[Focus Feedback & Bug Reporting] Umbral System

Greetings Adventurers,

With this PTR release, we are introducing a new end-game resource: Umbral Shards!

Umbral Shard Equipment Upgrade System

With this release, we have added Umbral Shards to the game. Umbral Shards are a mysterious, powerful resource that enables you to take an item with a Gear Score of 600 all the way up to a Gear Score of 625. Raising your equipment’s Gear Score in this way is critical if you want to dive into higher-difficulty Mutated Expeditions or gain a competitive edge in PvP. We have also increased the Expertise cap to 625. There is an earnable soft cap at 600 which you can reach in the same ways as before, such as Gypsum Casts and defeating powerful enemies. With this update, crafting a Gear Score 600 item will also raise your expertise if you are not already at 600 for that item. Going from 600 to 625 requires Umbral Shards, which can be acquired in 3 ways:

  • Completing Mutated Expeditions.
  • Crafting a Gear Score 600 Item when your Expertise with that item is also at 600.
  • Opening a Gypsum Cast when your Expertise for that item is also at 600.

Umbral Shards can only be applied to equipment if 2 things are true:

  1. The equipment item is Gear Score 600.
  2. Your expertise for that piece of equipment is also 600.

Did you encounter a new gameplay bug, stability issue, or performance problem with Umbral Shard content? Let us know below!

During your playtest of Umbral Shards, we’d like to emphasize feedback centered around the acquisition and usage of this resource.

Please report related bugs and pieces of feedback regarding this experience from the PTR here. Thank you!

If you are experiencing a bug, please utilize the following template:

  • What is your character name in the PTR:
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on:
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing:
  • Is this a bug or an exploit:
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the issue above regarding the Umbral System out of this focus thread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

As this intended for information gathering and not strictly for discussion, we are enabling slow mode for this post, thank you for your understanding!


Please allow Outpost Rush to give Umbral Shards (if not 100% of the time - at least at a chance percentage), or at the very least 1 per day guarenteed.

You’ve made it so people who log in daily just to PvP (myself and a lot of other players I know also only do the Ruby Gypsum as its the one the actually enjoy doing), have got dreadful chances to get Shards and thus, be competitive in the gearing space.

Yes the Ruby Gypsum bump will give a Shard (when at 600 already!), but compared to PvErs/Minmaxers/Nolifers we will fall massively behind.

I understand you want players to do all sorts of activities. But sorry, if I get home from work and I have the energy to do one thing and its the thing I enjoy doing most, I should get the up-to-date reward for doing so.

If competitive PvP is infact coming, and at the earliest its March (because Feb is a bug patch), then we’re going to be 2-months behind PvE players. This isn’t ideal at all.


just another stupid timegated change that is not needed or where never asked for by the players


very stupid and boring first fix the many many many many bugs/lag not a single member in me company of 100ppl likes this gear score increase


need more ways to improve GS by doing PVP.


who actually likes this? I have expertise 590 in almost anything but NO legendary item. Why? because each drop is useless so I run with purples ranging from 580 to 595. Now you tell me that all the time I put into farming these weapons/armor with perks that I want are useless? really? make it so everything from 500 up can be upgraded, slowly but surely. Go the destiny route at least. And yeah, nobody likes the expertise bump. Its completely pointless. The umbral shards are really cool but make it for, as I said, anything from 500 up to 599. I dont know, i wont regrind weapons if that’s the case, amazon.


Ja genau, sinnloses aufwerten von den Rüstungen nun, als ob es nun gerade das wichtigste ist an Problemen. Was soll das bringen ?
Man ist nun froh das man endlich ein 590 Item hat mit guten Werten, und ihr macht den Nutzlos ? Waffenquest wo man in Bruchberg annimmt, wo man durch die ganze Karte gesprengt wird. Wo man dann eine nutzlose 580 Waffe bekommt die man auch nicht Upgraden kann ?

Gibt genug Probleme im Outpost, da macht ihr nichts. Zu wenig Punktemöglichkeiten. Man bekommt weder Punkte beim helfen von der Baronin , noch bekommt man Punkte beim Base einnehmen oder anderes was zum Sieg beiträgt. Nur sturres killen bringt Punkte. Den rest macht keiner mehr

Chat Bug nach dem betreten eines Outpost wäre auch mal langsam nötig zu machen.

Langsam macht ihr das Spiel zum nutzlostesten überhaupt, ihr werden wieder einen zum aufhören bewegen . Das gefällt euch wohl wenn ihr Spielern die Lust verdirbt am Game.

This is useless grind. - perk items are now garbage because they’re not legendary with useless third perk. You will be forced to craft useless items that will not have value unless you get that 600 item that you will then accept even if it has just one useful perk instead of a purple with two useful perks, just because you won’t have chance to upgrade to 625 otherwise.

The only alternative is making everything upgradeable from 583 up. So you can take more endgame items and progressively upgrade them to 600 and 625


Good evening devs and fellow new world lovers that resisted the last wave of events and are still playing.

First of all I want to congratulate AGS and the dev team for the QOL updates related to the expertise system, they are welcome and needed, thank you.

Moving forward, quoting the DEV POST released with the PTR announcement, you said:

“We wanted to increase Gear Score without invalidating all the gear you have worked hard to earn to date, and in a way that integrates with our current systems to give you multiple paths to achieving that gear.”

Bullshit. BULLSHIT. B U L L S H I T!
You capped our gearscore preventing us to reach Expertise 600 and getting better chance to get a legendary item last patch. Now you say that “There is an earnable soft cap at 600 which you can reach in the same ways as before, such as Gypsum Casts and defeating powerful enemies.” Why? Why you made us wait a full month to reach the umbral-less cap? Making the legendary drop rate effectively DOUBLE? (580-600 VS 590-600) and now you release a new HUGE GRINDING UPDATE FOR GEAR SCORE AND THEY ALL NEED TO BE LEGENDARY, or you CAN NOT benefit from it.

And if you don’t have a LEGENDARY WITH THE RIGHT STATS AND 3 ACCEPTABLE PERKS (I’m not consodering BIS itens since they are SO FUCKING HARD TO ROLL) you’re basically wasting those hard earned Umbral Shards on an item that is doomed to be replaced in the Future.

At least I hope that if you have expertise 610+ you get only 600 items from drops and chests, that’s the logic right?

Sorry but the truth must be told. Who’s with me?


625 Too early


I do not understand how, after the last overwhelming session of feedback, we arrive at these patch notes… There has to be something fundamentally wrong with AGS’ understanding of where the game is at, what players actually need, and the path forward.

The changes as presented are yet again another cloak and dagger approach to crafters and pvp players. In short, time-gated pve shoved down people’s throats in order to pretend the game is alive and has lots of content…

Some specific areas of feedback:

  1. While bumping expertise through crafting is fun, there’s absolutely no comparison in the scale of investment. Crafting 600 items is an extremely expensive endeavor. As such a nice add on, but not something that’s remotely balanced. Any item you craft above your own GS should grant you an expertise boost, even if gated somehow, be that # of boots per item type you can get per day, or boost by a fixed amount of 1 GS per bump vs range of 1-x

  2. Not having a clear, and equal, path towards expertise in PvP is again baffling. Open World pvp is again a clearly missed opportunity to leverage this system in order to add an incentive for people to leave the city, flag up, and get proper wards. This to say nothing of OPR and Wars, which are huge time investments and what several players want to focus on…

  3. For crafters, and the economy more broadly, another side effect of this change is that purple items become of absolutely no use. Today when a crafter tries to roll a 600, especially a BiS 600, countless purple items are generated in the process. Today we funnel these items to our guild, and trading post, in order to recoup a part of the investment. In fact, in some cases, it’s possible to turn a profit if you roll just the right perks, even if the item itself is not 600…

3.a.) A possible approach here would be to allow a certain number of umbral shards, or some other mechanism, to upgrade a purple item to legendary. Path of Exile has this type of mechanic, and I think it’s great to have a purple item with 2 awesome perks that you then roll your luck on a 3rd perk. Moreover, you could imagine combining said item with some other more expensive ones, in order to lock the group / type / specific perk you’re looking for.

3.b.) As 3.a is most likely far outside the realm of what AGS would ever do… cuz reasons… I would highly suggest we make purples crafted with purple mats to have a salvage value that’s measured in purple resources. Today salvaging them is… Garbage…

4.) The patch notes do not explicitly call out if umbral shards have any limits to how often you can get them, ie once a day, nor if there are any limitations to them being traded etc.

5.) Lastly, as noted in the previous feedback, the absolute best way for AGS to go about a GS increase where the rules of the game change, is to once and for all get over itself and make the player’s GS for a slot be the same as the best item in the player’s posession for that slot. I acknowledge that AGS wants players shackled to their game grinding endlessly… The game had many problems at roll out and we’ve all made our choices on the path we want to take in order to derive some fashion of enjoyment. In changing the rules, AGS, is missing a stellar opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Got 600 across the board? Great you’re now 600 expertise, and everyone goes from there.

At its core, what I’m most fundamentally disappointed with in these patch notes is AGS’ sheer inability to be inclusive in its thinking of the player base. This is a sore point at this junction…

cc @Luxendra


Having umbral shards only usable on 600 Gear Score items seems like a bad idea. Considering how difficult it is to acquire a legendary, let alone get one that works for your build, this system feels punishing to all the players who don’t already have 600 Gear Score items in all their slots.

A good solution is to allow umbral shards to be used on any gear score item. With this change, you allow players to eventually catch up to players with perfect gear, as well as allow non-600 pieces to still have some value. With the current system planned to release, it makes all non-600 gear virtually worthless which doesnt seem healthy for the game.


Just recently you gave us the whole gypsum system . Now you are forcing this umbra uga buga system on us . When we are not close to maxing our expertise at all .
And the sources for it are all gated off .
And there isn’t one for pvp .
And orbs are still a thing .


Feedback for Items <600 for Umbral Shards, which can not be used right now:
Let the players Upgrade their Purple items to 600 maximum with Umbral Shards.
Without the Legendary pop at 600 and without a third perk, but they will receive their missing stat point from a 599 crafted 2-good-perk items after the 2-good-perk item hits 600.
This way Legendaries stay useful, and atm 599 items also will stay useful after this patch hits live.


How can you not understand how bad you mess up markets just by posting here. You just destroyed all crafting that is not 600. It’s such a bad idea that I’m sure it will be fixed before launch but for these next few weeks you ruined an entire part of the economy… again!


lol just last ptr, you said removing player progression is something you will not do. By only allowing 600 legendary gears to be upgradable, you’re going against your promise. Do you know how much time and money people spend on gears that is not 600? 99% of the gears people are wearing now are much better than 600gs because it has the right perks ect…


No one wants this umbral system. No one is clamoring for more time-gated content.

We have things that haven’t worked right since release - fix this stuff first.


As a pvper I will be uninstalling. You had to spend dev time on a stupid winter festival and now this? No progression through pvp? Still need orbs to enter dungeons? Do you even read your forums or reddit?

I was a huge fan in the beginning but have lost the faith that you all would make the right development decisions.

Its been real New World…


Make 590+ items upgradeable. Majority does not have all 600 gear & were satisfied enough with 590+ gear to reach 500 attributes. The WoW valor system was much more forgiving than this umbral system which are both very similar. The valor system at the time i played let players upgrade ilvl 210-246.


or you just spend money on triple perk legendary?