i suppose they are okay balance wise but the damage needs to be upped some i.o. my GS charged attacks deal just as much as a cannon blast and give me huge health back. Really make um hit hard or give Bigpassive bonuses like passive lifesteal but reduced incoming healing from other sources.

Final thing, i think its awesome to see you all taking risks to bring in new mechanics but i think you need to take it further still. Add more heartrunes that do really crazy stuff like perhaps one that turns you into a werewolf (its on my mind cause halloween) and when you activate it you get three new abilities for a bit and a bunch of cool buffs, maybe one that does a huge aoe heal based on your health (just replace detonation with this) so you can finally live out your paladin dreams and build straight con and focus, hell give us one were you summon a friendly unique mob that fights for us for a bit but allow us to summon varients of it or multiple types to help us create our unique fantasy characters.

Overall keep at it and just take more risks imo.

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I don’t like the targeting system for Cannon Blast’s Explosive Blast perk. I hate that it fires immediately, I would prefer if it has a template targeting system like all other ranged AoE Spells E.g. Pillar of Fire targetting syste.