[Focus Feedback] Crafting Station Tier Changes

Greetings Adventurers,

We have introduced a few new changes to Crafting Station Tiers!

Crafting Station Tier Changes

We are making two major changes to improve the Trade Skill leveling experience:

  • The Forge, Outfitting Station, Workshop, and Arcane Repository now offer Azoth discounts for relevant recipes.
    • Tier 3 = 20% discount.
    • Tier 4 = 30% discount.
    • Tier 5 = 45% discount.
  • Certain recipes will no longer be gated behind tiers:
    • Crafting Stations
      • Most procedural weapon and armor recipes.
      • Arcane Repository - Stat potions (Health, Mana, Regeneration, and Focus) and elemental recipes.
      • Kitchen - Health and mana foods
    • Refining Stations
      • Tier 3 unlocks - Recipe level is less than or equal to 100 and not legendary.
      • Tier 4 unlocks - Recipe level is 150 and not legendary.
      • Tier 5 unlocks - Recipe level is 200 or legendary at any recipe level.
      • Stonecutting - All gemcutting is no longer gated, but gem fusions remain gated behind relevant tiers.

The team has posed some questions; please feel free to copy and paste the following as a template:

  • Did we achieve our goal of freeing PVE crafters from being dependent on the Territory Control winners to allow them to craft?
  • Does the increase in territory revenue create enough of an effective replacement incentive for companies to upgrade their stations?

Thank you for your help!

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Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!


You’ve changed the crafted greatsword “Craftmans Passion” on the PTR, which is different to Live servers. Obviously its previous iteration was a little overpowered. But seriously, changing Thwarting to Angry Earth when you already have another crafted greatsword recipe “Flint” which also has Angry Earth is a bit rough. Surely you can change Craftmans Passion to maybe a different Bane? - Lost, Ancient, Corrupted, Beast etc. Anything but Angry Earth.



in the workshop menu, fishingpoles section is labeled as finishpoles.


See, I KNEW it would some F Tier perk they just pulled out of the rabbits hat. And guess what, 9 other “craftable” weapons (under NWDB > Database > Weapons > All Weapons) have Thwarting Strikes and Keenly Powered together and they’ve NEVER got changed. :rofl: what a joke…Angry Earth Bane. Like there’s isn’t another GS that has AE bane on it already.

Just keep using your already Orichalcum Vicious/Thwarting Strikes/Keenly Empowered Greatsword and other weapons with the same perks, they’re not going to change them even though you can make them with those three (3) perks.

Two weeks of deciding what perk would go best with Craftsman’s Passion and they come up with Angry Earth bane…wow. :man_facepalming: :rofl:

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Did you guys Limit Aptitudes with cooking? Unable to get higher than 10… You don’t give us the recipe’s / crafting food so that was only way to get them is through those crates.

  • Did we achieve our goal of freeing PVE crafters from being dependent on the Territory Control winners to allow them to craft? Not really because it was never really an issue on most servers. This would have really helped the Fresh Start Servers though. If this change and the housing change comes on Nov. 2nd I will take back any negative thing I said about AGS.

  • Does the increase in territory revenue create enough of an effective replacement incentive for companies to upgrade their stations? Yes, I believe the smaller towns will be more willing to keep everything upgraded.

  • Did we achieve our goal of freeing PVE crafters from being dependent on the Territory Control winners to allow them to craft?

With moving materials across storage then this was never the issue with crafters so it’s a nice change for levelling off grey recipies but not a game changer.

  • Does the increase in territory revenue create enough of an effective replacement incentive for companies to upgrade their stations?

Until this change is in the hands of players in a large scale where actual income and coin is at stake I don’t know, at a guess it’s not going to change much from live as it is now.

The reduction in Azoth cost for forcing extra perks was never an issue so giving that reduction for inproved crafting stations is pretty much a non factor as Azoth has not been an issue in the crafting system for a considerable time on live.

Maybe either a reduction on material requirements or a bonus to experience gain dependant on level of the crafting station would be a better incentive and be of more value to the playerbase.

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The only place this Azoth Discount matters is, now I can craft more than 3 Golden Scarabs at a single time. Which I will say is a welcome change, but more from a less annoying point of view.

Hey man, some people love finishing poles.

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I feel like this is tied to fresh start servers to help them get to tier 5 through crafting easier. it is a very slow role now that the town level = income.

down bad territories make little to no money and actually COST money to upgrade and are a MAJOR gold sink on newer servers.

The single largest obstacle for me is the required buff to get one’s craft to a guarenteed 595-600, which can be super relevant. If there were a way to decouple that buff by doing something like tying it to a company achievement/progression system, that would be preferred.

I usually don’t see an issue with companies upgrading stations, unless the company in question is expecting to lose a territory or something similar. Most companies, upon taking a territory, set about upgrading crafting stations pretty quickly where they’re needed.

I agree that the crafting buff should be something a player has more control over somehow.

I personally reccomended moving stuff like that to a faction or company HQ and uhhh… There’s a Faction HQ now for each faction. The future will tell.


You missed another important pain point. IT’s Crafting isnt a cost efficient option to craft stuff for yourself until you are Maxed with House Trophies and set of crafting gear.
Golden scarabs didnt fix the problem because they only reduced grind for only achieving Best in Slot gear faster but not making non best in slot attempt a viable option, meaning it has no effect for Regular Crafter improving his Crafting experience but only Maxed and Rich player having positive impact.

As a Regular Crafter*(not max buffed Has no trophies or Crafting gear)* Legendary materials are required to create a 590GS item for this case.

Requires 3 Houses meaning minimum 45k investing through world map. that Regular Crafter needs to spend for Epic item craft with golden scarab.

Main point to craft Epic 590+ item with Golden Scarab for Regular Crafter is that he can create Individual build with Perks he wants without missing out on the potential and without having made insane investments before attempts.

Can you think from the Players perspective and the Goals a Player will create in his journey ? You dont think this way and that way can’t understand core problem. Its not enough reading suggestions that have little meaning or Abiguous context.

The thing is, most players spend, imo, 15 to 20 hours being between 500-600.

anything below 590 is junk due to it not being part of the end-game. You can search the Trade Post for any build you want and it will be cheap as dirt if you’re specifically looking for 2 perkers.

I understand the thesis but I think it’s extremely irrelevant due to the fact that players spend minimal time between 500 and 600 gs

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Removing crafting requirements from Crafting Stations was a neccessity otherwise Teritory System rework would have had no impact to player choices( i mean that Regular Player who is not top 0.1% of the world who has guild to conqure town.) It was pain i nthe ass to find out you cant craft Tier 5 items at your home town and the ngoing somewhere else to do the crafting and come back t oyour home town. See the problem, devs ?

I just have 1 of my 3 houses that I sell and move around whenever I need the +5 town buff.

That is a colossal pain in the ass.

I dont know where to put this but im putting it here.

The new mechanic where the bosses drop shards that you combine 100 of them into a corrupted totem/seal/sap etc IS BAD.

This is the definition of ANTI-FUN.

Someone is going to have to farm 300 of these shards for 3 of their majors. These bosses are on 6minute timers. That means someone has to sit there for 1800 minutes killing this single boss.

That is if they get a bag each time.

THIS IS ANTI-FUN. Yes you can claim this is like 30 hours of content but lets be real. THIS IS ANTI-FUN.

Change the recipe to take 100 corrupted crests => 1 corrupted totem, 100 barkflesh into 1 sap etc.

These items are worthless and just taking up space. These items can also be gained JUST BY PLAYING THE GAME. You dont have to sit at one boss for 30 hours…


This recipe material cost is way too high for a consumable, Sulphur is about 20 gold each. This is same resource cost as Runeglass case with regards to Sand/Sulphur, and Runeglass case is permanent. Tier 5 Food and Honing stone are costed in this area of 150-200 gold a consumable, but they last 40 mins, whereas a potion at best lasts 10 secs.

Currently I use about a 20-30 of a single potion type in a war. Presumably with auto-activation this will go up to about 50-60 uses. At a price of 150 gold each, thats 7500 gold per war on auto-activating potions if you only have 1 type of them, if two types its 15k. Thats rediculous, how can you expect anyone to fork out that much gold on consumables per war?

Please greatly reduce this, otherwise they won’t really be utilized.

EDIT: Additionally having them (auto-activation potions) have a higher cooldown, than regular potions is another reason people will not be incentivized to use it. We all run Refreshing Toast to reduce cooldowns, and don’t want a Cooldown Increase for any reason