[Focus Feedback] Leaderboards

Greetings Adventurers,

Introducing Leaderboards!


Leaderboards will reward players, Companies, and Factions across the following categories:

  • Mutated Expeditions
  • Faction War
  • Vs. Environment
  • Vs. Players
  • Trade Skills

Every category contains subcategories. For example, Faction War includes Territory Control Score. Finish in the top 10 of any Leaderboard at the end of weekly, monthly, or quarterly rotations for exclusive skins, achievements, and titles. Rewards cannot be earned in the PTR.

The team has posed some questions; please feel free to copy and paste the following as a template:

  • Is the Leaderboard discoverable in the UI?
  • Does this iteration of the Leaderboard include a good spread of boards/stats being tracked?
    • What might you want to see boards for in future versions?
  • Any other general feedback on Leaderboards?

Thank you for your help!

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the issue above regarding the Leaderboards out of this focus thread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!


I’d definitely like to see the Leaderboards moved outside the Modes button, preferably having their own button at the top. They are pretty buried right now.


It didn’t look like the PvP Mode Leaderboards tracked Win/Loss as a statistic. I think tracking and rewarding Kill/Death as a metric but not Win/Loss incentivizes builds that are not aimed at taking objectives. Ranged players, like musket and bow, or assassin builds will dominate a Kill/Death measurement compared to a Tank, Bruiser, Healer, or Debuff/Buff focused support role. This could lead to more people playing these roles and ignoring objectives. Why go into Baron pit if I could die? I’d rather sit back and pop some kills from the people fighting inside and pad my Mortal Empowerment stacks. This makes sense in a Deathmatch style game but not an objective based game.

Overall, my suggestion is to think about the type of behavior that these Leaderboards will encourage and reward.


PVE seems entirely bland.

It should have a category for the named Bosses, and their kill counts, even if it’s only a personally displayed record.

There are a lot of players who already like to keep their boss kill counts and currently there are only external websites that keep track.

There is also no record of trees cut, and rocks mined, animals skinned, plants picked. Again it doesn’t have to be public, but there a lot of players who care about these things.


Please remove all Leaderboard achievements. You’ve effectively made it impossible to achieve 100% game completion. Also, they will encourage cheating, griefing, and toxicity. You’ve already reduced the repair achievement difficulty and this goes in the complete opposite direction in a bad way.


100% agree! Remove Leaderboard Achivements! NO Player EVER can reach all of this.


Yes please, no achievements for leaderboard in the general game achievements tab. Leaderboards must be for tryhards and not casual players.

My proposal is to Separate achievements from leaderboard on the leaderboard UI itself. If you avhieved something in the past to be showed there like a badge/medal or something. Also would be great to have a chance to choose and pin your best achievements in the past in the leaderboards main menu, so if someone inspect you to see your personal priority leaderboard achievements first.

More details and statistics per boss like mentioned are also welcomed…


Where house scoring Leaderboards?


As already commented in Remove Leaderboard Achievements
It would be best to remove the achievements portion of this new feature.

In general a good leaderboard reward requires :

  • Consistent space/frame. An attempt to ranking high should be the same difficulty for everyone regardless of the time/server/other players/nodes availability.
  • If opposing/surrounding players can collaborate to help you, then the leaderboard has no value. The real challenge will become a large social help that streamers/large company can operate. I.e. scoring OPR, scoring invasion.
  • Quarterly is likely too long and will burn players which try their hardest and does not finish 1st.
  • It should not requires materials as the challenge will become trade post driven. High market manipulation severely impacting non competing players. As example, hyssop price is unnecessarily high simply because it is a convenient way to obtain territory standing 300 achievement.
  • It should be cross server / region. Otherwise reward tourism will become a thing and dead server will generate hate if they get merged before the reward is provided.

Named bosses aren’t difficult to farm at all, aside from a very small few. Why measure how long you can sit and kill the same mob over and over again on respawn. It just incentivizes boring gameplay. I don’t disagree in principal that the Leaderboard achievements are pretty dumb but this one is also dumb.


OPR leaderboards should have also a “capturing score” label since it’s the most important part of the game mode.


I agree. It could even be cool to have some measurement of Point Clearing, like how many kills someone has gotten on a control point. Anything to encourage people to play the game mode and not just farm points and kills. You already get a pat on the back for playing Deathmatch on a Point Capture mode on the scoreboard. Use the Leaderboards to reward actually focusing on winning the game and completing the objectives.

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So far, I see a lot of points against what is being proposed.
Let’s spin the conversation into the other direction.
Let’s define what we like and what we want which is missing.

Assuming that there is zero leaderboards/account rewards/achievements which one do we want ?

Leaderboards in general is great !
You can see numbers, servers can compare its activities against other servers, etc.
Weekly, Monthly counting is good. Quarterly seems too long. Shorter and more frequent feels better. If someone tries really hard to be 1st for 3 months and does not succeed, re-starting from scratch will probably result into giving up entirely the competition or even the game itself.

Rewards and fame :

  • M10 weekly score.
  • M10 weekly speed clear.
  • Total play time before reaching level 60 ‘without faction’, ‘without player trade’, ‘without trade post’, ‘without group’, ‘without company’. (No external player help)
  • Make 3v3 cross server and introduce a Match Making Rating (MMR) so that players can compete against others of same strength. Highest MMRs gets rewarded.

To avoid discouraging players to compete for rewards, I would recommend this awarding rule :
A player cannot earn the same reward twice. If so, an additional player gets rewarded. I.e. top 2 would earn top1 reward if previous top1 wins again.


I think we would have a ranking for Pvp players… nothing… really I don t unserstand What was your goal doing this ? Just benefit people without job playing whole day… where is the skill ? A sad feature…

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QUESTION: When the Leaderboards stats are released, will we start from scratch or will previous data be considered?

@nicolas.meunier90 if you climb the rankings in a short time compared to those who play continuously, it’s an incredible satisfaction for you, this is the real player’s “skill”… and this is a way of understanding this new feature imo

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From what we can tell right now, it’ll all start from scratch.

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Where can I find even the leaderboards, or is it not live yet in EU server?

Leaderboards are only active on US East PTR at the moment.