[Focus Feedback] Leaderboards

A gathering leaderboard would just be topped by bots and gold farmers. Instead of “IPwnNoobs” being #1 like in OPR, you would have “zvxcvfdsgfkjhgfd”

But it wont be. Bots struggle chopping trees and stone which provides next to no gathering exp.

People whos focus is gathering will have significantly more of any bot. Put it this way, I get around 5-10 skinning aptitude a day. I will struggle to find a bot who can do the same.

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AGS is also banning bots in a manner that would cut out the possibility that the top farmers would be bots. Like yes, you do see the same bot for 2-4 months but that is not enough time to beat the farmers.

The other possibility is that they preemptively mitigating harassment and mass reports to farmers

This will be the most meme filled release to date with all the exploits that will come with this one.

My primary concern is, with such an elementary scoring system. OPR will get even worse than it is now with muskets and cheap builds. And it will be motivated by a blind, half assed points system that I believe they will actually make good in the future.