[Focus Feedback] Leaderboards

You can sell Leaderboards Slot on Mutated Expedetion and get all 25 Top Runs in a week for a Categorie.

Just kick one of the Group Members at the end Boss and you got a new Group which is a new slot in the Top 25 :smiley:

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A lot of the war leaderboard criteria are going to be easily exploited given the high volume of “throw” wars right now. Changing the mercenary caps to more symmetrical values or scaling them by the territory’s value would increase the likelihood of a competitive war.

That said, I am going to echo a lot of the feedback here and point out that aside from PVE content like Mutations, these leaderboards basically are just encouraging stat padding. It may also complicate the jobs of the company leadership in charge of rostering for wars, as there will be less desire initially for players to play support roles, at least in the start, when people are trying for skins.


Only thing I can see is:

  1. Please remove OPR from the Leaderboards until you have fixed it.
  2. Ensure that all stats collected should start from the time that the leaderboards go live and not any time before hand.

That can be prework for whenever they do the cross server stuff ( but again as i said, i think they have more important stuff to use their time on in general ). Like balancing, cross server dungeon / arena, OPR etc. etc.

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I found it no problem exactly where I expected to find it in the Modes window where you go to do Arena and OPR.

Do you not think that this is a placeholder?

And WARS !


Where’s the assists ranking in leaderboards? There’s rankings for literally everything, included related with pve things in pvp modes such as OPR but there is no assists rank? That doens’t make sense, please put assists leaderboard too!! @Fenne @Aenwyn

I really don’t think we need leaderboards right now with the current state of the game pvp wise. We need balances, fixes and reworks on a lot of stuff. Leaderboards will only make people exploit and cheat even more, or play just selfish builds like dex to stat pad and be the top 1 in everything they can to feed their destroyed ego.


just looking in the guides for leader boards and there is not much and that would be a great asset that should be used more when it comes to updates. All I see is
fast travel
player vs player. pvp and wars
player vs player pvp modes
endgame activities

just looked in all of them and yeah that feature is not being used or at least having an entry in the ptr under the pvp wars or pvp modes, or even as its own stand alone tab if its privy to every aspect in the game such as both pvp, pve and environment interaction gameplay leaderboard documents.
leaderboards: not yet imported, information to be added. something of that nature. or include that and the valuable information on how to find the leaderboard and what it does and a generalized statement on what information might be found on it.

basically the wow fans want what was on the wow leader boards,
top 100s (they were anything really like pvp kills, most high level enemies killed, most low level enemies killed, most items harvested, this could be tongue in cheek jokes like pitching the most tents in a particular territory, killing turkeys or rabbits,

top 100 players to:
most kelometers traveled or miles for those who like their silly imperial units
most players killed with a particular weapon
most players killed
total damage dealt
most dears killed
most rabbits killed
most goats killed
most scorpions squished
most turkeys killed
most legendary armouring items crafted
most legendary clothing items crafted
most legendary housing items crafted
most legendary food items crafted
most legendary arcane items crafted
most legendary jewellery items crafted
most legendary furnishing items crafted
most legendary engineering items crafted
collected the most hissop
collected the most dragon glory
collected the most river cress
collected the most earthspine
collected the most shock bulb
collected the most life bloom
collected the most blight root
collected the most soulsprout
collected the most floating spine fish
collected the most earth shell
collected the most salamander snail
collected the most lightning beetle
collected the most lifemoth
collected the most blightmoth
collected the most soulwyrm
collected the most springstone
collected the most earthcrag
collected the most scorchstone
collected the most shockspire
collected the most lifejewel
collected the most blightcrag
collected the most soulspire
collected the most iron ore
collected the most starmetal ore
collected the most orichalcum ore
collected the most silver ore
collected the most gold ore
collected the most platinum ore
collected the most young wood
collected the most aged wood
collected the most wyrd wood
collected the most iron wood
most fish collected
most legendary fish collected
most perfect guitar sessions
most perfect drum sessions
most perfect flute sessions
most perfect upright base sessions
most perfect mandolin sessions

(tongue in cheek humour leaderboards)
pitching the most tents
death by falling
death by drowning
death while sleeping
best water boy collected the most fresh water I would also like to grant that person the nestlie achievement for being the most effective water collector. funny but sad for collecting the natural world of well over 1 billion gallons of fresh water but that’s fairly derivative

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Unfortunately the game just isn’t ready for leaderboards. Which I think are a really important part of any MMO and New World desperately needs things like this when content is a dry as it is right now. You really need to change the metrics as the PVP ones are easily exploited and not representative of PVP ability. Which can’t anyways be the case that’s totally understandable. The current metrics also encourage undesirable playstyles in objective based games (OPR) and as a result worsen the already poorly incentivized game mode that is in the game.

PVE in terms of M10 speed runs and all that are definitely better, but the resource gathering environment is unfortunately not at a ready state for leaderboards. For a typical populated server there just aren’t enough resources. On top of this the current storage system makes it so gathering already is not the enjoyable activity that it could be, so this puts further stress on the system.

In addition to this, from a player retention perspective and with the goal to bring back players/new players into the game it definitely works against you. As this highlights bot activity and combat exploits and it further rewards that behavior, so for returning players it is incredibly visible when before it could be hidden to some degree. I know you have bot detection measures and ways to punish people that exploit, but the reality is that a great amount of it is still getting through and will hit the leaderboards. One before is that players will be able to help more to report it, I suppose. But at the same time it feels like maybe you are shooting yourself in the foot? The game highlights that is the most improved MMO of 2022 but players returning in 2023 will see all of the bugs/bots/exploits smack there in their face.

I say this again knowing that leaderboards are a really important way to keep people playing when content is drying up like it is now. You just want to do this right and having not made any changes since the past PTR revision (as with not acting upon a great deal of PTR feedback in the past and letting known serious bugs hit live, historically speaking) people are a bit worried here.

So… Maybe consider a limited release focusing on a few of the better metrics? Focus on what is working in the current live version of the game and wait on things that currently do not have support.

Maybe M10 gold speed runs and a few others could go live, but right now you need to focus on cross server capabilities as that is the prerequisite for a ranking system (servers just not big enough to allow for any reasonable ranking system). You need to incentivize points in OPR for instance to promote behavior that encourages game wins and not stat padding. You need to consider a role queue system, although we know that has its own barriers/issues. Finally you need this upcoming balance patch and you need a balance schedule as with many PVP games that have frequent combat balance patches which help work towards balance and shifting meta so it’s never too stale. Yeah there is no such thing as balance and it’s never done, but you need to balance regularly. It’s constantly evolving. You will still have a TON of complaints but that never goes away. But it won’t be the same ones for a whole year. That’s when you know you are moving in a better direction.

Gathering you need a better open world experience. I think it’s a mistake but sure consider instanced nodes (I think this game is better than instanced nodes). Another easy option is increasing the number of resources like you did with orichalcum and ores. Ores still need some work, but trees and fibers need some love if you want to go the static node route. Even better is to consider having the spawn rates shift with player population more accurately, it’s technically there but unfortunately a failed system. Even better you can consider paeudorandomized nodes (on top of the current static nodes) so people/bots don’t solve resource gathering routes and you have more options than hyper concentrating everyone into 1-2 resource loops. You can spread people across the beautiful continent. Plenty of changes that can happen here. Right now it’s just going to strain it more and lead to even greater player churn. When there is enough player friction, people just move onto something else.


I was really looking forward to leaderboards. I downloaded the PTR to have a look.

And have waited a day before commenting to allow my disappointment to cool.

What do I want from a leaderboard? A ranking in all of the things I do and have done so I can see where I sit (in relation to the players on my server and in the entire world). Territory standing of 98 – is this good, bad or standard? Fishing expertise of 32 – how does this compare with everyone else?

And open to everyone. Just started the game, with a level of 8 – how many players are ahead of me (and are there any behind?).

Instead, we have a system just tracking a few activities are the elite level.

On to the specific questions

Clearly Modes is a silly place to put this, but we will get used to it. Not a major problem, and probably based on an initial concept that the leaderboards were just for OPR and 3v3.

Better places:

  • Character/Achievements (because this is just a continuation of the existing Achievements system)
  • Journal
  • Menu
  • Actual boards in the towns (or elsewhere) that you interact with

No, it contains a narrow group of measures that are only accessible/of interest to a small number of elite players.

@superpebble above gets it. But for me I would compare to Runescape

Starting point would be all the things that are already counted in the achievements. And measure by number and experience points where applicable (eg created xx weapon items with a total of yy experience). Basically anything that can be counted, and everything that generates experience.

For each of the trade skills, number of items and experience totals.
For each weapon, number of players and NPCs killed, amount of damage dealt, and total experience.
Total experience, total PVP experience (or whatever the unit is in the PVP track)


love for tanks and damage taken stats in general, damage mitigated so we can analyze stacking fire gems for wars(blunder grenades) and thrust for opr(potentially more mitigation than war tanks)

generally healing in OPR as well and damage mitigation, because why should sth be tracked by leaderboards if you cant evaluate individual earnings in events

special cathegory, dodge count or %, do not tell me you dont have that, shirking perks directly interact with this, so dont even try to claim you cannot make leaderboards track dodges, since muskets and bows (70% of all damage in the game) counts towards this

Didn’t play yet ptr and leaderboard but someone can tell me if Leaderboard are available from lv1? if yes then change for lv 60 only. At least you can remove, in this case, bots from trade skills. At least.

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I am concerned around the PVP tracking leaderboard and poor behavior that it will incentivize. I believe, in its current state, this will make OPR even less enjoyable to play.

Score, Player Kills, KDR and Damage Dealt heavily favor ranged classes that are pumping clumps (everyone competent understands this is mostly useless score as it gets healed instantly but the game only cares about total damage numbers). The last thing OPR needs is further incentive to play stat pad bow/FS to show up on the leaderboard. We need achievements that are weighted towards the game mode. Something like damage while on point, damage taken on point, number of points captured… etc… would go a long way to giving bruisers, medium VG IG and point BB players something to work towards.

Heals alone will just encourage every healer to go AOEs. There should be one for heals on group members.

The 3v3 leaderboard needs a 1v1 and a 3v3 segregation. Keeping them together will disincentivize people from queuing solo or without a healer.

War scoreboard has the same problems as listed above, but at least those slots are governed by company leadership. Regardless, the heals category will, by default, go to the handful of AOE healers each company slots every war. Group heals should be considered.


My suggestions:

No leaderboards as the teams are random, there should be at least one fully casual-friendly mode, where players don’t need to worry about score and the plethora of issues that will arise trying to cheat the system. It means people doing the less desirable jobs (gathering resources to strengthen doors, farming brutes etc) are not being punished for that play-style). Improve PvP track rewards as a stepping stone into more competitive modes (wars, arena).

I’d love to see a ranking system based on wins/losses (think overwatch, rocket league, wow).I get that NW has a smaller player pool per server, however this may grow as it brings in more competitive players to the game. For this to work, perhaps even look at cross-server as a prerequisite. I think the consensus on the forums is that most would rather wait for this type of implementation rather than what we’re seeing on the PTR.

Something important that a lot of games offer is the option of “unrated/unranked” forms of PvP for those who want to PvP more casually (and not drive these players away from these pvp modes) or practice new builds. You don’t want to tank your rating, or win/loss ratio just because you’re trying to learn a new weapon combo with sub-optimal gear, and you do not want to deter casual/newer players picking up the game.

Trade leaderboards
Fine as is, on PTR

PvE leaderboards
Fine as is, on PTR

Wars - Remove stats that promote stat padding. Keep these leaderboards based on attacker wins/defender wins/taxes earned/win streaks/governing streaks/overall rank etc.

Please, think twice before introducing such metrics like “K/D Ratio” in a game where many roles are not there to kill but to help and support others.

Changes to how scoring works need to happen, players are not rewarded for delaying/disrupting other players, players are not rewarded for playing their role because there is none to select before entering a game.

This leads to serious imbalances between score, while some top ranked PvP players are clearly crucial and deserve to be up there, others are as crucial but never get into top 10 because their gameplay although being very important to secure the win is simply not rewarded by the system.

This needs to change and I don’t think leaderboards should ship before these issues are addressed.

Shortly after Leaderboards are released, this game would gladly work with a medal system of the sort in which certain actions done by certain roles should be rewarded extra points for their contributions.

Quick examples:

  • One by one: Heal 3 allies in quick succession

  • Second chance: heal a player below 10%

  • Behind enemy lines: kill a healer while surrounded by 2 or more enemies

  • Reign of Terror: kill 10 enemies or more without dying

  • Hunting the Hunter: kill a dps actively attacking a healer

  • Cull the weak: finish a player under 5% or less

  • One man army: kill x enemies while surrounded by 2 or more enemies

  • War Machine: CC x amount of players

  • Unbreakable: block x amount of damage

  • Star Fort: Prevent enemies from entering the captured Outpost for x amount of time

  • Doomed: root/slow x amount of players

These medals could come with their bronze/silver/gold variant to increase the score given by them over the game and should be restricted to the role you’ve chosen, with the implementation of a fourth role called support which would consist of disruptors type of builds and future group buff builds.

Scoring should be increased depending on how many enemies are surrounding you, a team of 5 players delaying an entire team of more than 10 players should be rewarded for their immense effort.

You could either have these in the background or you could take it to a next level and give UI clues to you having completed such feats with their respective achievements attached to it with titles and such once you reach a certain amount of medals, with the ability to deactivate said UI clues for the players with low specs.


I think a scale of participation is needed for future state.

Yeah, yeah its understandable that there’s a desire to prevent added toxicity to the game but it also completely alleviates the potential for me as a player to see that I’m maybe not contributing as much as I think I am.

If you don’t want to show individual numbers for damage, debuff, or healing maybe have a more constructive contribution percentage that factors all of these? Personally I would love to see how much I am contributing or not contributing to my runs. It would be the basis for improvement for me.

The PvE part of the leaderboards is perfectly fine and seems to work as intended.

The PvP part however should not be released in the immediate future and instead be pushed back until we have Cross-Realm Play and some kind of MMR/Ranked System. Rewarding Score in OPR and Wars is extremely exploitable and will push people into more statpadding focused builds and even if you decide to reward Wins instead, it‘s going to reward the players with the most time and not the most skill. Not good.

The system is completely flawed and can not make it into the game without being fundamentally changed for PvP.