[Focus Feedback] Main Storyline Improvements

Greetings Adventurers,

The team is looking to collect feedback on the Main Storyline Improvements.

Please provide your feedback and any bugs encountered from trying out the new objective changes to the Main Storyline. Be on the lookout for new objective types such as wave events, destructible objects, and proximity node tracking!

We’d like to emphasize testing towards normal gameplay, objective clarity and achievement, and overall fun.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the issue above regarding the Main Storyline Improvements out of this focus thread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

As this intended for information gathering and not strictly for discussion, we are enabling slow mode for this post, thank you for your understanding!


There are some problems with the main story quest line when starting out as a new character already with a faction.

You start out as a Marauder, which prevents you from speaking to the Marauder representative when choosing a faction. You can get around this by swapping faction mid-quest, but after this quest is completed, you get stuck on the quest ‘fire up the forges’, without this appearing in your quest log.

This issue is fixed with a relog @Luxendra


I was able to get around that by spamming talk to the faction reps until it update.

I’m having the same issue. Could you clarify what you did to bypass it? Did you talk to all the faction leaders until it worked?

can’t get past choose faction quest because we already in faction and quest bugs out

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I didnt get the next main story to travel to Yonas Alazar, i remembered that this must be the next main story quest so i went to him but i never got the quest to go to him.

The Quest before the “Old Stone Remembers” was a new one where you had to destroy 3 Corrupted areas with hitting them.

Just for the record, the girl giving the first quest is new right?
Voice acting on point!

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When trying to do the Encroaching Corruption mission out of Monarch’s Bluff, I’m unable to actually cleanse the corruption. There’s the circle where there would normally be an E to do an action, but no E in the circle, and E or any other button doesn’t seem to do anything.


Well any feedback for anything lower level is going to be useless because of how you designed your testing.
I decided I would start as low level as possible to run through the story from the start. Of course since I haven’t seen another player in the test server who isn’t lvl 60 this means as I try to quest through the low levels maxed out players are just running round killing all the mobs with one shots etc. before I can get anything done.

You should have had separate servers for the different level of character people could create since now how can anyone testing low level give credible feedback on the experience.


@nbond_28 Do you mean just repeatedly talking to your faction rep until it worked?

I liked the new quest types; as a new/low level player, it seems the overall playthrough is smoother, though if you talk to the NPCs before reaching the faction quest, all but the marauders seem to invite you to hear more, but do not actually offer it. (Sent up in-game feedback as I went through).

The first optional quest (Wolf cave) I enjoyed, but there’s a bug in that you can repeat the alpha summons and fight until you actually leave the cave.

Additionally, when you ARE done and leaving, you get the very confusing message that you’re about to lose your progress… neither accurate nor relevant, but likely happening because the ‘place musk’ activity is not closed out as complete.

Waking up on the beach and not getting the Thorpe/combat intro… not sure if this is a change or you just turned off that section to get us into PTR faster.

The new corruption points at the farm were unexpected and annoying, frankly… probably because they really do make the area more dangerous.

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Any update? I tried to spam the Marauder guy and relogged several times as well as reset
the quest(doesn’t really rest) but the quest still does not complete

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I had the same problem, same place. US East server

When making a character from scratch you get the intro cinematic where the Captain talks to some robed figure. Who are they? What’s their purpose? Do they have any continuity past the tutorial stage? On live I’ve played to level 30 and have not seen anything other from these two. Could the robed figure be a mastermind to trick unwary sailors to their doom for their souls? Could he just be a servant of a much higher deity or Lord? Is the Captain good or evil?

You could easily introduce the Captain’s name by inserting speech to this point of this cinematic.

“Captain ______. Please, Take a seat.”

I don’t think the Captain should die on the beach, rather he is unconcious and you clear the drowned sailors. The first boss should be one of the Lost, where the Captain comes to your aid. You damage the boss until a % level before it grasps you, crushing you to death before the Captain uses the box’s magic to teleport you to safety.

After completion of the tutorial, you’re ported to a random area on the map. This makes it difficult to play with friends if you’re on the other side of the world. Instead, during the character creation phase you should choose your faction there that details the ambitions of that allegience. After tutorial, your chosen faction will port you to correlating starting zone.

Spark - First Light
Marauders - Monarch’s Bluffs
Syndicate - Windsward

The quests from these starting zones will share themes relevant to the faction chosen. I.E Spark will be about cleansing the haunted, Marauders about crushing enemy bandit / pirates for raids on the town and Syndicate as dungeon crawlers pursuing knowledge and artifacts.

When landing on the beach, the first quest you get is to kill drowned. Personally I believe the first quest should be to find a weapon rack on a ship wreck so you get to play the way you want to play right off the bat instead of forcing the sword / shield combo until you get lucky drop.

You then speak to an NPC who is just chilling there quite conviniently. Why not instead just have another shipwrecked victim also be there that helps drive the story? After aquiring your weapon, you then hunt for food, cook it for both of you and THEN the casulty requests you go clear the drowned and find the logs.

Currently when you collect the logs from the ships, theres’ no dialogue or mention of who / what / where / why after completion. Just “thanks, we will stick this in a file in the back somewhere.” Feels like a waste of time to do so if there’s no further drive.

Then there’s a quest to go deal with the Corrupted cave. “Just deal with it” isn’t really all that exciting. Perhaps when you go collect the banners / flags from the ship, the shipwrecked individual volunteers to scour the cave for shelter. When you go to meet them in the cave, they have become corrupted and after brief dialogue watching them convert, you must slay them.

Leaving the cave, a small scout group had been sent down and then tells you to go to your closest town.

Thanks for reading feedback and suggestions for first 5 levels. It’s important to captivate the audience to begin with. You never get another first impression.


Really great suggestions, but I have to say as a Covenant player, I died a little inside every time you called us “Spark.”

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Gotta read them lore notes in RS my friend

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I figured this out. In this version of the main quest there are several things you have to destroiy by clicking on them instead of holding the E. I actually tried both several times before I posted here, but what I found was that they are really hard to hit with the magic weapons. I swung at it a half dozen times with void gauntlet and fire staff and coudln’t hit it. Switched to a random hatchet in my inventory and it blew up right away.

What server/world/region did you experience your issue on:
Describe the issue you are experiencing:
NPC “LEYSON REESE - Watcher of Everfall” many audio tracks are missing, among all languages …sometimes there is the audio track in english, spanish … but not in german or other languages.
Is this a bug or an exploit:
(if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:
you can not hear the audio track

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This is all a fantastic Idea


I did the main story up to level 22. I enjoyed the changes you made even though some parts were a bit difficult because of overwhelming numbers of mobs attacking from all directions. I even managed to close 3 portals by myself, as there was no one else around. Then the story had the same old mission to amrine for the heartgem, and I ended it there. I do not like being forced to group up for a dungeon as part of the main story line. Thus my azoth staff will forever be level one. Dungeons are not fun for me, and I think they should be optional.-