[Focus Feedback] New Trading Post Experience - Trading Post Update

Greetings Adventurers,

The team is looking to collect feedback on the New Trading Post Experience - Trading Post Update.

Please provide your feedback and any bugs encountered from trying out the new Trading Post globalization. You can buy and sell from any Trading Post and see the same results. Fees for Buy and Sell Orders are defined by the Settlement that you’re posting from. Additionally, Transaction Taxes on purchases you make are defined by the Settlement in which you are making the purchase. Items listed in Sell Orders that expire are returned to the Settlement from which they were posted.

We’d like to emphasize testing towards stability and dependability, and keeping an eye out for edge cases.

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the issue above regarding the New Trading Post Experience - Trading Post Update out of this focus thread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

As this intended for information gathering and not strictly for discussion, we are enabling slow mode for this post, thank you for your understanding!


Global Tradepost is very welcomed idea, but it is going to have minimal impact in terms of the income distribution, reason being:

Currently most profitable towns ( and only profitable on low population servers) are Everfall and Windsward, thus only those towns have highest tier stations and generate enough profit to rebuild them after invasions.
Secondly player base already got used to that, and have recalls/houses in these towns thus will not travel to different town to register their wares for sale.

But global auction house would work perfect with change to Town upkeep cost.

Currently it is set amount , that creates situation where towns not generating enough income cant afford work station upgrades, and in case of low population servers upkeep not being paid. ( That is happening on my server where 7 towns have been abandoned because Companies were unable to maintain them due to lack of sufficient revenue).

Why not change upkeep cost to be calculated as a percentage of Towns revenue?
For example:
Hamlet - upkeep cost 5% of the towns revenue
Village -10%
Town -20%
City - 30%
Capitol -40%

This would remove situation where towns cannot pay for the upkeep, and prevent abandonment.


Everfall and Windsward will always be staple settlements in this game. The availability of Iron, rawhide, hemp, and trees for bulk crafting are all centralized around these zones. The low tier resources hold up crafters simply due to the weight restrictions. It’s much easier as a high-tier crafter to hold on to bulk t4-t5 mats, and quickly run out of town to grab t1 resources to refine.

edit: Should still implement a “double” tax for buying items from another city. Convenience should never be free.


I agree with previous poster, ‘global’ should come at a cost. Allow us to use faction tokens + small gold fee or something to purchase a ‘global trade contract’ from faction vendor or something. Making a purchase would consume the contract token and credit the town the amount of gold the contract cost. Also make it some contracts can’t be used right away. EX: must wait 1 hour after purchase before it can be used or something. This way we can still somewhat preserve local economies. (Example: Selling vials of azoth and higher prices in more remote locations)


This is a welcome change, but suggest a tweak in implementation.

Trading tax should be paid in both the town you are buying from as well as the town where the item is listed.

If it’s the same town, you only pay the tax once, but if you buy in another town, you have to pay that town’s tax as well.

Otherwise you hurt the tax revenue of major trading hubs significantly.


The option to post for 28 days appears to be removed as intended. However, there is additional dark space that is not needed under the 14 days option. The window length (height) should be adjusted accordingly.


Trade post UI is still in a dire state.


Should remember how many days you last listed something for. Having to click away from 14 day 100 times in a row is just exasperating

Desperately need stat filters for gear, mousing over 300 items to find out there’s no items for the stat you are looking for on the market is exasperating

Would really love some buttons by the price text box to increment or decrease the price 0.01 at a time, typing every price is exasperating

Would really love more filtration options on the listing menu. Right now every time you list an item for sale, your list of items available to sell refreshes and scrolls back to the top. This would be heavily mitigated if we could select refined resources instead of just all resources, and other sub-categories like that.


“Additionally, Transaction Taxes on purchases you make are defined by the Settlement in which you are making the purchase.”

This is not currently how the linked trading posts work, but I’m not sure if the description above is how the design was intended. Currently, purchasing items will pay the listing fee based on the taxes of the settlement where the item was posted, no matter where you purchase.

I don’t have a way to test whether the fee actually goes to the original settlement or the settlement where purchased.

I did notice that the fees in the neutral outposts are now 25%, which is a good thing for driving the purchases to player owned settlements. However, when combined with the info above, it also means that you could potentially sort by price low to high, buy an item listed at an outpost, and inadvertently pay considerably more due to the (usually) much higher tax rate.


This change is definitely great since it lets us to find items and materials much more easier at the trading post but it still gets contradicted by the fact that we have taxes in this game and we will still need or at least prefer to trade only where our trading tax is the best so i hope that we will be able eventually to reset the territory standing so that we could change our desired trading city considering that some places do not even have crafting stations above tier three.

p.s. PTR should have not quests for the trading post


this!! this is my major issue

If you can buy anything from anywhere why would you ever leave the capital? Especially if the taxes for the purchase will goto the local town? How does that help fund the other territories at all?

It will literally kill 1/2 our revenue in my zone and I’m not sure my purchasing at home will make up for it.


Instead of linking the trading posts reduce the number of items you can sell from 100 total to 25 PER trading post. This will encourage people to visit more cities.


It’s the opposite for me.
I have no reason to go to Everfall ( current trading hub on our server ), other than sell and buy items. I use other cities to refine and craft.
So after this change, i will have little to no reason to go to our trading hub anymore, i can sell and buy wherever i am at the time.

People don’t realize that towns are only being used based on how many town upgrades they have, and what resources are available in the regions.


Fantastic A++ excellent change. All cities can become bustling with this method. The only population that needs to centralize around upgrades are crafters.


I have to do the quests to get AH access tomorrow morning and will provide more detailed feedback then on the global AH.

It’s had a lot of threads, and I’ve been a vocal (but hopefully fair) contributor. What strikes me is that it’s really unaligned to faction conflict, and I It think it’s easily addressable.

One Easy Suggestion to (modestly) help

  • Immersion would be helped (and some pricing differential retained) if the seller paid a ~5% listing surcharge to post a good from an TP that was controlled by an enemy faction AND the buyer paid a ~5% excise tax (surcharge) to have an item shipped in from an enemy controlled Trading Post.
  • You’re not gong to be able to make everyone happy whichever way you go, but having some notion of factional penalties would help align it to other stated goals.
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So, the trading post change wont solve the ripple effects of hubs on its own…

Something that people haven’t pointed out is the fact that housing is very much already purchased by the majority of active players in trading hubs.

The developers should consider one time use housing re-sales for everyone. This would allow people to re-establish where they wish to have their main houses now that the we’re no longer forced into a hub.

This will have ripple effects on livening up other areas, while also increasing revenue for those areas beyond just sales tax. For instance I always wanted a house at First Light or Cutlass, but being too close to WW, which is a hub, just made it a bonehead move so I never bothered.

Now that I don’t need a house at a hub, I’d really like to move, honestly, all three of them. I own 3 T4 houses…

Giving players perhaps 3 one-time use housing sales will help make the housing market in game more competitive, and incentivize guilds that own territory to keep their taxes competitive. As it is now the current hubs are still set in stone because thousands of players already own and main houses in those hubs. Property taxes are a huge source of revenue and a lot of areas in the game, especially the south west parts of the map, could desperately use residents, and this offer would help dramatically, and may even solve almost all problems related to the hubs in one shot, because linking trade brokers would only be a first step, but wont change much if players still centralize in those areas and don’t have free fast travel to more competitive areas…

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I’ve read a bunch of great idea’s in the forum. I think, if an item is put up for sale in another settlement that town should get the listing fee and the tax from the sale of the item. Settlement revenue should be made off of trades. This is why trades go to global instead of the trade post for the higher valued items. Trades fee should be the a set rate, if not then the trades will continue to be done in global. Crafting and property tax should be the main source of revenue, if a settlement maintains T5 crafting and refining station then you should have to pay to use them and the settlement use the money for the upkeep.

How do taxes work on Outpost Trading Posts, like in Edengrove/Great Cleave/Shattered Mountain? Are they zero? If so, could this be exploited?


I disagree with this. Raising the taxes in neutral territories is bad because all gold that is taken as taxes in those territories is essentially deleted from the game. That gold goes nowhere and does nothing. There are already too many gold sinks and not enough gold faucets in late game which is generally when players will be in those areas.


Completing buy Orders is not working, tried all sell orders while in windward for windward and even though i owned 25 of the item, would not complete sell. Cross town buy and sell orders are not reviewed yet and over all impact unknown. Buy order in shattered mountain being completed from windward ex. Does it go through does, the item get transferred to outpost storage.

Since the trading post is going to be merged can you add some really great QOL features to the post;

  1. Can you please add an indicator on the buy tab on which orders are yours. This is already done on the Sell > All items tab. This feature added to the buy tab as well would help a lot and prevent having to go to the active order tab to remember what we already listed. Just that little triangle would do wonders on the buy tab as well for orders you place.

  2. PLEASE add or separate the amount of buy/sell orders. I would love to be able to put in a couple buy orders if I have 100 listed. Granted I could list less, but I sell a lot. I also feel that others would like this idea as well. The fact the are a combined 100 is a pain. Give us 100 sell orders and 50 or so buy orders.