[Focus Feedback & Bug Reporting] Outpost Rush Balance Changes

Greetings Adventurers,

With this PTR release, we adjusted brute summoning in Outpost Rush.

We think summoning brutes was too frequent and too easily done by a solo player. We want this to be more of a group effort so we have increased the cost by 50%.

  • Brute Summoning Stone cost increased from 500 → 750 Azoth Essence.

Did you encounter a new gameplay bug, stability issue, or performance problem with the Brute Summon update? Let us know below!

During your playtest of Outpost Rush, we’d like to emphasize feedback centered around the impact of the changes to brute summons.

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  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:
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Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

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Put an internal cooldown on the meatball spam. Not sure if you thought about this but since you removed the AOE scream pull the Brute only has 1 thing it can do at ranged. So it just spams balls at gates. Maybe if a Brute at ranged was left unchecked for a time, it could ‘huddle’ and regen health.

I don’t reckon a +250 increase in cost will change much, you can easily solo this in 5-7 mins, and likely not get hassle from the enemy team whilst doing so (which is albeit their fault). Maybe a system in which enemy players that are farming mobs got pinpointed on the map and players got increasing amounts of score for killing them would be a good incentive for players to hunt them down.

Of course these are not band-aid fixes, which is what you’re trying to do here.


Please fix meatball spam… It really makes for a terrible OPR experience.


The gate on Outpost Rush makes the spawn camp worst. Please include a immunity to players after ressing on Fort.

Brute meat ball is invisible most of time, and brute spam it, add a cooldown to it

The netcode is broken since last patch, combat is clunky, no balance can save outpost rush if the lag remains. Shoots don’t register and mellee attacks don’t connect. The only way guarantied to kill someone is to abuse Void Gautlet root.

Remove Free Dodge Roll from downed state (Spear Sweep, Hammer grounded)

The rewards of Outpost Rush are not worth, too little expertise bumps.

Don’t start games that have a high discrepancy of players, avoid 12x20 games, or insert a form to change teams inside the Outpost or provide buffs to the team with less members.

No “downed state”. Give the kill credit to the player who did the last hit

Redesign point system to benefict tankers and damage dealers instead of ground heal and kill stealers.

cool ideas:
Ranked Outpost Rush,
No-server limited queue. Let me play with players from another servers.

Add 10v10,5v5, 3v3, 2v2 queues, with ranking system.


The main problem is the points system not brutes.
As for brutes . When we can’t put them on enemy side off map , now that’s some balancing.

This what you did is close to nothing and it will change nothing.


this change. changes nothing. only gonna take a solo player a couple more minutes to farm the other 750 or they will just have 2 ppl do instead of 1 and it will be the same time if not faster. terrible change. nerf the brutes health by 25% put a 10 second cooldown on the meatball and it will be fixed.


Honestly Brutes are the #1 most frustrating thing to encounter in OPR.

  1. The machine gun meatball spam

  2. The huge health pools

  3. The 1 shot slams

  4. The fact someone running for their lives can leash the brute causing it to fully heal and reset

OPR is a place to practice PvP builds, and Team cohesion. Farming NPC’s for brutes is not PvP. DPSing a huge brutes HP bar, is not PvP. Running for your life because a huge NPC is chasing you, is not PvP. All of the things a brute brings to the battle completely distracts from the core reason of why we queue up for OPR.

The bear and ghost are tolerable. They are at most a minor inconvenience, and don’t require a complete stopage from PvPing to deal with. Baron is fun idea, it encourages both teams to shift their focus, and pvp somewhere else besides the forts.

I hate to say it, but the only meaningful change that can be made is to completely remove them from OPR. Don’t put distractions from PvP in a PvP Battleground.


I absolutely agree with the above. The issue isn’t the cost (though that contributes), the issue is with the brutes being (1) incredibly dangerous, (2) very disruptive (meatball spam), and (3) bullet sponges. The cost increase is nice, but one of the above (ideally health/disruption) also badly needs to be tuned down.


Biggest problem for OPR is I got no reward for playing it.


Increasing the cost won’t fix the issue. 750 is still easily farmable for a single person. The solution is to get rid of brutes and add something else that you can trade in your azoth for.

Look at this clip. This is what your main PvP experience looks like at the moment with brutes enabled. Sooooo bad.


Here is how you fix brutes

  1. Make the hp not regenerable, increase the total hp.
  2. Reduce the range of the leash of a brute from a outpost
  3. Increase the cd on the meatballs.

Here is how you fix outpost rush

  1. Make the rewards from chests better.
  2. Make the chests give outpost rush tokens that can be used to buy pvp gear from a vendor.
  3. Fix the lag and desync issues

There you go, I gave you the perfect roadmap that will make all the pvp players happy but it is up to you to follow it.


Biggest problem in OR is the matchmaking system. You need to make it so 20 vs 20 is playing instead of 25 vs 15 sometimes. EQUAL numbers.

Also so there is equal amount of healers.

Best feature would be to let people queue up in and then pick a role. DPS, Healer, Tank etc.


Nerf the health and nerf the balls then brutes would be fine.

Increasing costs isn’t gonna do anything.

I’d even go as far to say only allow 1 brute per team at any given point.


Please ignore the people asking for all these brute nerfs and other limitations. The change to 750 is likely just fine. These other people need to realize killing a brute really isn’t hard, at all. Just because the idiots on their server haven’t figured that out doesn’t mean other servers haven’t. A team can burn a brute in under 30s, and it can take a dedicated 5-man only a minute or so. That isn’t broken. Sure, link your videos of you idiots trying to turtle inside sol with two brutes out there, but you guys aren’t killing the brutes. You didn’t intercept the person farming the brutes, and you can take the time to go out, kill a brute, and go back in before the point gets capped. Instead you’re choosing to whine about it.


As a PVP player, I don’t wanna see any PVE activities in the only PVP activity


You need to get 500 points to get the reward. :wink:

Biggest things I think OPR needs right now:

  • Lag/Desync has been atrocious since 1.2. You guys had this almost completely fixed in 1.1, but it’s back in full force in 1.2. Please prioritize this, it makes the game feel awful.

  • Movement speed bug, heal debuff bugs - these are game breaking and you have to relog to fix them so you can’t do this during an OPR match. You are just screwed for the entire match if it happens to you.

  • Kill attribution - This needs serious looking at, as it makes the score board feel pointless. You have quite a few options here. 1. Just remove revives in OPR and knocks = kills. 2. Person who knocked a player gets the kill if they get finished off. 3. Person who dealt the most damage in last 5s gets the kill if they get finished off. If you choose none of the above, knockdowns should be tracked in the score screen and should provide some points beyond just an assist when someone else snags the kill.

  • Some kind of scoring for time spent on a capture point (including while defending a capture point as long as enemies are also within the circle) so Tanks can build up contribution to the match for doing what they do best - surviving on a capture point. They rarely get many kills while they are sponging attacks and peeling for the healers and DPS players, and thus get low scores.

  • Brute meatballs need a hitbox rework. It’s almost impossible to dodge them because they knock you down while they are still 10m away from you - the hitbox needs be a closer match for the visual.

  • Let us see how much Azoth a player is carrying via some UI element on their health bar.


Brute Farm Bot spotted LOL.

Load of baloney from this guy whose opinion should be discarded. From his comments I take it that he was peeved they took away the incessant yoinks from the Brutes too. No doubt a troll.

Nerfing PvE in a PvP game mode??!?! Me big mad :rage:

I would up it to 1000 actually. but again the meatball spam with an awful hit box is the bigger problem.


Problem is people just want to get into an opr to pvp not pve. Its why most ppl just ignore the brutes and go straight to where the fights are at. Not to mention opr point calculations are based on who get the most kills so to get your names on top of leaderboard you have to go fight. Farming brutes or objectives give literally no points. Long story short opr point calculation is part of the problem