[Focus Feedback] Leaderboards

Greetings Adventurers,

(Re)Introducing Leaderboards!


Leaderboards will reward players, Companies, and Factions across the following categories:

  • Mutated Expeditions
  • Faction War
  • Vs. Environment
  • Vs. Players
  • Trade Skills

Every category contains subcategories. For example, Faction War includes Territory Control Score. Finish in the top 10 of any Leaderboard at the end of weekly, monthly, or quarterly rotations for exclusive skins, achievements, and titles. Rewards cannot be earned in the PTR.

The team has posed some questions; please feel free to copy and paste the following as a template:

  • Is the Leaderboard discoverable in the UI?
  • Does this iteration of the Leaderboard include a good spread of boards/stats being tracked?
    • What might you want to see boards for in future versions?
  • Any other general feedback on Leaderboards?

Thank you for your help!

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

Please keep your feedback related to Leaderboards in this thread. Discussion amongst players about other topics is better suited for other threads.

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!


No. They really need to be moved. I think this was the first comment on the last thread as well, the Modes section is not a good place to put them.


There is not a single word about leaderboards on patch notes. There seem to be no changes to them compared to previous iterations. What feedback do you expect? Copy paste of the previous one? Average user still can’t even find leaderboards because they’re hidden in modes again. Just verify our feedback from first iteration of leaderboards… Seriousely…


Why should anybody waste their time again testing the exact same thing we tested previously when it’s blatantly obvious you have not applied a single bit of the feedback from last round to the feature.

Tons and tons of people pointed out last time that Leaderboards are way too hidden in the “Modes”-Tab and that it needs to be moved somewhere else. And what happened? You did absolutely nothing, It’s the same shit copy & pasted.


Does the crafting leaderboard show who crafts the most 600 items? or who does the more crafting? I don’t see why we need a leaderboard for whoever can buy the most stuff off the auction house to spam low level crafts for crates…


ill just leave this here. this wasnt the only one

IT REALLY needs to be in the K menu with bio and pvp track. and achivements. where you would assume it would be


I’m so so excited to get all the new coloured cape skins, I really can’t wait. I’m in the process of buying my stat pad OPR gear and getting some more tuning orbs … yay!!!


Placement is fine. Maybe placed in Character than ‘Modes’? As leaderboard is about character/characters progression not a mode type in the game.

No. Tradeskills is about Legendaries. What does that mean? Number of legendaries crafted or number of legendaries per craft.

Rewards - Seems to be based on certain topics? I would question why include leaderboards with no reward? Maybe spread out the armour sets and titles in different areas than just ‘score’ for Outpost rush.

Few things to consider that might be worth:
Since you have announced transmogs coming Summer 2023. Number of armour/weapon sets collected?
Elite Trials / Raids > Top 10 Companies killing the boss?
Maybe include something fun 'Number of musical songs played? / Number of times buttercup milked? (she loves it) I might stand a chance of getting top of that one…

Big companies will excel within every category. Wars / Mutations / Tradeskills / PvP.
Can you explain what casual / smaller companies are meant to achieve any of these??
I fear this favours bigger companies than the general playerbase. Which is majority casual.

  • Is the Leaderboard discoverable in the UI?

No, unless you know where to look. Please move this into the main menu outside of modes. this isn’t a mode; it should be tracked in the main menu as its own tab next to modes.

  • Does this iteration of the Leaderboard include a good spread of boards/stats being tracked?

Kinda… Regarding fishing… I think the following needs to be added to tracking.

  • Total Fish Caught
  • Total Weight Caught
  • Total Treasure Chests Caught

I’d also go on to add, I’d love to see numbers on total monsters killed, this could fall into the below idea, but more than anything, more stats and things to track would be fun.

  • Any other general feedback on Leaderboards?

I think one thing that could be awesome to see, if not a “leaderboard” but perhaps more personal stats going into detail everything the player themselves is doing. So, for example, say you don’t want to add “total fish caught” to the leaderboard due to worry about player engagement with the system… that could be on a player personal stats page that’s a part of the leaderboard system in the future.


are leaderboards server-wide or global?

Don’t release this leaderboard if you are going to offer only 2 skins, and even for different categories, you’ll receive the SAME SKINS. This is DUMB.




Nothing for tanks in pvp - there is stuff for dps and heals.
Damage Absorbed?
Time on Point during the engagement?
Damage Blocked?

Just ideas :slight_smile:


@Fenne @Luxendra

Want to thank yall real quick for the work you put into this game. Ive enjoyed playen it since back in alpha, but this PTR really poses some serious issues in my opinion.

  1. At the current state of the PvP scenario, personally, leadship boards should be the least of worries. They are only going to promote stat padding and not really help drive the game to get players to come back. If anything right now, it may drive more people away or dicourage most from playing it at all.

  2. PvP combat, weither its weapon or gear adjustments or Perks on either of the two still need to be addressed.

  3. You mentioned on the Q&A posting that your internal team has been testing the game and it had great feedback. The problem is yalls testing and the actual gamer perspective are completly different terms. There needs to be more transparancy into what your actually testing and how its going to help the current issues.

  4. Mechanics such as the old way stagger was used and/or the current CC/staggerburst lock would seem more important then leadership boards.

**This game in the begining promised full live action combat. At the current state its no where close to that with just button spamimg CCs and burst. There isnt that immersive combat scene anymore. If anything at all only few weapons require skill at all. The rest are just hail marries and left click spam.

  1. Cross server OPRs and Arenas would be more inportant then leadership boards at this time due to the even more so dwindling player base.

There are many other things I could list (the community will probably post more) but even simple things such as current skins you have been posting completly take away from the immersion of the games design. They are more like lost arch skins copy and pasted here and have nothing to do with the game. I can give examples if needed.

I wish the best of luck to yall, but with current issues at hand, if not fixed, numbers will drop more then you think as soon as Throne of Liberty or AoC comes out. This game for most (not everyone) is being played as a time filler and not a main.


I don’t see any changes since the last testing of the rating system. If at release you offer only one type of reward in the form of a chest for appearance (not even different ones), then this will be a total failure. It looks like you just created the appearance of some kind of work and clicked Ctrl+C Ctrl+V. What to test here?



I think there’s something wrong with the UI team’s design process if this is even a question they’re asking. If they have to ask… they’ve built this very wrong.

But I think we all know they’re asking us this question because they KNOW it’s in a bad place.

I can only guess there’s some limitation somewhere that’s forcing them to put it in Modes for some reason. Oof. Just to add my 2 cents - no, I would never, ever look in a “Game Modes” menu looking for statistical achievement data like leaderboards when there’s a separate menu that gives me data about my character (and my achievements).


They’ve said rewards are not available on PTR. Players are assuming here that the rewards will be visible on PTR but that may be an incorrect assumption. @Fenne if this is happening, some clarity in the testing instructions is warranted.


It’s not great, might need to be a few changes.
I don’t find leaderboards anything to do with modes.
I think it deserves it’s separate tab.

Yes, however some need more information, some sections have a mouse-over ? providing optional information about what to do.

Like the trade-skill I have no idea what to do for Fishing.

Rewards, it’s the same 2 rewards with a different color cape?
This is so demotivating, the rewards should fit the theme of the goal.

Also 3v3 Arena Wins should have a reward.

EDIT: Ranked Arenas with rating, solo and trio leaderboard.

I’m confused what has changed since the last time we tested this, besides the removal of achievements, good job on listening to that feedback btw

After overanalyzing how the scoring is designed, most of them can be cheesed, for example damage in OPR and Arena by matching friends, same with scoring in OPR. Just be aware that this will happen.

EDIT: Another thing, I don’t think quarterly should exist, hear me out.
If you want to make it into the top, you WILL have to nolife for that period of time, anything over a week will completely burn out the player and you will lose that player for a period of time.



Similar feedback as last time Leaderboard were put forth. Please consider the gameplay incentives introduced when adding leaderboards. For example, OPR Leaderboard rewards being related to overall score in OPR is not well thought out. It should be about Win/Loss rate, not overall score. All this will do is encourage, to an even greater degree, kill and stat pad builds and gameplay. There is no reward for the players that are going to Baron, staying behind to cap the point, upgrading any of the bases, getting a respawn tower, etc. If the Leaderboard encouraged win/loss over individual score, you will see a much better cooperative mentality. What is good for the team is good for the player.

  • Is the Leaderboard discoverable in the UI?

Yes, but it is not intuitive. My recommendation is that Leaderboard should be in the main “Character” tab, replacing “Achievements” and “Achievements” should be a dropdown or selectable within “Bio” or “Journal”

  • Does this iteration of the Leaderboard include a good spread of boards/stats being tracked?
    • What might you want to see boards for in future versions?

I am a pure PvE player.

I think Mutated expeditions need a quarterly Gold run time and Max Score track. This is a huge mark of pride for speed runners. A weekly reward makes sense, but keeping track of the all-time (or Quarterly) best runs is a big deal.

I also think that a weekly/monthly/quarterly “successful gold run” leaderboard is a good idea. Amongst the M10 runners, we take it as a mark of pride to come out of a week with 25 gold caches. These snaps are shared on discord when you’ve had a good week.

Please DO NOT add max damage, damage absorbed or damaged healed to PvE. This would be too easy to fake.

Non-mutation PvE Ideas: I would like to see either chest run or elite area kills added to PvE. For example, have a dropdown for each elite area in the game (eg, Merk or Bridge, Sirens etc) and have leaderboards for Elite Chests, Chests Total, Damage Done, Enemy Kills. With a skin and a title. I know this is super grindy, but some of us LIKE to be super grindy, and want a leaderboard for who is the “grindyist.”