[Focus Feedback & Bug Reporting] New Weapon: The Greatsword

You take a video game too seriously. It’s just a giant sword, man.


I’ve been playing NW since its launch and I’ve always liked to play tank (even though it’s an expendable class nowadays). With the release of the greatsword, I was extremely excited because, in theory, it would be amazing to play as a tank or as an offtank.

In fact, what attracted me the most about it was precisely the versatility provided by the instance change, changing from dps to tank without having to change builds.

So let’s talk about it, great sword for dps and for tank

Greatsword has one of the best blocking synergies in the game, its abilities and passives are all tuned to that.

And there’s a crucial point to it all, “Guard Point”

What seemed like a dream turned into the worst nightmare. In small-scale pvp, this mechanic works extremely well. But when we go to the medium and large scale, it’s basically a debuff on your character, because whenever you try to use heavy attack in the middle of the zerg, your stamina is zero, leaving you extremely vulnerable.

Even with the passive “faultless defender”


This problem continues as its effect window is too short. Maybe if the passive lasted the entire time of the block generated by the charged attack, this would be resolved.

I tested different builds and weapon combinations trying to make it the primary weapon, but nothing seemed to go really well when playing heavy armor and focusing on the right side skills, for medium and large scale pvp.


But as a secondary weapon of the sword and shield, switching only to use skills in certain situations, it worked very well with these builds

At first I thought it would be bad if focused on the left side, but it exceeded my expectations, it works very well, even with heavy armor (maybe I even preferred it with heavy armor just as a way to get around the defense debuff caused by posture of attack)

The builds were tested with WH and GA of secondary weapons.

All performed well, especially if your weapon has a perk that benefits the heavy attack, but my favorite was the first one, “Calamity Counter” is incredibly strong.

However, it was still possible to detect some problems.

Greatsword has a serious problem with mobility, relying heavily on a secondary weapon to supply this. It was not uncommon to see GS with rapieria (oh god what is this game becoming?). But in my proposed build, a dps with heavy armor, GA fulfilled this utility role very well, providing both offensive and defensive mobility. The hammer, on the other hand, became more of a form of CC-based survival and intended to help the team more than itself.

Beautiful, beautiful, perfect weapon, a delight to use.
Whatever role you want to give her, be it tanking or dps, she will perform very well. But I have to be honest and say that I didn’t test on the m10 mutations, I may be wrong. But in normal dg and low lvl mutations, it’s awesome.
Congratulations AGS.

Despite the greatsword being a very fun weapon to play and being exceptional for pve, it has some problems in pvp.

  1. Very slow

His abilities have a very long animation and are easily telegraphed. Also, the close attack without the onslaught stance is basically unfeasible, super easy to dodge or block.

  1. Guard Point

It’s the biggest problem when trying to use the GS as a primary weapon in the middle of a zerg.

  1. Little mobility/cc

Despite having slow, stagger and a root of 1s, against more agile targets (current meta), GS is greatly impaired, depending heavily on a secondary weapon to do this function. Aside from the greatsword’s basic attack, it’s not very good at tracking targets.

  1. Lack of identity

A complex and potentially controversial point that I will open an exclusive topic for this.

Although I’m always excited about releasing a new weapon and getting some builds to work, after the elphoria wore off, the following question came to my mind.

But why would I use the greatsword if there are weapons that do the same job better?

As a tank’s primary weapon, it has those aforementioned problems, which basically precludes its use in a war. As a secondary tank weapon, it is quite good, but it might not provide more utility than a BB,IG,VG,WH. It may be that it becomes more of an option, but it wouldn’t make something exclusive.

Maybe if the calamity counter reflected part of the damage absorbed, it would totally change the scenario.

As a primary DPS weapon, because I would use a weapon that has low sustain (as a dps) and low mobility and that relies on a secondary weapon to supply that, rather than using GA.

GA has mobility, has one of the strongest CC in the game, has a lot of lifesteal and manages to reach the cap of fortify and empower at the same time. All this without making you take 15% more damage and not being dependent on a secondary weapon, allowing you to be free to choose the second weapon that you prefer, or that your team needs.


The greatsword is an exciting weapon to play, but it lacks something that makes it unique in pvp.

I believe that if the problems above were solved and, especially, if the skill Calamity Counter reflects part of the damage received and not a fixed value, this would completely change her current situation in ptr, making the greatsword a weapon with a function unique and fundamental in medium and large scale pvp.


Greatsword is a very interesting weapon that has the potential to provide a lot of utility for your team, but nothing about it is unique or the best.
WH has more CC, Shield tank more, VG applies more debuff, BB provides more fortify.

But one thing is unique about the greatsword, Calamity Counter!
This skill is a lot of fun to use and can be the signature of GS. But in the current way it is very weak in terms of dps.

Despite having stagger and bleed, this is little for what the skill could be. The big problem is with the fixed damage, which does not vary with the amount of damage blocked.

A simple solution would be to make a % of the damage absorbed return to enemies.

Calm down, I know it may seem OP, but this is easily balanced depending on the % reflected. We assume that being 2% - 5% is something that wouldn’t be OP on a small scale and would provide more utility in large scale pvp like wars.

To make this even more balanced, this effect could be the skill’s perk, on armor 2% damage and on weapon giving 5%. This would make the player have to forgo another perk on the armor or weapon to get this effect.

This change would certainly give the GS a guaranteed place in the wars, as only it would have this mechanic.

J’ai droppé en violet l’épée longue la fierté du légat et quand je l’ai monté et qu’elle est devenue légendaire j’ai eu droit à une sucette au citron, vous pourriez changer ça c’est vraiment moche et j’en ai vu une autre rose pale pas terrible non plus surtout pour des armes.

I think that what will work way better than Guard Point is timing your block right as you are being attacked (from Faultless Defender passive), making blocking as viable as dodging with this weapon, but I’m not sure. I haven’t really tested it. What I see in videos is that using too many heavy attacks depletes your stamina, because of either stance. I guess you shouldn’t spam heavies as much, even if their lunge and damage is better.

I agree on the lack of identity. I was expecting a good gap closer / escape ability like GA charge (ideally without player collision, like any other weapon’s gap closer), but Relentless Rush will do, at least because of no collision and breaking root.

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Hello, with the new mechanics of the two stance . perhaps an icon on Buff bar to see the stance you are was cool.

little bug: when i switch from my primary weapon to my secondary, the skill icon stay on primary weapon … need to re-tap the button to see the correct skill.


There is an icon on the buff bar showing your stance and your cursor changes as well. As does your actual stance (sword drawn back, sword drawn up and pointed forward). I think they’ve done a great job making it visually clear which stance you’re in.

As others have mentioned though, I would prefer a classic Claymore model to this Anime style visual aesthetic. I also think Relentless Rush feels a bit off in terms of how it works in motion, leaving it feeling a bit like you need to move back before using it. And I’d prefer it if the trigger for Calamity was only light attack, not if you tap the ability twice.

Otherwise, I loved it. I can’t wait to use it in the live game.

I’d suggest it’s 0/10 for looks? I haven’t seen anyone say they like the way the weapon looks yet. I mean, I think it looks OK if it was in an anime. I also wouldn’t mind so much if there were variations and this was just one type and we could then skin it if we liked. But I think it’s a pretty unanimous “no” for the aesthetic and I hope they can change it before release because that’s what everyone will be complaining about if they don’t.

It is a fun weapon to use - they’ve done a great job with it.


Is there a valid reason why you can dodge cancel Calamity Counter? Dont get me wrong I love the weapon but seeing how busted riposte already is in the live game, would having what is essentially riposte on steroids and being able to cancel it (you cant dodge cancel riposte) break balance a little bit at higher levels?

The way I see it, dodge cancelling Calamity Counter is a part of GS skill expression. I noticed that capability, too, but I think such an interaction is promising and fits the faster combat AGS seems geared towards. The methodical play is not a thing, so having several avenues and means by which to feint or outplay opponents is good. There is some lag or desync going on from my time on the PTR, but Crosscut AND Skyward Slash can be dodge cancelled with very brief recovery frames on their animations. I hope this touches aspects of other weapons or abilities in the near future.

But to go back to Calamity Counter, you as a player can (with some serious stamina management and precision) proc your sturdy energy perk in say medium after popping CC, dodge for the i-frame and keep doing your thing with your stamina regenerating at a fast pace. Calamity Counter dodge cancellation also does not remove your Onslaught Buff, thus making it possible to fend off incoming (ranged) pressure, rending any melee targets, and then allowing you to continue performing the fast heavy swings without issue. Also, I have noticed that the instant you begin the counterattack, you are exposed to incoming damage that can deal the final blow on you before you are even able to strike your opponent.

Calamity Counter is honestly a lot more fair than Rapier’s Riposte seeing as to how there is vulnerability (cannot block every direction) and there is not a lengthy invulnerability state throughout the entire animation. Now, if you are playing against a Calamity Counter + Riposte player, it undoubtedly will not be fun getting rended a ton while they are comfortably sitting with full or near full stamina, but that is something we will have to see play out in more settings than just PTR.